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  1. While i did have mixed opinions on Red Dead II i liked it enough to play it all the way through. There is some real cool extra stuff you can do like Fishing and Hunting for legendary animals. Take in a show in Saint Denis etc. Some of the side missions were as fun as the main missions and there a ton of them. Here is some highlights of one of my favorite streamers playing it.
  2. Depends on how good the story is. Some story games i have played a few times. It's like watching your favorite movie over and over.
  3. On the topic of stories in games. My favorite games of all time have stories in them. Okami, Paper Mario, Dark Souls, Earthbound, GTA San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption. Nothing too serious. Easy to follow story. Dark Souls can be convoluted but the story doesn't even matter in that one. Arcade style games are fun too. But in a different way. They are good for some quick fun. But most times i prefer a good story.
  4. One of my examples is Burgertime. I have to start on the hardest difficulty (pressing the disc). If i am forced to play at a lower difficulty i'd pull my hair out since it's so slow. lol
  5. Can games offer different difficulty modes? Easy for casuals and Hard for us who want a challenge? Some Intellivision games had that.
  6. I really really really don't want to be defending Pat, but in one of those response videos he did say he grew up on the 7800 and has no idea why people think he's biased against anything pre nes. Look at what you guys made me do. I feel all dirty now. Yuck
  7. Based on what i seen here yesterday, i don't think Pat has even seen your apology video and is ignoring you all together and will only respond to marketing info you release later. I do believe he made fun of my twitter comment of him riding in your Ferrari. And someone made a joke of you picking him up in a van. So i say forget those guys. Pat is a super stubborn person. If this don't take you directly there fast forward to 14m28s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/482781338?fbclid=IwAR18eylzTdfQx-2V7Q6oJZTX39W33URzkTtovE8My18WZdRaucDqowcRFvY&t=00h14m28s
  8. This is the first year i ever owned a cellphone. I turned off most apps from knowing my location. But they probably still know. lol
  9. I wonder who comes up with those percentages and how do they do they know who shopped and ate where. If i pay with cash they have no idea if i been in their store. Is it just credit/debit card purchases? There are still people who pay with cash believe it or not. lol
  10. Where at in Michigan are you located gaming friend. Thumb area here.
  11. How long after the Amico launches will we see online muiltiplayer? I know the focus is bringing families together but i am not going to have family to play with. And my only gaming friend is an hour away so that doesn't happen too often. So i have to reply on playing online to play with friends or just play single player. It won't be a deterrent to my decision to purchase an Amico. As long as i got the funds. lol But it would get me more excited. I don't think there has been much talk on it. It was briefly mentioned on Reviewtechusa's video. but haven't heard anything since.
  12. I feel like Pat's video was uncalled for. And he took Tommy's tweets the wrong way. They didn't seem to be attacking Pat in my opinion. Tommy just has a certain way of talking mixed with a little sarcasm, maybe a little old school in your face, but with no ill intentions and i think Pat took it the wrong way. Nothing that deserved an attack video. I think Pat hinted that he would of preferred that conversation happen via email and not back and forth on Twitter. So i guess in his eyes that = i'm being attacked and i better make a video slamming him. Tommy might not be 100% innocent. You can't say that the real marketing hasn't started yet but go out of your way to correct people for wrong info.
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