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  1. Ironically, jinks is one game on the 7800 you'd want to avoid 😉 Otherwise I'm someone who prefers the 7800 over the 5200, especially for arcade ports. Robotron, food fight, Galaga, Centipede and asteroids are prime examples of games that either don't exist on the 5200 or are superior to their 5200 counterparts. Centipede is excellent on both to be honest. Homebrew scene is fantastic as others have mentioned. I think I have the best of both worlds with a 7800 and an 800XL with a flash cart. Bottom line is a 7800 is well worth it and the best original games are fairly cheap and easy to get
  2. Good Lord this thing gets more pathetic with every lame announcement.
  3. Closest for me might be Tg16. I enjoyed Alien Crush, Blazing Lazers and Galaga 90 but none of them enough to keep pricey systems around when emulation of these is fine with me. To flip your question, I've kept my snes just because of its great port of Mr.Do, otherwise I would have sold it off too with no regrets
  4. Yep it's a revision issue as other 7800s I own play ladybug fine. I'll check and see if I can narrow down which one it is. Edit. Heres a pic. Made in 1987?
  5. Maybe I'm weird this way but I prefer using a 2600 to play 2600 games and keep my 7800 for 7800 games. I understand perhaps some don't have a 2600 or perhaps space limits them to the one console but to me a 2600 isn't prohibitively expensive to rule one out. Personally I don't like the washed out/muted way a 7800 makes the colors of many 2600 games look anyway which makes any 7800 a non starter for me as a daily driver of 2600 games. Hell I've had ladybug for a dozen years and only last weekend discovered it didnt work on my main 7800. That's how little I play 2600 games on it
  6. I was playing some of my 2600 homebrews on my 7800 and of the six I played, Ladybug was the only one that didn't work on this particular 7800, just a black screen, but it works fine on other 7800s and of course my 2600s. I don't know which revision this evil 7800 is but it has no expansion slot.
  7. Or wait another 6 months and pick one up cheap on the clearance rack for 20 bucks
  8. Sorry I forgot to use 😉 in my post so....😉🤣😂
  9. At least some of these units are going to "media influencers" which should mean articles and YouTube videos should be forthcoming. I'm so excited
  10. Yes that's a very odd and suspect thing to say. Who is David Price? Is he a gaming journalist? One of the supposed 500 developers?
  11. Reporting tempest to tempest? Might as well call the cops on the cops arresting you
  12. "Shooting for the end of the year" doesn't exactly scream hard ship date.
  13. I'm going to have to start investing in colecovision homebrews now that I have my Phoenix. Speaking of which a CV port of Phoenix would be awesome and so appropriate 😁
  14. Canada post is using covid as an excuse for what is already horrendous service. We bought our daughter a new laptop and an external harddrive from bestbuy online and for whatever reason they shipped the items separately, out of mississauga ontario, less than a four hour drive from me. The hard drive was shipped by purolator and arrived the next day. The laptop was canada post and has been stuck "in transit" for a week now If covid precautions are the reason its curious it's only affecting the publicly funded canada post and not the private delivery companies
  15. I've been selling quite a bit and luckily a lot of it has been local. I was surprised to find 2 local buyers for two xegs lots I had and when I do ship, its canada only and E-transfer. No more paypal and ebay for me. Between high fees and hacking attempts on both and paypal not playing nice with my Canadian bank account, I've given up on them completely. Not to mention international shipping headaches. No thanks
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