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  1. 76100 I recorded my game if someone needs inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UTR0AL8sVc
  2. Hello Intellivision fans. My score: 74280 It's being a while since I played! Next time I will try to use my console.
  3. Directly from ACAM at funspot arcade ... Zookeeper 254220 Armorcar 27420 Rolling 27700
  4. The 2600 version is amazing. One of the best homebrew. You're right, the veggy board I remember is probably on the colecoVision, that's the version I played the most.
  5. Exactly, the letters will turn red for a very short time, so you have to be very close to the letter to grab bit. In the arcade version (and other such as the colecovision) you can also spell SPECIAL in red to have a bunus round of all veggies.
  6. I usually go for the EXTRA in the first 8 or 9 rounds. If I'm lucky I can get 2-3 more ladies. At round 10+ I clear the "flowers" around the "house", colect the 3 blue hearts and go for the 2 red letters ASAP (4000 points each) Sometime I will wait for the vegetable but I often loose a life (greed is dangerous) I also try to arrange the doors to make it longer for the ennemies to get to me ... forming a single path, closing the top. (see image) I usually go from left to right on the top of the screen. If an ennemy goes in the top region I go down and close the door.
  7. From level 11 it's really fast. I lost 1 lady per level at 11,12,3,14. The 4 EXTRA were very lucky in that game. Most of the time I have to wait 3 or 4 levels for the missing letter.
  8. 116,710 4 EXTRA I will play on the real hardware this weekend.
  9. Tips for beginners: -First try to get the 3 hearts in blue. This will put the multiplier to X5 -Get the letters to spell EXTRA in yellow. Once fully spell you will have an extra lady. -If you already have the letter, try to get the letter in red ... 800X5 = 4000 points.
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