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  1. Adam, I would also like to order two as well if you get around to this. Thanks.
  2. Awesome!! I'll take two as well. PM sent.
  3. Eduardo, now that the 4th run has shipped, you mentioned you had some extra units for sale. When can we expect them to be available through Atari Age? Thank you.
  4. Item as described, well packed. Loads of fun! Thank you,
  5. That sounds awesome. For a long time follower and a purchaser of your quality work I can't wait to finally to see DK and maybe get my hands on an extra SGM before a fifth run
  6. Good to hear. Do we place an interest here or just keep an eye out if The Store offers them for sale after the pre-orders are shipped out.
  7. Money sent, looking forward to this. Thank you.
  8. Try UPS Ground or U.S. Parcel Post. You will need to weigh everything to figure out which is cost effective, and make sure you pack this well but you probably new that already.
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