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  1. Agreed. I used to enjoy their channel but they seem like they are just angry, bitter and negative anymore. YouTube fame is fleeting and I think they are starting to see that.
  2. Awesome I'll try it on my hacked nes classic
  3. Probably the red dragon/duck in Adventure. Mostly the jump scare when he would pop outta nowhere and chase you. Traumatizing to a bunch of little kids back then
  4. I finally had a chance to open this junior up. I didnt replace anything but the vr is giving me 11.03 v in and 5.01 out so those are good numbers correct? Is it still recommended to swap it out? The harmony cart has only glitched on me once at first boot in the last few weeks on this junior so it's mostly good Also something odd with frogs and flies. A line of pixels near the right side of the screen in the trees from top to bottom flicks like they are blinking on and off with each left joystick button press. I dont know if it's a related hardware issue or not. It's a rev F btw
  5. Do you have another power supply to test with?
  6. Playing Namco Megamix on the Wii got me thinking that both King & Balloon and Cutie Q are great candidates for 2600 homebrew ports.

  7. Man this game gets hard after round 8. First attempt got me 98,730
  8. I have issues with my Toshiba tv. I just use an hdmi to composite adapter and run it on a CRT and love it this way actually. Still no answer on the 2600 cart adapter? Still going ahead or scrapped? I don't use the sd card slot as others have said, it seems only to be partially functional Despite this I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence
  9. Putt 18 is listed as dormant but just this morning a video popped up on its development and it is still going forward
  10. Speaking of which, any idea how the adapter is coming along?
  11. Love this game so much I had a custom Atari max cart and case made for it. Hard as balls though. I can cruise through the colecovision version but this one gives me fits. Anyway, 31,400 today. I'll try again before the end of the month
  12. I wasn't a fan of the NES when it came out either. I loved duck hunt but rage quit smb. The first few games I bought just did nothing for me. It wasn't until I discovered konami on the NES that I started to really like the machine with Contra, blades of steel and life force. Now I like it because I discovered as a collector that it has a great collection of arcade ports. Which brings me back to the master system. There's nothing wrong with it, it has a lot of arcade ports too, I was just never a big fan of most of the master system arcade games other than rampage or I preferred ports the master system did have on other systems. Alien 3 on the Genesis or bubble bobble on the nes. Even as a teen, I knew one person with a master system but to me and my friends it was just meh and then we'd go play co-op contra
  13. Just had a facebook group called AtariVCS Real Supporters come up as a recommended page for me to join. Only has 113 members. Very sad. I wonder if they swap taco recipes there
  14. I'm looking at it from the perspective of a collector today but even back then I was never enamored by the SMS.
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