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  1. GOJO

    ps3 problems

    Yesterday I was about to play my ps3 when I noticed it would read the disc but not play them. After about 20 mins of trouble shooting I put it to the side and plugged in my other ps3 (had company over)so now I'm stuck with the decision of should I suck it up and send it in or get some info first. I know the blu-ray and regular discs show up on screen recognized and games play that are on HD but when I hit play for the movie it just goes to black screen..oy any ideas?
  2. Gamestop screwed me over last year. I ordered 2 copies of Gears2 collectors ed. Well I moved from my old apt. to a new house and they never sent it to my new address I kept checking my old apt to see if it made its way there never did. Got charged for it and recieved 1 copy. I bitched but they said that the package was shipped out and confirmed. I have had issues with them before with pre-orders online store to door and they claimed they shipped to arrive on date and didn't get it till next day. I work nights so I'm home all day to hear the door when a signed package is delived so....be careful. I usually try to hit my local mom and pop video game store they get stuff in that day where as the big retail stores sometimes don't get enough or sell out too fast unless its a huge game.
  3. "CHUCKNORRISALITY" LOL!! I liked them all to be honest....
  4. First off Happy Thanksgiving all....today I was on the way to my parents house when I noticed the local video store was open. Went in and they had a nice deal $30 used games all marked down to $5. I ended up grabbing FEAR2, Street Fighter 4, Bionic Commando, and MK vs DC for 360 for $5 each!!!
  5. 1. Call of Duty (any in the series) 2. Gears of War (1,2 respectively) 3. Dead Space 4. Bio Shock 5. Prey (still one of my faves) Just my quick pick off top of head......can't go wrong with everyone elses picks either
  6. GOJO

    goodwill finds...

    Yeah,i feel the same way,these places are starting to get greedy..Eventually,all the others will follow through,only a matter of time. horsey, give it up and go back to grazing in your pasture. Here is another poster who happens to agree with my posting regarding Goodwill and their greediness. Anyone who disagrees with you is automatically labeled "worthless"? My value is not found in impressing people like yourself anyway. Bullying and antagonizing people on blogs is never a good thing, so go find another hobby. Just because somebody agrees doesn't make it right. You have made it clear, your collecting is more important than helping the needy. I see your point now. It makes perfect sense. It isn't selfish at all. What a great argument you put together. It really swayed me. No, people that disagree with me are not automatically labeled worthless. I understand your frustrations with Goodwill not having any cheap games. I have been there. What I don't understand is how you can continue to bash them after being presented with their mission statement. They are doing what they need to do to help people. They are better off selling games at higher prices online. There is no debate. There is no "disagreement." That is a fact. It IS hypocritical of you to call them greedy for that. Goodwill wants to make more money to help more people. You want cheap atari games for your collection. Who is the greedy one? YOU!!! This is a forum, not a blog. I am not bullying or antagonizing you. I am presenting you with the facts. It just so happens that the facts here are that you are selfish and greedy. That is hard for you to swallow. I understand that. Rik did agree with your assessment, but that was before Zwackery posted Goodwill's mission statement. I don't know Rik, but I bet you he has a level head on his shoulders and he changed his tune once he read the mission statement. I feel sorry for you. I'm not trying to corner anyone in,but as far as charities go,I DON'T TRUST THEM.Do my dollars spent at the thrift or goodwills go to help the needy?I HOPE SO.But if most of it ended up in some head honchos personal bank account,i wouldn't be surprised.I donate to animal shelters,at least i know no one else but the animals will eat the donated food! K guys sorry didn't mean for this to turn into an ugly thread but to get back on track went back to my local Goodwill today and they only had 3 2600 carts left. Luckily Carnival was still there. Gonna check the other GW's monday in area for misc stuff. Saw a Genesis there too for $14.99.
  7. Way of the Warrior was fun for me too, White Zombie mixed with "now we know the pecking order"..can't go wrong
  8. I agree I have a PCe Duo-r and I love it..paid about $120 3 yrs ago for it
  9. Yea it has to EMS they are using which is alot like USPS Priority International. $100 is alot for a AES shipping wise I just sent a 11 lbs package to Tokyo for about $70 and he got it in 6 days And I just got a PCFX boxed with 8 games and two controllers from tokyo and only paid $80 shipping for all of that EMS has always been $$$ I used to send back and forth from my friend in Japan auctions won from ebay (US) and yahoo Japan(him)and we would eat up alot in EMS so we would send things all at once in a big box.
  10. tired..but never tired enough for gaming!!!

  11. tired..but never tired enough for gaming!!!

  12. GOJO

    goodwill finds...

    Now thats a sweet deal!
  13. The store was back, but it's down again. The link to the store is gone and http://www.atariage.com/store currently shows a blank page. Wow I just saw some vids on youtube of some homebrew games..I'd love to get my hands on some..does anyone have info on when the store will be back up or an alternative place to buy? Thanks
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