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  1. I don't want online multiplayer for the new Amico games, i only want online for the classic Intellivision games. And i bet a majority of the people here feels the same way. Something us old school heads have always wanted a way to play against each other in the classic games. Especially the sports games. Can you imagine all of us fighting for a chance to play Boxing, Baseball, Football, Slam Dunk, Body Slam etc. Or we can recreate the Frog Bog scene from Grandmas Boy. 🤩
  2. Both, or save the action for the Tarmin remake, that i'm sure you will make eventually.
  3. I have the same dilemma. For me money is always tight. I pre-ordered the founders edition, but is that what i really want? Would i rather have the next Xbox or PS5? I would not want to pay launch prices though. I'll probably do what i always do and wait a year or 2 for prices to come down and get one used. I know some next gen games will appeal to me, especially if we ever get another GTA or Red Dead. I feel like i'm committed to my Amico purchase but i still need to see more. I need to see the new Burgertime. That could be make or break for me. It better be good. 😉 The D&D game does have my attention. And i'd like to see the 1 player side of Shark Shark. And hopefully see more sports titles. I sure hope we see sequels to Slam Dunk, Body Slam etc and still be in the same vein. Some realism but not too much, players with funny names etc. A little over the top but not too much. 🤩
  4. The Pat & Ian video was hard to watch. So much pure hatred. They claim they are only being objective, but you can tell they get excited pretending to be right and know it all's. Na na na na na, i told you so.
  5. Is it possible to search messages in my inbox? I thought i was able to do this years ago but can't seem to figure it out. I was part of some conversations with friends that spanned hundreds of pages of messages and i was looking for info in them. What i tried is checking a message, typing in the search bar below the messages and hitting enter. But then it says "no messages selected". If it is possible not sure what i'm doing wrong, thanks
  6. I wish I had downloaded this chart long ago. Looks like it was deleted. People ask all the time how the games made it to Venezuela and it would be so easy if I could show them the chart. You can see a small unreadable version here through the wayback machine. It says a few people downloaded it. Anybody still have it? It was in post #5 https://web.archive.org/web/20150201021948/http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221087-venezuelan-games-counterfeits-seized-by-the-court/
  7. Frodo: Gandolf, it's a riddle. Speak Friend and Enter. What's the Italian word for friend? Gandolf: AMICO
  8. I've had that shirt for years now. But thought it was time for it to part ways and came up with a creative way to do it.
  9. While i did have mixed opinions on Red Dead II i liked it enough to play it all the way through. There is some real cool extra stuff you can do like Fishing and Hunting for legendary animals. Take in a show in Saint Denis etc. Some of the side missions were as fun as the main missions and there a ton of them. Here is some highlights of one of my favorite streamers playing it.
  10. Depends on how good the story is. Some story games i have played a few times. It's like watching your favorite movie over and over.
  11. On the topic of stories in games. My favorite games of all time have stories in them. Okami, Paper Mario, Dark Souls, Earthbound, GTA San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption. Nothing too serious. Easy to follow story. Dark Souls can be convoluted but the story doesn't even matter in that one. Arcade style games are fun too. But in a different way. They are good for some quick fun. But most times i prefer a good story.
  12. One of my examples is Burgertime. I have to start on the hardest difficulty (pressing the disc). If i am forced to play at a lower difficulty i'd pull my hair out since it's so slow. lol
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