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  1. I did not know about boxxle's release, thank you!
  2. Fascinating thread, I'll have to join you guys some day. For the comment about the frustration of playing Pitstop with the regular controller as opposed to the Driving controller, unfortunately I cannot recall exactly why back in the day but I do remember I did play pitstop using the regular controller. Perhaps for the same reason?
  3. Pitstop was one of my favorite games, the need to manage the pit mini game was an excellent addition to the racing game genre. Hearing that damn bang is something I'll never forget as it could lead one from being a winner to a loser, while also providing me with copious amounts of pride and joy when I timed it just right at the top
  4. Canadian here. Hey even though July 4th was the deadline, this worked today, I got the message that the charge would be for the duration of my current subscription so I topped up to the max 3 years then selected this option. I saw mixed messages, the initial $1 duration of my current account" but afterwards limiting this to one month ... however my Xbox live status indicates "CAD $16.99 every month, next charge on 7/11/2022 with Visa **xx" I will keep an eye on any potential charge but that status makes me think this worked! Thanks very much TheCoolDave
  5. There is an intellivison under the right end table/desk. The expansion module may be beside the driving module, too cluttered and dark to tell but could be there edit: took A look at the source picture and does not look like an expansion module there but what the heck are those weird colecovision controllers? Are they the flashback variety? Ugh
  6. It's also mentioned in the manual that the tank will explode if overfilled, necessitating a restart. The "bang" sound effect did the job.
  7. I'll take the 29th, last Monday of the month so many days of interviews with the press possible for the rest of the week.
  8. That's very fair and the right way to go. When you know for sure the date, then spring it on us (but still very cool to know it's possibly coming sooner rather than later). We didn't see any post by Brian, was there something specific worthy of an update to mention on the firmware? Is the regular edition still supposed to come out in August?
  9. Excellent, love progress pics! "The official CollectorVision Phoenix Launch is going to happen this August 9th (to 11th) in Phoenix, AZ at the Game on Expo*. " Does this mean this is when the early adopters will also start getting their Phoenix console?
  10. What they ask (pack of 1000 more questions) can still be done with this model, Tommy already suggested this before: game: 80's Video game master add 1000 new questions game: 80's Video game master... 2 Really, its not freaking rocket science guys. If the COD were going to be released on this, I get the need for map packs but that's not the type of games I see on the console. At least AMICO won't be charging me $70 a year for what amounts to more or less bloody roster updates LOL I'm fine with one segment of the gaming industry having their DLC or Loot or season packs but hell yes there's room for a system like this that is free of these
  11. I'm using USB keypads that look like SNES controllers, work perfectly (default for fire button is right trigger but that can be changed for the USB loaded games via that CJM tool)
  12. Excellent thread, thanks OP for that video in the first post, never saw it and it opens ones eyes to what some route operators had to deal with back in the day. pinball: VR with its low persistent displays and virtual worlds really has made it a more fun experience though resolution is still too low (but still very playable). Virtual pinball as a whole really has matured in the last 18 months where physics improvements may not be perfect but the line is getting a bit more blurred. Especially some of the PC VPX tables released in the past 6-12 months from the heavy hitter table authors/recreators!
  13. Yeah that video "review" is off but if we can be honest, that's to be expected with many of the press. until they get concrete info and able to actually talk about what they are playing, you are going to get some of these comments and lack of understanding. You are going to get speculative opinion instead of facts. For that reason, I put ZERO weight on what any of these guys say. To be fair, I also thread carefully on all positive comments since again, there's not much as far as "facts" provided right now. That's cool, right now my own expectations and understanding of what's been said has me very excited. That's enough until we get the little reveals along the way Let's have some fun with the "slogan" or "pitches" of sorts: "The Amico: Playing games together again... live not online!" "The Amico: Playing games without needing a PHD to figure out what to do" "The Amico math: Couch coop > online coop" "The Amico: Where playing together brings us in sync" "The Amico: A blast from the past makes the trip into our present and future" Well what do you expect in a 5 min post? Tommy: There seems to be a lot of talk on casual friendly but I think someone said rtype is coming out for the system. To me, my definition of "casual friendly" doesn't mean the game is necessarily easy, rather it means it's easy to get into. With rtype and other possible shooters coming for the system, even some platformers like EWJ, I hope it's not forgotten that a lot of those old classics we used to play were "hard" and that was A-OK! Sure level selects for the more casual playing fans is a must but... let's not forget we don't want to see everything about a game in 30 min. I'm not implying that's what you mean at all, but I think it would go some distance to provide clarity of what casual gaming means here so that people don't think this is just a walk in the park gaming console and that hardcore games can also apply, just not the GTA/RDR2/GOW type of production values hardcore gamer
  14. bumpity bumpa bump I'm also very surprised on the need to finalize the firmware impacting on the early access. I incorrectly assumed part of the point for the early access was that we got to also experienced a working state maybe not final Phoenix firmware (since you stated before the ability to update the firmware is built in … like adding FPGA cores), therefore still giving you a chance to provide the early access owners with the hardware AND allowing you to work on the firmware for the full release and simply updating the firmware for the EA systems. I'm cool with a delay, we want a working system after all and thankfully I'm not low on hobby's to keep me busy ;). I do have other concerns but I'll leave that for another day
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