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  1. Someone with a little knowledge spread some light on this? A prototype MONTY game? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Colecovision-Prototype-MONTY-game/273841144592?hash=item3fc2344310:g:LusAAOSw6xVcw3mA Is it just a Montezumas Revenge cartridge with the sticker off?
  2. I need to vent....personally I think the combat controls for this game leave a lot to be desired. In the heat of a battle, I will often times find myself in the crouching slow position, skulking around when I need speed. I know that my fat thumb got me in this position unintentionally and it is a bitch to get out of it. I'm still not sure what button combo to get out of the crouching position. And then, switching to the bow is a one button maneuver if you have your weapon out, but it is a two button maneuver to raise your shield if your weapon is out. First you have to put the weapon away, and then raise your shield. Too much to think about in the heat of the battle when you want to block a guardian's laser beam. I haven't thrown my controller in frustration in years as much as I have in this game! Thanks for letting me vent!
  3. I just took another good look at the one for sale now...it is a different book then the one that I own. This one has the portable arcades in it and mine does not. I'm not going to have to buy another one now am I?
  4. I recently purchased a Colecovision Repro Book on EBay, and was asked to scan and share. The book, so I am told by several AA members, was a book provided by Coleco to local stores, so that they could make their own custom advertisements. The book is in black and white, and printed on a heavy, shiny paper. Someone at one time, used a three hole punch on the book. Most of the advertisements are pretty standard, but a couple of them I found interesting. One was for "Wild Western," and there are also a couple of pages with the words Coleco and Colecovision in various sizes and fonts. I scanned them in png format @ 600 dpi. If you want the full 18 page book, then download the zip file. I also have a couple of jpgs attached to this post to give everyone a general idea of what is contained in the book. Repro png.zip
  5. I rescanned the above items as png files and 600 dpi as suggested. Of course the resulting files are HUGE, so, they can now be found here if anyone wanted to download them: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/w7qa26c83lflu/Coleco_Merch http://www.mediafire.com/folder/vyevyvsd8iauh/Coleco%3B_More_for_you_catalog
  6. I just got it in the mail the other day. I'm fairly certain that it is original. It looks and smells old, to be quite honest. It has that odor that an old magazine gets when left in a basement or attic. The paper stock is quite thick, and is shiny, not porous like copy or printer paper. It looks original to me, this is actually the third one that I have seen this seller selling. I'll make some scans soon and post them. Most of the ads are ones we have all seen before. An interesting one is an advertisement for "Wild Western." There are also numerous different fonts for the word "Colecovision" that stores could have used in their advertisements. I'll try to post them soon....
  7. Thanks. Didn't know there was so much to scanning. I'll do them again in a couple of days when I return to work.
  8. I just purchased some Coleco advertisements, I thought that I would scan and share. They have probably been scanned and shared before, but some I had never seen before. This first one is something...I can't get over the 80's hair! Some Coleco Pac Man Collectables: And finally, a "More for You" Coleco catalog from 1982. It's probably been scanned before, but here it is anyway: The ads were a little weathered, but I got a great deal on them. The package also included a Pac Man table top arcade instruction book, and an "Illusions" instruction manual. Enjoy!
  9. After some haggling I did end up buying this from the seller. I'll share the scans shortly after it arrives.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-COLECO-Repro-Book-COLECO-VISION-ARCADE-GAMES-Pac-Man-Donkey-Kong/223359148623?hash=item34013e224f:g:XEwAAOSwCgtcVH8L:sc:USPSFirstClass!01543!US!-1 I'm confused about this, I've seen it up on EBay a couple of times. It's called a Repro Book, but then in the description it says that it is not a recent reproduction. What is it? A reproduction catalog that Coleco put out back in the 80's?
  11. GONE!! I was cleaning out the basement and found this boxed up in a corner. I got it used,years ago cheap, and never used it. It is beat, scratched, and dusty. The top is loose as if someone opened it at one time and it would not go back together properly... But, it does work! Comes with three games, Superman, Tazmanian Devil, and Young Indiana Jones. Power supply, RF cable and 1 controller. $6 towards shipping, and it is yours! GONE!!
  12. Well..I'm an idiot. After putting in approximately 5 hrs over two weeks into fixing this, I was staring at the Wii and noticed the Gamecube controller was plugged in. That couldn't be it, could it? I unplugged it, rebooted, and WiiColEm worked fine! The ROMS loaded right up. I'm back in business. I guess you can't have the Gamecube controller plugged into your Wii, and try to use the Wiimote at the same time. Some type of conflict occurs, and freezes the entire Wii. It appears to be a problem in WiiColEm, but none of the other emulators. I deleted, re-installed, reformatted, and downloaded from different sites over the course of two weeks, and all I had to do was disconnect the friggin' Gamecube controller!
  13. I know that it's an old discontinued emulation, but I have had it installed for at least five years with no problems. It's my go to for Colecovision emulation on TV. Suddenly, when I load a cartridge, the entire Wii freezes. The remote doesn't work, and I have to hold down the power button to restart the Wii. I have not made any changes to the Wii since soft modding it about 5 to 6 years ago. All other emulators work flawlessly, only WiiColEm keeps freezing the entire system. I have done the following: -New SD card. -downloaded WiiColEm again -deleted the Homebrew Channel, and started from scratch downloading the Homebrew Channel again -fresh set of ROMS, (they do work with Cool CV, & ColEm for Windows) -when everything worked fine, I backed up the SD card. I installed it back on a fresh SD card. Still freezes. Again, all other emulators work great...just WiiColEm is the problem. It gets me wondering if Nintendo came in and did an update this late in the game, and somehow screwed up this emulator. The Homebrew Browser also crashes all of the time now, where it ran fine before. I really don't want to go the Raspberry PI route yet, but may have to. Anyone else still running WiiColEm with no problem on their Wii?
  14. I have a collection of some pretty obscure CV literature from the 1980's, from advertisements to presskits, to various order forms and CV related contests from the 1980's. I recently purchased on EBay a publicity photo, from Coleco showcasing the console, and on the back of the photo it is dated December 13, 1982, and apparently it was given to Electronic Games for publication. This photo is nothing too spectacular, just your basic Colecovision. Then I remembered, I have this photo of an alternative console from my 1982 press kit: I have to say, comparing the two, I would have went with the proto shown in the 1982 press kit. The contrasting colors between grey, white and black, and the purple action buttons on the controllers look kind of cool. It was probably a cost reason, but the proto just looks more snazzy and exciting. If all things were considered equal, and I was Mr. Greenberg, I would have picked the multi-colored one to produce. I probably like it more, just because it never was produced and it is just wishful thinking on my part. On another side note, speaking of obscure CV related items, does anyone know how many different versions of the Colecovision Puffy Stickers were produced? I always see them on EBay, and buy them. When they arrive, I see that I already have them in my collection. I'm always too lazy to go and check to see what I have before I purchase them, and end up with duplicates. I thought someone mentioned at one time that there was a hard to find third set.
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