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  1. Hit me up.with any colecovision stuff and NES
  2. Big Box of crap 2 @the.golden.ax 01/2011 second item Atari Jaguar system w/ box and instructions original RF adapter original AC adapter original controller original pack-in game - Cybermorph w/ instructions 2nd Atari controller with box game - Iron Soldier w/ box and instructions & overlay game - Flip Out w/ box and instructions game - Dino Dudes w/ box and instructions game - Club Drive w/ box and instructions game - Cannon Fodder w/ box and instructions game - Alien vs. Predator game - Hover Strike The system and the games with boxes were bought brand new by me and are still in new condition (the boxes show some wear). I just tested this system yesterday and it works great. I hate to sell this system but I play it so little that I can't justify keeping it. I would like $135 for everything. That includes domestic (lower 48 states) shipping. I will accept cash, check (must clear before shipping) or silver (4 ounces). Paypal will cost $140 cause it is more of a pain for me. @outburst402 I purchased after Crazy Climber post it was a good deal. 12/2011
  3. Start a thread with detailed pics and price. Easy as that. Good Luck
  4. I am in the club. Opcode Super Game Club Membership $20.00
  5. xbox one diablo 3 ultimate evil edition
  6. crazykong

    WTB Xbox One

    Looking for Xbox One with all cords and one controller. Can be any model that uses physical media.
  7. Looking for Nintendo Switch or Switch Light. My sisters birthday is coming up and finding a switch is impossible now without paying through the nose. Anyone have one gathering dust?
  8. Refund Received! Thank you Grant Crazykong
  9. Just checking in on the current prices. Popeye was my favorite controller if I had to pick one to push my bid on. At 150.00 though I have some serious thinking to do.
  10. I will start: Carnival - 75.00 Donkey Kong (R.S.) - 75.00 Pac-Man Plus - 75.00 Popeye- 75.00 Buck Rogers- 45.00 (50.00 if Loafer is a starting bid) Gorf- 85.00
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