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  1. This is a quick video I made a few years ago showing a "bug" to maximize your score. @cparsley have you seen this one?
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm still learning even after 40 years playing this game
  3. Personally, I see a number in a black circle between the white boxes. Most of the time it's between 10 and 11 I think. I will try to record a game. I'm using MAME, what emulator are you using? As Dugger said, when you see [...] at the bottom of a white box, it's because that door is currently getting rob. If you go to it, a robber will appear with a bag in his hand. If you shoot him and the timer is at 0.00 you will get 5000 points + a letter to spell EXTRA.
  4. 135,650 Anybody else saw numbers between the white boxes? I was wondering if it was for identifying the door number where a bank robber will show next. In the arcade version, the number appears in the back of the customers after a deposit.
  5. 537920 I killed my last 25 lives. I should have played until I broke the record See my game play below.
  6. When changing level (every 4 rounds) you will have this music. In the arcade version, and other console, you usually have a quick intermission showing you what to do for the next level. On level 2, for example, you have to jump twice on every square to complete the round.
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