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  1. I forgot your DOS port was also named Galagon. I still have them on my 486 and they are still the best pc ports ever
  2. I love the name change. Like Draconian, the name seems to borrow from a Tandy Coco game of the same name
  3. AtariLeaf


  4. Played a lot back in the 80s. It was my favorite home port after robot tank
  5. I'm gonna keep an eye on this one. I sold my small TG-16 collection a couple years ago because I couldn't justify keeping a fairly pricey console that I only had 3 games for and only played very rarely, so this might be a nice alternative. It already has Alien Crush, which is a favorite of mine. I wonder if Galaga 90 would show up but licensing might be an issue there.
  6. I suppose you're right. I guess there could be both a casual collector and a more hardcore collector. For retro games, I fall into the former category now. When I started I was hardcore - going to thrift stores, yard sales, actively looking on ebay, buying and trading with others here and doing it on a weekly basis. I haven't done any of those things in well over a year now.
  7. Good to know thanks. I'm hoping if/when it does show up near me I'll be able to try one out. This product is very interesting to me and would fit well in my small game room.
  8. I suspect that those that do mod are the ones that stick with the machines and companies longer than others. The average person outside of communities like AA, who doesn't mod, has probably already forgotten about it and it sits in a corner unused or is in the process of being fodder for the next yard sale. When I asked the clerk at our local walmart if they had any more he said they stopped carrying them as they weren't selling. Of course here in Canada they're a lot more than in the US so I suspect that is part of it. Makes me wonder what Atgames Canadian MSRP will be, if it will even be sold here at all.
  9. I have a friend who does the same. Shot glasses from places he's been to but he doesn't actively seek to add more unless he goes somewhere new. I guess you can have a collection without actually being a collector. If you have a group of things that have some meaning to you or you enjoy but you don't go out of your way to add to it I suppose you can be one without being the other. A collector wants more and makes a conscious effort to do so. In the case of video games, since it's a media that can be enjoyed as opposed to a display case of shot glasses, then obtaining might not just be collecting but just to play. A good friend of mine has lots of games from the last 2 generations but he doesn't consider himself a collector, just a gamer. As mentioned above he'll eventually rid himself of it when the next generation comes along.
  10. I agree with you although I suspect many won't. Probably the greatest number of people who consider themselves collectors don't actually play a fraction of what they own and probably never will. This is why being a gamer and a collector aren't necessarily mutually exclusive terms. I recognized this in myself in that I was a collector first and a gamer second. I'd buy whatever, make some inane "pickup" video on youtube and then put everything on a shelf never to be touched again. Ironically, ridding myself of 80% of it all has allowed me to play more and still consider myself somewhat of a collector. To answer the original question though, a collection is whatever the collector wants it to be. It can't or shouldn't be defined by anyone else.
  11. I'm not seeing that. I'm seeing people being concerned about some aspects. Nothing wrong with that. I've been very critical of this company but I've stayed out of the negativity because even I'm impressed with what I've seen and want to give it the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to wait for the reviews before I make any further judgments. I wonder if review units will be sent out to some of the more popular youtube gaming channels before it's released. I would love to see a John Hancock, MJR, or John Riggs take on a finished machine.
  12. It was a very weird interview but the most important issue is that he brings an empty shell with an even emptier presentation. It was a very soft ball interview, if you can even call it that. I'm surprised they even bothered to air it.
  13. Weirdly enough I found that I play more the less I have.
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