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  1. I enjoyed this discussion, but some people claimed b.s. because there was no wires showing.




    1. Max_Chatsworth


      BS in what way?

    2. Bartsfam


      When I posted it, some reply tweets thought that it was just a publicity photo and not a real person's set up, because there were no wires coming from the t.v. to the console and no paddles or joystick wires hanging around. 

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      @Bartsfam Ahh...I thought perhaps it was supposed to be a photo from back in the day and that clearly looks like a digital/better photo quality. 

  2. My collection has grown quite a bit since I last posted, six years ago. My wife has asked me to downsize the collection, so it was a good time to take inventory and document what I've collected and thought that I would share. I still love to collect Coleco/Colecovision literature, advertisements, and paraphernalia. I ended up collecting two complete Colecovision Press Kits and half of another press kit. Also, thanks to members here at AA, and other sources, I was able to obtain some internal Coleco Industries documents and publicity photos. A couple of Colecovsion Video Club membership kits. And any advertisements that I can get my hands on from back in the day. I put everything into a couple of notebooks with protective plastic. Here are a couple of press kit sample pages. Some Coleco Industries internal memos and publicity shots. Included is a Colecovision Game Test check list. Two complete Colecovision Video Club membership kits. Some Colecovision fuzzy stickers. Colecovision book covers. They were included in the Video Club kit. Any Coleco/Colecovision/ADAM advertisements I can find. Here are a few samples. My favorite advertisement..where did they get these models in the 80's? Must have been a low budget shoot! A Colecovision Repro Book. From what I am told, it was a book sent out to local newspapers that could use the prints inside to advertise for the local stores that sold Colecovision and the games. Various coupons and promotions. I like the Colecovsion/Disney world cross promotion advertisement. And a Colecovision button. Some 1980's Video Game Magazines. Some I owned as a kid, some I bought within the last couple of years. And not Colecovision related, but a tin sign that I found in a dumpster after a certain video game store went out of business in our local strip mall. And last...something not video game related. A quick story...when I was a boy I collected "Archie" comics, not superhero comics. We used to visit my Great Aunt Myrt in Maine. It took 5 hours to get there, and I always dreaded the visit, but I always admired a "Archie" artist proof that she had hanging on her wall. She told me that Archie comic artist Bob Montana used to summer in Maine down the street from her and they became friends. Bob Montana signed this "proof" to her and her husband, and she had it hanging on her wall for almost 60 years until she died. If you look at it up close you can see the pencil marks, ink marks and erasures that he made. When Aunt Myrt died, she left me the picture to enjoy. It still hangs on my office wall.
  3. I'll bite. PM on the way. Just have to hide it from the wifey!
  4. I finally made the commitment yesterday! Can't wait to get it!
  5. "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in." This is great news! Congratulations! I've been waiting a long time for this. I was just thinking of putting my "Yurkified" CV in the Marketplace due to lack of use. Great reason to stick around!
  6. Didn't think this was worth it's own topic so...if I wanted to buy a 10ft extension cord for this adaptor, which one would I buy on Amazon? All the choices are Greek to me...Thanks 


  7. Thank you Windows 10 update for turning all of the Panasonic Toughbooks in our fleet into blinking, seizure inducing, paper weights.  Had to disable all of the touchscreens to get them to work again. Great job Micosoft!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DragonGrafx-16


      I dunno I got a new PC (with Windows 10) a few weeks ago and I seem to have auto update turned off because I've not once had to install updates.

    3. Flojomojo
    4. Bartsfam


      Thanks for that link. Yes, we run CF-33's, and I see my problem listed there.  We get phantom touch screen activations on apps and settings, so all sorts of things are popping off and on making the laptop or tablet useless until I deactivate the touch screen. I usually wait a couple of months until Panasonic updates the drivers, and I find them on their site.

      I have never seen where your link sent me before.

      Thank again!

  8. One last bump before off to EBay....$150, and I'll split the shipping. Look at all of the F-U-N you are missing! 😉
  9. Price drop bump, and I'll split the shipping!
  10. Super Mario 3D World set, 32GB, black. Comes with all the necessary cords and accessories. Also included is the box, which is in pretty decent shape. Six games included: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario Maker, New Super Mario U w/Luigi U, Mario Kart 8, Lego City Undercover and Zombie U. All in good working order and very clean and well cared for. $200. $170 $150 and I'll split the shipping. U.S./Canada only. PM if interested.
  11. Someone with a little knowledge spread some light on this? A prototype MONTY game? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Colecovision-Prototype-MONTY-game/273841144592?hash=item3fc2344310:g:LusAAOSw6xVcw3mA Is it just a Montezumas Revenge cartridge with the sticker off?
  12. I need to vent....personally I think the combat controls for this game leave a lot to be desired. In the heat of a battle, I will often times find myself in the crouching slow position, skulking around when I need speed. I know that my fat thumb got me in this position unintentionally and it is a bitch to get out of it. I'm still not sure what button combo to get out of the crouching position. And then, switching to the bow is a one button maneuver if you have your weapon out, but it is a two button maneuver to raise your shield if your weapon is out. First you have to put the weapon away, and then raise your shield. Too much to think about in the heat of the battle when you want to block a guardian's laser beam. I haven't thrown my controller in frustration in years as much as I have in this game! Thanks for letting me vent!
  13. I just took another good look at the one for sale now...it is a different book then the one that I own. This one has the portable arcades in it and mine does not. I'm not going to have to buy another one now am I?
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