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  1. Why is there a tiny AT-AT in the top right corner? 😉
  2. In Australia it can actually be a positive
  3. I wonder if this is another tv specific issue? Do you have another tv to try?
  4. Poor John. Reality is starting to set in. I feel bad for him. His subscribers on the other hand are still living in the wonderful world of oz
  5. I played cosmic avenger last night. Didn't notice any sound issues and I haven't updated my core to the current version yet but I may not be the best judge. I have an HDMI to composite adapter running between my Phoenix and a crt tv because my HDMI Toshiba was making a horrible background noise that hasn't been solved to my knowledge I guess I should update the core and try again
  6. I have a cv cart I'll try it tonight and report back
  7. All wanted items found thanks
  8. Fantastic as always John. If I may, someday, just putting it out there, if you ever decide to tackle a remake of Mr Do on the 2600, I may actually find you and hug you 😁
  9. Looking for decent label versions of doubleback, clowns and balloons, and color baseball perhaps skiing too. Also looking for 1 or 2 of the black analog joysticks. Shipping to canada please
  10. So I pretty much knew when I got my Phoenix I'd try to sell my loose Sydney Hunter cart that came with it. Just not my kind of game. Works great, of course. Asking $45 US shipping included. USA and Canada only please
  11. Did someone post the Atari roms that are optimized for the phoenix or was that a brain fart because i cant find them
  12. Poor John. I hope he gets at least a partial refund so he can afford a lamp and not have to make all his videos in the dark
  13. I suppose since we're just about at the 11th hour as it were with it being almost December that something was going to give either way. A lawsuit at the point where delivery of a final product is supposed to begin is just the cherry on top of this unbelievable shit show. Since the Atari VCS religious zealots watch this thread, I'm curious how secretly nervous they are regarding potential lawsuit news, all while maintaining the public facade of quiet determination
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