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  1. James you have THE definitive 2600 based YouTube channel. Your videos bring everyone here a lot of joy and valuable information. Please don't ever let a select few negative folks bring you down. I look forward to your videos weekly and you are one of the very few retro gaming channels I still watch regularly. You have found a fantastic niche in this hobby and your passion and professionalism shine through. Don't stop being you my friend
  2. All I know is that some of my favorite arcade ports are on the Gameboy like Donkey Kong, Mr Do, Burgertime and Dig dug
  3. I think I'm biased admittedly as I'm a huge arcade port fanatic over original works but of course some Activision originals are among my favorites. I do look forward to what else audacity comes up with and I may very well get this one eventually but for me personally my retro gaming dollars are earmarked for other games I was already looking forward to like Robotron by Champ
  4. Exactly but if I'm being honest, audacity has a way to go to beat Champ or spiceware for the best homebrew games 😁
  5. All I know is there are a lot of very talented people making Atari games today. Whatever label you want to put on them we are in the middle of a great time period to be an Atari fan and collector and I'm glad we have Audacity as part of that fold
  6. Homebrew is just a catch all phrase to describe modern games for classic systems, in my mind. It was never meant to be insulting. If the homebrew tag shouldn't be used to describe veteran professional programmers who have a company to make games for sale would Champ Games, for example not be considered homebrews either?
  7. Been reading the facebook rants about this release and there seems to be quite a bit of anger out there that the site isn't working and ordering is being messed up. I have no dog in the race as this game seems too "busy" for my tastes in 2600 homebrews anyway, but it does make me appreciate the simple and straightforward way of ordering homebrews here with Al. I hope they get future releases to release smoother because despite my disinterest in this particular title I'm still interested in what they come up with going forward.
  8. I love 2600 asteroids but find the 8bit port poor at best. Way too slow and choppy to be enjoyable
  9. I'm assuming that's US dollars. My guess is those bundles would be around 499 and 399 here in Canada which is a real tough price point considering the competition. I wonder if they ever see store shelves here considering that so much retro gear that shows up in the States never makes it here. I still don't see this selling well at retail to the average person who doesn't care about the Fuji logo and has better options at the same or cheaper prices.
  10. I think little Timmy would rather have a Switch. I know I would
  11. This came in the mail a few days ago. I don't usually go out of my way for pirate carts but this Taiwan Cooper Tooth Brush was only 9 bucks Canadian shipped and since I don't currently own JawBreaker it seemed like a no brainer to nab it on ebay. I don't know the value of these things but it seemed too neat a game to pass up for the price.
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