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  1. I love 2600 asteroids but find the 8bit port poor at best. Way too slow and choppy to be enjoyable
  2. I'm assuming that's US dollars. My guess is those bundles would be around 499 and 399 here in Canada which is a real tough price point considering the competition. I wonder if they ever see store shelves here considering that so much retro gear that shows up in the States never makes it here. I still don't see this selling well at retail to the average person who doesn't care about the Fuji logo and has better options at the same or cheaper prices.
  3. I think little Timmy would rather have a Switch. I know I would
  4. This came in the mail a few days ago. I don't usually go out of my way for pirate carts but this Taiwan Cooper Tooth Brush was only 9 bucks Canadian shipped and since I don't currently own JawBreaker it seemed like a no brainer to nab it on ebay. I don't know the value of these things but it seemed too neat a game to pass up for the price.
  5. All tested and working. Want to sell as a lot. $35 US plus actual shipping. US and Canada only.
  6. Hmmm I'm intrigued are you suggesting you can make copies of gaplus for the nes?
  7. The only pinball homebrew I know of is Baby Pacman on the 7800 which has a pinball aspect to it but if you're looking for a pure pinball homebrew then sadly I don't believe there are any aside from the Alien Pinball you mentioned. I would be very interested in homebrew pinball for any Atari system.
  8. Sounds to me like you're issuing him a challenge. I like it 😁
  9. Sounds to me like Champ Games should tackle a port of Mr. Do for the 2600 😉
  10. Awesome news and so glad to see the champ games train rolling strong. I'll definitely be buying this when released. I know it's early on but will the label and box art be the same other than a name change or are you going to completely redesign it?
  11. I would assume there are extra units on hand for just such an occurrence which was bound to happen to a few backers. Hopefully you get confirmation of a new shipped unit soon. After this long to have that happen after a day must be very frustrating
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