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  1. AtariLeaf


    Hi are you still sending out invoices? I didn't get one and just want to make sure I wasn't missed. Thanks
  2. Facebook marketplace yielded a nice Sharp 13" LCD tv with component and svideo out but the RF is pretty sharp too ( pun intended). $15
  3. That's fine but my question was if you have to download every time you want to play or does the Amico have storage to save the game locally
  4. So if you download off the RFID card is it saved to the Amico or do you have download the games everytime you turn the machine on?
  5. So it's physical media in a sense I suppose? Still needs to download the game but I guess the box, manual and other knick knacks are interesting for collectors
  6. So it's an RFID card you tap on the console and the game downloads?
  7. It would be nice if the arcade and/or 7800 version were included as a bonus but I'm not getting a free bonus vibe from the current iteration of Atari
  8. If it's any good I'll buy it on the Switch
  9. Hello Just wondering if there has been an updated release date for the AA store. Really looking forward to this one. Thank you ☺️
  10. Just as an aside I was one of the "called out" YouTubers and I can confirm I was contacted first about being in the video and I was fine with it. If I was wrong I was wrong and correction is natural and necessary. I'm not going to cling to a narrative I know is false. What am I, mainstream media? 🤣
  11. Well put. I haven't been following this, or retro gaming in general much lately, but the article and Twitter threats seem to be getting into the main stream a bit more now. It's a shame the amico seems to be going down the same road that's become all too familiar with these reimagined modern retro consoles of old because this one intrigued me and tommy seems genuine. Hopefully it gets sorted and works out because i think its still an interesting console. Does tommy still comment and give updates here?
  12. You may be able to get away with 32k, but I'm pretty sure a 16k machine wouldn't work. I may be wrong but to upgrade the ram, it can be done and I think there is some soldering but I'm sure someone better equipped with this knowledge will chime in.
  13. Correct I think you need a minimum of 64k for the CocoSDC. Mr Dave if I didn't already have a Coco joystick adapter coming from Neil Blanchard (we're both in Canada) I'd order one of yours. Nice work.
  14. There is also an option to purchase an adapter that will allow you to use a standard Atari style joystick or a Genesis pad for two button games on a Coco. I found for games like stellar life line that using a wico Atari stick gave me so much more control over any standard Coco joystick it was night and day.
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