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  1. Congrats Rick. Are you playing on an emulator or real hardware? How many hours did your game lasted?
  2. https://web.archive.org/web/20181107134843/https://freeze64.com/c64mini-hacks/
  3. 19587, I selected the wrong pic in my previous post.
  4. 64540 Using an emulator. Will try on the console later.
  5. Welcome back! You have my vote if there is an election
  6. I usually try to stay in the lower left corner, Moving up and down and try to time the bullet to arrived on the right end side as soon as the robot comes out. I usually have the time to shot it twice from that position and if I'm lucky the 3rd time. If I don't have 3 bullets renaming when a robots comes out I waste the 1 or 2 bullets left and get a new gun. I don't like getting a gun with the robot following me!
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