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  1. Didn't think this was worth it's own topic so...if I wanted to buy a 10ft extension cord for this adaptor, which one would I buy on Amazon? All the choices are Greek to me...Thanks 


  2. Thank you Windows 10 update for turning all of the Panasonic Toughbooks in our fleet into blinking, seizure inducing, paper weights.  Had to disable all of the touchscreens to get them to work again. Great job Micosoft!

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      I dunno I got a new PC (with Windows 10) a few weeks ago and I seem to have auto update turned off because I've not once had to install updates.

    3. Flojomojo
    4. Bartsfam


      Thanks for that link. Yes, we run CF-33's, and I see my problem listed there.  We get phantom touch screen activations on apps and settings, so all sorts of things are popping off and on making the laptop or tablet useless until I deactivate the touch screen. I usually wait a couple of months until Panasonic updates the drivers, and I find them on their site.

      I have never seen where your link sent me before.

      Thank again!

  3. One last bump before off to EBay....$150, and I'll split the shipping. Look at all of the F-U-N you are missing! 😉
  4. Price drop bump, and I'll split the shipping!
  5. Super Mario 3D World set, 32GB, black. Comes with all the necessary cords and accessories. Also included is the box, which is in pretty decent shape. Six games included: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario Maker, New Super Mario U w/Luigi U, Mario Kart 8, Lego City Undercover and Zombie U. All in good working order and very clean and well cared for. $200. $170 $150 and I'll split the shipping. U.S./Canada only. PM if interested.
  6. Someone with a little knowledge spread some light on this? A prototype MONTY game? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Colecovision-Prototype-MONTY-game/273841144592?hash=item3fc2344310:g:LusAAOSw6xVcw3mA Is it just a Montezumas Revenge cartridge with the sticker off?
  7. I need to vent....personally I think the combat controls for this game leave a lot to be desired. In the heat of a battle, I will often times find myself in the crouching slow position, skulking around when I need speed. I know that my fat thumb got me in this position unintentionally and it is a bitch to get out of it. I'm still not sure what button combo to get out of the crouching position. And then, switching to the bow is a one button maneuver if you have your weapon out, but it is a two button maneuver to raise your shield if your weapon is out. First you have to put the weapon away, and then raise your shield. Too much to think about in the heat of the battle when you want to block a guardian's laser beam. I haven't thrown my controller in frustration in years as much as I have in this game! Thanks for letting me vent!
  8. I just took another good look at the one for sale now...it is a different book then the one that I own. This one has the portable arcades in it and mine does not. I'm not going to have to buy another one now am I?
  9. I recently purchased a Colecovision Repro Book on EBay, and was asked to scan and share. The book, so I am told by several AA members, was a book provided by Coleco to local stores, so that they could make their own custom advertisements. The book is in black and white, and printed on a heavy, shiny paper. Someone at one time, used a three hole punch on the book. Most of the advertisements are pretty standard, but a couple of them I found interesting. One was for "Wild Western," and there are also a couple of pages with the words Coleco and Colecovision in various sizes and fonts. I scanned them in png format @ 600 dpi. If you want the full 18 page book, then download the zip file. I also have a couple of jpgs attached to this post to give everyone a general idea of what is contained in the book. Repro png.zip
  10. I rescanned the above items as png files and 600 dpi as suggested. Of course the resulting files are HUGE, so, they can now be found here if anyone wanted to download them: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/w7qa26c83lflu/Coleco_Merch http://www.mediafire.com/folder/vyevyvsd8iauh/Coleco%3B_More_for_you_catalog
  11. I just got it in the mail the other day. I'm fairly certain that it is original. It looks and smells old, to be quite honest. It has that odor that an old magazine gets when left in a basement or attic. The paper stock is quite thick, and is shiny, not porous like copy or printer paper. It looks original to me, this is actually the third one that I have seen this seller selling. I'll make some scans soon and post them. Most of the ads are ones we have all seen before. An interesting one is an advertisement for "Wild Western." There are also numerous different fonts for the word "Colecovision" that stores could have used in their advertisements. I'll try to post them soon....
  12. Thanks. Didn't know there was so much to scanning. I'll do them again in a couple of days when I return to work.
  13. I just purchased some Coleco advertisements, I thought that I would scan and share. They have probably been scanned and shared before, but some I had never seen before. This first one is something...I can't get over the 80's hair! Some Coleco Pac Man Collectables: And finally, a "More for You" Coleco catalog from 1982. It's probably been scanned before, but here it is anyway: The ads were a little weathered, but I got a great deal on them. The package also included a Pac Man table top arcade instruction book, and an "Illusions" instruction manual. Enjoy!
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