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  1. It’s based on Rick Dangerous. Yeah games of that type like Montezumas revenge certainly requires learning by dying but it’s a great genre for the platform and man, what they managed to make the colecovision do blows my mind
  2. The worst era? Def nowadays, the era of “redemption”. Ugh
  3. I am all for positivity and if the answer to everyone’s concerns are “maybe this system is not for you”, then that’s not a good response. But let’s be clear here, if a dude or dudette only plays FPS games and has no love for any other genre, then ... maybe the system ISN’T for them. It’s not wrong to say so. Let’s remember that the Amico is specifically targeting that 80% (or whatever that number is) of people who believe the Switch/PS4/XBOX1X are systems that are not for them. Where we have it so good is that although that’s a huge target for Intellivision Entertainment and its developers, some of their games cross over into the genres we do like (such a retro-imagined games).
  4. BTW It is interesting you chose apple as the example. Apple has done this before. I love their ecosystem and how everything works well with each other (iPad/iPhone and Apple Watch). but there have been many times some features have come out that it doesn’t look (at least at first glance) that there is a specific hardware requirement for said feature. For example, I think Siri’s ability to call it via “hey Siri”. On the older iPhones, the feature will work but the phone needs to be plugged in, I think on iPhones 7+, they don’t. You aren’t wrong though
  5. Sure but did they really promise they would improve this feature on the mini? I don’t recall but I will absolutely agree if they promised, that’s a commitment and they need to make it happen, you are correct. In saying that I still think overall, they have under promised and over delivered. For that, the company still has my respect. I will say the joystick on the mini is absolute crap so they def needed to up their A game. Apparently although its not perfect, the maxi controller is a big improvement edit: just to add, you know you will never find out though if they withheld a feature, so I would recommend it’s useless to get riled up over something you will never know (because they’d be nuts to go “Nyah Nyah, you don’t get the feature” and as I outlined earlier, there are possible valid reasons to absolutely not just throw it in)
  6. Sure, It is also possible the cut away was intended to not show a lengthy loading sequence because the internet would run away with this with “Amico has LONG LOADING TIMES”. At this moment, the game is likely not optimized so it would be misleading to show the actual loading time.
  7. hey man, it's a freebee; as I stated "MY GUESS IS". It could be true but it could also be: - limited development time - they have other projects on the go they need to focus on - AT THE SAME time, as they update for the Vic20, they can then put forth a bit more time to give the mini some love Now with your thinking, if they add it in, they are bad for doing so? Man business is business. What they promised us is what was written on the box and they've gone WAY beyond that with the USB support, the Galaga type game, etc. They've gone way beyond what nintendo, Sega and other mini makers have done with their products. Why don't you take a min, revisit your thoughts and see it THAT way! For frig's sake. That may not be your intent but it reams of entitlement bro, hopefully it's just because of a bad day
  8. RG (TheC64 mini devs) I believe stated recently there are more updates coming to the mini. for the multidisk support, my guess is they didn't want to hurt the sales of the Maxi since that was one of the important unique value of the upgrade, along with the keyboard of course, so once the next Wave of Maxie's sell out and yeah, probably close to the Vic20 maxi launch we are likely to see this finally added to the mini because after the vic20 is out, I don't see them going back to that well, time to move on to other products (please dear god, let it be the Amigamini!)
  9. Presentation was flawless at my end. I even paused it for a bit due to work stuff and it picked up fine after unpausing, no lag High points of presentation: - Intros to a lot of the key players (team/devs). How everyone seemed to show genuine enthusiasm for the system, the controllers and the Intellivision Amico vision - Earthworm Jim 4 looked great, simply great. loved the match 3 joke and reaction. This should bring some serious attention when gameplay videos (ie: with enemies) is shown. Obviously there is no point showing more until say... March, then March you show killer gameplay just before launch. The game doesn't even need to be a launch title, the gameplay demo will carry you to a great launch - Concrete retail partners. This adds legitimacy to the console. I don't need it, but some out there obviously do and obviously the console itself needs it to succeed. - Bomb Squad was probably my biggest surprise. not only did the game look fun, but the video presentation of it worked. I'm big on humour and John Callaghn was hilarious. More of that game and him please - Space Strike: Star Castle? Did someone say Star Castle? Holy shit this game looked fantastic. I think this could do for Amico what Geometry Wars did when it rehashed Robotron and found a lot of fans. Well done, day 1 purchase! - Break Out: there was a real passion behind a lot of people showing off their games and the relationship with the Amico team but Alex Noisy (sp?) did the best job of them all with his articulated commentary. The fact Break Out marries gameplay with music isn't a bad thing too, brings something different to the paddle genre - Moon Patrol: other levels look great too, and really nice to see some level of involvement from Scott Tsumura! - Being an Amiga fan, the name Bitmap Brothers hit home; so hopefully Liar's Dice will be fun - I'm a HUGE fan of pinball, so don't think for a second I didn't notice what was on the wall of Barnstorm Games' office! We want pinball and an Amico Timeshock, arguably the best digital pinball game every released, would be welcomed! EK will be a fun game too, I realize pinball was not present at the presentation lol - Rigid Force Redux Enhanced should fill that classic shooter hole we crave! Lower points of presentation: - Confirmation launch date will not match up with my retirement date and let me be clear @Tommy Tallarico, I am NOT delaying my retirement just for you! - I love what they are doing with Amico's menu but it did very much feel "early" (which Tommy stated in the video). There is def some work needed here - Staff training is not up to snuff, I caught a few people saying "The Amico" instead of Amico. Crack the whip Tommy! - I knew it wasn't going to make it in but I was so wishing to see gameplay of baseball (or hockey) - Personally this close to the old launch date, I would have loved to see some press guys also booting up and playing some of the Amico games. Until yesterday, this originally was supposed to be the full reveal and I expected more Joe Schmoe's having their hands on it right in the stream. Not a complaint, but an honest observation. it's moot though because I'm not saying this from a position of doubt and I think a delayed launch is for the better. - You need to find a way to get a Horizon Chase style arcade racing game on the system, pronto. Conclusion: First more of a conclusion on some of the reaction here: I don't get how some people can use the word "mistake" to describe the delay. For a various reasons (mostly COVID19), they are simply not ready. If everything has been delayed including testing, certification, etc, then it's not a mistake but a DISASTER of epic proportions to go ahead with the launch. We've seen big market items get delayed (including high profile games) just weeks before launch. That stings a heck of a lot more. Here we have plenty of heads up and frankly, it is what it is and it allows me to get my after-retirement video blog ongoing prior to launch! LOL Conclusion on event: It succeeded on what it set out to do, show more games and especially introduce the world to Amico devs. As disappointed as I am on the delay, due to covid19 and maybe other stuff for sure it's not ready and rushing to try and make it ready within these uncertain times is asking for a disaster. Now let's look at the positives of the delay. - obviously, more games can be polished and finished - the console's development can proceed through some polish (boot up front end) and certification can take the time it needs - I know that there was a hint that an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show was going to play a role. Man, it is not time for that right now but in 5 months from now? That could work great, time heals all wounds. - having more time to launch allows you to line up more devs, more retail partners, etc. That's about it. I want more but I'll take what was shown today and I hope you guys really use this monthly youtube series to mentioned to really open things up a bit
  10. Well we will find out tomorrow. @Tommy Tallarico: ensure you point out exactly what news caused the delay
  11. I doubt it but considering they had graphics probably set up with new date that's the type of news that could def need a delay. In saying that I would think it's some big time licensing for a game that just went through
  12. It is what it is, looking forward to it. nice to see confirmation on a lot more game reveals
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