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  1. I don't think I could handle a ReviewtechUSA sex tape
  2. I would have expected more fanfare from them if that's the case. Atari doesn't even seem excited about Atari
  3. A boot up screen so boring they needed to repeat it 3 times
  4. That actually might be something I'd be interested in. If you could point me in the right direction for that information that would be appreciated
  5. I hardly see any atgames or any of those little mini arcades or even the arcade1ups in my area, Windsor Ontario. It doesn't bother me because personally I think all that stuff is a bunch of cheap crap, but that's just my opinion so sorry to those out there that love it. Point is, yes, it seems Canada isn't a high priority for some of these retro companies which have relative success in the marketplace, something new Atari will struggle with in the US market, let alone Canada so I don't see much penetration, if at all, here at the retail level.
  6. What horrible timing on my part. We bought a new house recently so I've already packed up my Atari gear so I can't try this on my harmony and I'll have to settle for emulation. 2021 already sounds like it's going to be a much better year.
  7. Wow he is usually a lot more careful and measured with vintage electronics.
  8. Horrible news so sorry CPU. You have been a staple here my entire 18 years on Atariage. God speed my friend
  9. Ah nice. I'm happy for backers like John Phelan. I hope he enjoys it for what it is. Kinda interested for a review and teardown on youtube
  10. What about pocket doors? Won't someone please think of the pocket doors?!
  11. Looks like an interesting game. I'm glad fauxtari shined a light on it so I can buy it on Steam
  12. Since both your Galagon and Spicewares Draconian are actually names of old Tandy Coco ports I submit we keep that theme going and call it Robotack 😁
  13. Not necessary. No one wants to voluntarily talk about this thing
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