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  1. yep, now it works, thanks!
  2. Not according to the youtube attract snap shot: the gift is a slap in the face.... or am I misunderstanding the attached pic? Smells almost like a typical attention seeking flame-bait headline to generate more views, seems hardly respectful Don't get me wrong, your message got lost a bit to me because of the flame bait but I get the frustration and we are all allowed to react in our own way. You do you, carry on but as much as you may feel a gift wasn't enough, as Tommy pointed out, he's damned if he does, and he's damned if he doesn't. I guarantee if Tommy had put out a video stating "with great sadness, I have to report another delay" and done nothing else, that would have gone over even worse with people just crapping over "the same message". Here, they get something of REAL VALUE, something that was created via blood, sweat and tears and given freely. Even then, it won't be enough, I'm sure someone will say we are being bribed to shut up and take the delay with a smile on our faces
  3. FYI appears as a dead link here
  4. A nice gesture from you and your team/org, thanks. I don't read or post much any more due to real life busy and well, the negativity from many is grating after a while. People are allowed their opinion, I just wish once it's off their chest, they would be done and we could move on but instead, there's a continuous circle-jerk that just isn't for me. I know the ultimate goal for your company is to release Amico into everyone's hands ASAP, you guys do NOT benefit from these delays, in fact this uncertainty of when components are available and the pressures in dealing with delays with the large corporate customers must be something else on all your nerves. Although I'm disappointed in the delay, these are NOT normal times and to be frank, there are worse crap going on in our world, so this isn't the end of the world and we will enjoy it when it's finally released now if Steam Deck is delayed, LET ME AT THEM!
  5. Check your spam folder just in case
  6. Personally I think it's a good gift and appreciated. Would rather get the Amico ASAP but it is what it is; hope there is still a chance for end of this year but likely I would think we are looking at April 2022 right now
  7. Can't judge the how good the titles are but we can just on the selection of titles and brand On that note, I think there is a good mix there, some casual titles and some retro inspired titles. I would say it would be ridiculous to have MLB baseball released at that time. Even if it's finished, may as well keep it on the backburner until the start of the new season (April 2021) I would also think maybe half that and possibly less should release on launch day, then the rest can release in the launch window (up to Christmas) so we get weekly titles for a while to keep building momentum.
  8. As an ex-Amiga guy, I really liked Superfrog but really loved James Pond II: Robocod. I get why Superfrog didn't hit big but was really surprised Robocod didn't do better; if I recall it also appeared on the consoles too. Been a long time, maybe I'm wearing rose tinted glasses here
  9. I love necro-posts like these, some incredible finds. Just going back a few posts, I didn't know about Vanguard II, so checked it out on youtube and man was I disappointed, not a big miss. Then there is the "so bad, it's ... well it's REALLY bad" category we have "Tattoo Assassins". I can't believe Data East put this out. It's slow, it looks like amateur hour and it has fart attacks and what looks like a poop fatality. Wow! I'm def going to have to go back to post #1 to check out everything I may have missed!
  10. I believe I read somewhere the title will be available on the XBOX One via their cloud service, the same way XBOX their games will work on android/iOS. IE: depending on where you live, your internet connection, the experience could be “good enough” to “ugh, this ain’t right”
  11. Add star control 2 to that list, one of the greatest games ever
  12. I had the 3DO, bought GEX on release and really did like it. I think you already laid out why it did well. You have to compare it with other titles from that era and when you do, you see it was (I think) the FIRST platformer that had talking, which was pretty varied. The sticking to walls mechanic also brought a bit more novelty to the platformer IE: it used the CD platform well and it WAS funny, at least to a early-mid 90’s gamer. It’s not anywhere near the best platformer ever but it brought something new to the new generation of consoles and was fun. If it had come out prior to Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot, it may not have done as well. Timing is everything
  13. Wow, nothing will ever top that epic Wonder Boy / Adventure Island post; glad I checked this out. In the spirit of the thread, I do have an entry to submit. Stellar 7 (Battlezone inspired game) which came out originally on 8 bit systems (I played it on the Apple 2 back in the day). It was then remade for the Amiga/PC and maybe MACOS under the same name but with enhancements (end of level boss, cut scenes). It was then later released with more spit and polish for the 3DO (Stellar 7: Draxon’s Revenge), which is my favorite version of this game And then fans were greeted with the sequel Nova 9: the return of Gir Draxon, again for the Amiga/PC/Mac In both cases, the number references to the “star systems” contained within the game (IE: levels, so Stellar 7 has 7 levels, Nova 9 has 9). Note: Apparently Arcticfox falls within the same series, therefore is seen as a sequel to Stellar 7. Skyfox and Skyfox II: the Cygnus conflict are part of the same series as Arcticfox yet are not referenced as part of the Stellar 7 series. Ouch The Stellar 7 and Nova 9 games were developed by one of my favorite devs: Dynamix, who were responsible for many titles that breached many different genres. Classics like “Red Baron” and A10 Tank Killer (flight Sims), “Abrams Battle Tank” (tank sim), “Rise of the Dragon”, “Heart of China” (adventure), The Incredible Machine (puzzle), “Caveman ughlympics” (track and field type of game). I miss them, especially their flight sims and the adventure games where they showed that cinematically speaking, they were ahead of their time
  14. Thank you so much. Mahjong is the type of game that will still be fun 30 years from now; I never tire of it!
  15. Very happy with the rom vault, thanks all @ CollectorVision
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