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  1. Hello all I have a spare original Magnavox Odyssey. Works but the controllers are a little jumpy making it hard to play. Maybe cleaning them would help. Selling as is. Battery tray is broken and it’s missing the latches from the battery door. I tested it with an AC adaptor but the battery tray could be replaced. Matching inspection card. Just the system and two controllers. Asking $125 shipped in the US.
  2. Hello all I’m looking to locate a renewed Magnavox Odyssey, preferably in the shipping box. Let me know if you’d have one you’d sell! Thanks all!!!
  3. Thank you Mike! ya I already have an ITT Odyssee so looking for the version Magnavox released
  4. Thank you Mike for the information! I have actually owned a German export in the past and would like to own one again. I’m also looking for the Standard export if you knew of one 🙂.
  5. I know this topic is very old but I’m looking for a German export Odyssey and wanted to see if anyone had heard of on potentially for sale?
  6. Updated: I did find a box ITT Odyssee and Odisea (just need a couple parts to complete).
  7. Hey all Looking to sell these. Nice set of Odyssey Pong Service manuals. Good condition. Asking 80shipped ($10 each).
  8. If you do make these I’d love a copy 🙂
  9. I got mine today! Really nice work on these. Thank you for making them!
  10. Hello all i have a couple N64 games for sale. Price includes shipping. Star Wars Rogue Squadron(boxed)-$75 Clayfighters 63 1/3(boxed) -$125 Wave Race (boxed)-$70 $220 for the 3. I will test before I ship. Let me know if you’d like more pictures. I am open to offers to and trades for Magnavox Odyssey items or pong systems.
  11. I think it would be cool to get an owners list. I have a set of 73 games now too. Bought from another collector.
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