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  1. I been ordering a lot of dvd's recently and most sellers ship them media mail which is the slowest shipping method. I had one take a whole month to get to me. They shipped it from California and i live in Michigan. I bought another from someone who lives 45 minutes away from me in the same state and it took 9 days for me to get it. That's really bad.
  2. If you are in the US you should be using USPS to track it since they are the ones going to be delivering it. It wouldn't make sense to track it on the France site since once it leaves France it's no longer their responsibility. Mine was last updated on Jun 20th once it reached New York. Mail is so slow these days thanks to Covid.
  3. My tracking now says processed through New York. It's made it to the states. Now just a little farther to go.
  4. Here is my interview with Tommy. My mic was real choppy and cutting out a lot unfortunately. Oh well
  5. The interview with Tommy is up. This is my friends podcast. I am a guest halfway in. I tried my best but i was scared to death. lol
  6. My video burning my Pat & Shirt got a lot of dislikes. I think people didn't understand my video or something. Some thought i was Pat & Ian which doesn't make sense. lol
  7. There was quite a few You Don't Know Jack games over the years. All of them were good. Some better than others. Even 2 on the PS1. The original Jackbox Games had it as well. The company who made YDKJ makes the Jackbox series and those are extremely popular especially with Twitch and Youtube streamers. I have had fun with those myself.
  8. Just a heads up. My friends podcast just did an interview with Tommy and i was a special guest about halfway in. It may be up this weekend but they didn't say for sure. Here is a link to their channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKgQBb55xSZ2wmNwS5VXxg I'll post a link when it's up if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  9. I remember in the late 90's i bought You Don't Know Jack The Ride which was the best of the YDKJ games, but to play 2 player you had to share the keyboard. That was not fun. Now a days there are controller methods to solve that but not sure about back in the 90's
  10. If you want to hear the best part of last nights interview, listen to this part. Talking more in depth about the manufacturing process and what ifs If that doesn't take you there fast forward to 2:09:05
  11. Did you see how many thumbs down i got on that one? People just don't understand my humor.
  12. I tuned out early, was only there for maybe 30 mins at most. Hard to listen to the interviewer just act like a pompous ass. I did stick around the chat trying to mess with the trolls but that got boring after a while
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