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  1. Hello I collect for multiple retro consoles & have been thinking alot about some DOS, Windows 95 & Windows 98 PC games for my next round of collecting. Was never a huge PC gamer, but for a long time I've been wanting to get around 30 games or so, ones I had, grew up with & a few I remember wanting. Any advice or recommendations as to a certain model I can get that has good specs for that time period that I should be able to run a VGA out into my flat screen & have it look decent? (Or maybe a referral to a place that can build a vintage gaming PC at a reasonable price?) I do not want to get a CRT monitor that I'm sure alot of people will swear by, nor do I have any room whatsoever if I did want one..I have all my consoles ran through a switchbox on my TV stand & would like to add a vintage desktop too. I had an IBM PS/2 in the mid-late 90's (forgot which model, it had a CD-ROM that I believe came installed..& if I'm not mistaken had Windows 3.1 at first until my Dad installed Windows 95) I would love to get the same one again for nostalgic reasons, but last time I checked think it had its own proprietary video output...if that was the case would their be any possible adapters or video mods I could have someone do to run it on my TV? The IBM Aptiva was my second, and would be my second choice One more thing I have to mention is I do not want to just use DosBox or any other emulator...for some reason most of the time I mentioned collecting Tandy Coco3 games on here, I was told I was better off using emulation..lol...I am a collector, just not interested..&the awesome "big boxes" of the 90's PCs are a big part of the appeal And besides, I hear they can't run alot of old games properly or sometimes at all. I bought an old casino game I had recently (Masque World Series Of Poker) & it wouldn't even play on my old Windows XP system, compatibilty mode or not..something about an old mouse driver it needed rendered it unplayable on newer systems...I just want something I can run old CD-Roms & floppies on from the era they came from on my modern TV with no worries...any advice would be appreciated EDIT: My TV has a VGA input, but cannot read certain resolutions...My Dreamcast doesn't work on it, I had to wind up getting a VGA to HDMI upscaler....so guessing I might run into that too if I do find a good option ? Thanks
  2. I worded that wrong...should have said the customer service I've had from him has been the worst I've had in 18 years of collecting classic games. If you would have read my earlier parts of this thread, you would see I'm new to buying from him...but sure you knew what I meant anyway
  3. Lol what does checking the inventory have to do with anything? He even admitted it was very outdated. Half of the games I ever wanted that were listed on the website I was told he no longer had. Not getting a reply for 2 weeks to a month on several occasions+ 3 ignored emails from at least 6-7 months ago or more is the furthest thing away from "easy to get a hold of " & "excellent communication" to me, cuz that was my experience from him & from what I remember reading on here, I'm not alone either. He has great prices though, I will give him that, which was the only reason I ever put up with the most unprofessional customer service I've ever had in my 18 years of collecting from him
  4. Yea well maybe your just lucky or he got it together more recently, because I gave up....Months ago I emailed a list of Lynx games I wanted, he didn't get back to me til almost 1 month after I sent it so by then I already had the games shipped from someone else...He sent me a Genesis game that didn't work..when I finally got ahold of him about it he said I could send it back & I told him I had a few other games I'd like to send in to trade towards credit. He said that was fine, so like 3 emails to him later he NEVER got back to me & I'm still stuck with a non-working game.
  5. Pretty cool...like what was done with the scoring menu at the top & the tanks
  6. I've always daydreamed about this, from when I play it now to back to when I was a kid & felt cheated when I saw the Choplifter machine in my mall's arcade lol (I didn't know until fairly recent it's history of it being an Apple II game first & the enhanced arcade version coming later which had nothing to do with Atari) Would this be hard to do though as a homebrew, an upgraded 7800 version that would keep the 1st mission either the same or slightly altered & then add in the additional levels? IDK just a thought I've had for a long time & was curious if anybody might have brought it up before. If I'm not mistaken I saw mention of a Donkey Kong with the missing level & possibly another title too?? Would love to see this, it's always been one of my favorites for the system, for some reason I never get sick of playing it...lot of memories of it from my childhood too. My Dad's got a home movie from the late 80's of us playing it a birthday party & my 2-3 year old brother pointing at the screen & giving all my family members on the couch a play by play hahaha
  7. Sure, man & glad to have been able to put some people on to it. I was so stoked upon discovering...awesome to take a trip back in time like that..The 7800 was the 1st thing i went for, but man was it a trip to see some of the toys I had & wanted ...so much I forgot about...& the electronics....the clothes....80s Fashion RULES!! :thumbsup:
  8. Wow....unbelievable..... & anyways looks like he changed the listing & the link I posted no longer works..here's the new one....&yea he's got multiple listings for different common games, 2600 too...&they're all titles I'm pretty sure I remember seeing on O'Shea LTD in the 90's....In case it gets deleted again, the dudes basically selling 6 common NIB games (highly likely that he got for around .80 cents a piece which can be found MUCH cheaper indvidually nowadays than what he's asking) for $134 claiming it's an "investment" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-7800-Asteroids-Case-Of-6-Mint-Sealed-Video-Games-Investment-VGA-Ready-/181661189693?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a4bd9c63d SMH....Scum
  9. Looks like this guys hoping to make about $125 profit off of those bulk O'Shea Ltd purchases he did a while back, multiple times over lol & shouldn't it at least be Save More When You Buy 6?? Such delusional sellers out there I swear http://www.ebay.com/itm/181661189693
  10. I just learned about this from the new 7800 Game By Game Podcast & came here to read up on it. Such awesome news! Amazing that here in 2015, discoveries are still being made! The 1993 date is mindblowing too! Real heartwarming to see the existence of another platformer & again makes me think what a damn shame it is as far as what more could have been with the 7800 if it had better fortune I've never saw the arcade or any other ports of it, but got the Lynx version recently & it is a pretty fun but challenging game. Haven't played it a whole lot, but hearing about this makes me want to go pick up my Lynx soon & spend some more time on it haha
  11. We did go wired though once we finally got cable
  12. Well I wasn't aware of what seems like a huge difference in cost between B&W and color sets then.....All I know is I don't personally remember seeing a single B&W TV in someone's living room in that decade...& my family ....& neighborhood... was anything but rich, believe me. We were the last in the family to get everything from a microwave to a VCR & it was always donated from Grandparents...for all I know the 1st TV that I remember here was too , I do know our second one was a hand me down...& neither one had remotes.
  13. Hmm I would have guessed maybe early 70's, but I always imagined the 60's & before as the era of black & white TV......& you know yesterday I had a very fuzzy memory of seeing a portable B&W TV when I was real young, think a family member might have had one & man in that catalog...$500 for a 2.7" portable TV in 1988 = more than I paid for a 50" HDTV in 2014!!! lol & I see the B&W Watchmans are CONSIDERABLY less...makes sense now
  14. Nice.....I just got a PS4 recently & my Aunt sent me money towards a game for Christmas...I was telling her what a trip it was how I could still remember being super excited sometime in the late 80's when the mailman arrived to our door with my birthday package from her, which turned out to be One On One Basketball
  15. I'm not too knowledgeable about 2600 3rd party joysticks...Don't really remember seeing that one before at all....& yea, guess the fact that I've never seen or imagined a 2 button 2600 joystick & that I was so suprised to see this (seemingly) advertised by Sears as one for the 7800 , I overlooked how the configuration wouldn't work out..Does seem cool for strictly 2600 games though, I like it's design Also I'm guessing the 2600 Baseball, Boxing, Tennis and most likely Football advertised are all from the "Realsports" series by that time, but for some reason they didn't list them that way?
  16. Haha I didn't even notice that....I remember now that the 2600 had a B&W/Color switch when I was a kid, but just who the hell had a black & white TV in the 80's?? lol The Junior came out in the late 80's didn't it? & to those a little older than me was that really a thing in the 70's even ?! I can't say that I've ever seen one, as far as I know some old sitcoms in 60's & before were B&W ?? That said, just acknowledging that the 2600 was my first console is starting to make me feel old as s**t these days I helped a friend of mine unpack these old boxes from his parents attic a while back that were lined with old newspaper from the 60's....Pretty hilarious seeing an ad for a TV that proudly stated "COLOR!!!!!" in huge fonts as it's main selling point
  17. Sure someone has uploaded this & alot of you have already seen it, but figured I'd share it anyways for those who haven't. It's from the wishbookweb.com site I recently discovered that is an absolute GOLD MINE for nostalgia! Full Sears Wishbook catalog scans from every decade & On a side note..what's up with that TAC-2 7800 joystick?? Don't believe I've ever heard of that.... "Let yourself go with the PREMIUM GRAPHICS of the Atari 7800! " ...and "the HIGH-RESOLUTION SUPER SERIES CARTRIDGES!" Love it!
  18. Wow..I collect for NES too & have a decent knowledge of their library, but don't remember that one
  19. Shortly after my older posts here I managed to build a collection of 30 games & the lovely Lynx Kit Case to store everything including my charger & batteries . Then a month back I picked up a PS4 too & although at the moment I have to confess my older consoles haven't been getting as much attention...My Lynx is still getting plenty of action! lol..Currently focusing on trying to beat Ninja Gaiden (original) & getting further in APB (Both frustating titles I can't put down )....Starting to bring it with me on trips & have been enjoying sitting outside with it in this slightly cool Florida weather were getting too. I started collecting around 1997 & now have all 7800 games aside from Tank Command & Mean 18 + the Super Pacman homebrew...as well as close to 200 2600 carts...Atari will always have a place in my heart tho & even tho I've gotten back into modern gaming recently, I will always go back to it sometimes...Especially my 7800. Out of all eras , it just has the highest levels of nostalgia to me & BTW the Lynx has a nostalgia factor too, but it's memories of sitting in class fascinated by the stuff I saw in EGM & Gamepro, desperately wishing I could have one & wondering why so many more ppl wanted the inferior Gameboy lol........................now over 2 decades later...........haha
  20. Last I looked the only lots of like 10 + had the Nintendo logo on them or were different colors, which I'd rather not have.... Think I might have to copy your idea for labels once I get some cases haha
  21. Yea I actually bought a few of those from a music store in the 90s for some of my records....I really would like to keep all my manuals for various consoles in a binder though...I have more 7800 and 2600 manuals by FAR, but was thinking of getting the ideal size binder pages with pockets for each, and then a set of dividers
  22. Attics.....that's what homeowners have, not renters of rooms
  23. OK, man...I'll try to remember to put it in my truck tomorrow and most likely sometime next week I'll get a chance to stop by the post office to see...Glad I was able to find someone that wanted it for their collection, I have no space except to maybe squeeze it in the back of the shelf in my closet, and that'd just be senseless..I'd forget it was even there until my next move haha...I'll msg u when I get out there
  24. Just realized I forgot to add these pics and it looks like there's no option to edit your post here after a certain amount of time goes by
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