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  1. Very happy with the rom vault, thanks all @ CollectorVision
  2. Got mine earlier this week too! Looks good, thanks!
  3. The Amico is family friendly sir. Godfather may not be family friendly but it is about a family so it’s a pass
  4. This list is crazy lacking in Cameron and Spielberg movies. I still love ya Tommy but this did make me question our relationship a tad
  5. I am way behind in trying these out, busy life and all but wanted to take a second to thank you Luc for your gifts. Good luck with your future endeavors!
  6. This is the pc version. It is free, so try it out https://www.lsdwa.com/projects/fractalus/
  7. Behind jaggi lines was an early WIP version of rescue on fractalus released on pirate boards before the games actual release. So basically, yeah
  8. Loafer


    A little late to the party but just wanted to let people know if you have a pcvr headset it also works in VR! it’s a fantastic VR game; it shows this was a labor of love
  9. Thanks to all for jumping in and thanks to Collectorvision for being so generous in your offering. There is no better value per $ with what you are offering here
  10. I have special powers eheh. No I think when you quote a post you can go in and change it. I should have bold it so it didn’t seem like a ninja edit but just a joke. I thought it worked both ways you are a great contributor to this thread
  11. Howdy to fans of Rescue on Fractalus. Although Tommy has said he’s not a fan of first person perspective games on Amico, I personally would love to see this. I’m such a huge fan of this game But speaking of remake, please do check out version 1.0 released recently. This also work in VR (and is AMAZING) but normal 2D is fantastic too. Luke (the dev) has done an awesome job, also with support from the original devs. Oh boy I’d love to see Lucasfilm games pick this up
  12. It’s been a long time, took a few months off the pinball forums and Atari age and with this thread, boy did I miss a bunch of posts! I just read the last ten pages (don’t have time to read up 130 pages! Ouch!). extra/different ship for physical media: I hate that idea, because it again creates a “comic book cover special edition” mentality, which I thought is something Amico was getting away from. If you start down this path, how soon before Walmart throws a bunch of money your way so there pack-in licensed Pac-Man game comes with extra levels, or ms-pac-man character swap, etc. Stay away from this path Tommy, stay through to your original vision. All bets are off though for pack in physical content, that’s what is cool about physical media.
  13. 3-4-3-4-4-3 = 21. The only consoles I’ve not owned listed above are: Sega SMS (wish I had bought it!), Atari Jaguar and Nintendo Wii-U. There are a few more I’ve owned not listed such as: Odyssey 2, Amiga CD32 and Vectrex. I loved the Colecovision, the NeoGeo, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast and the Xbox 360 the most out of all of these though there is affection for most of the others too (if we talk about Computers, then add The Amiga as my favorite of all time). Good times !
  14. Looks like there was a wave of new memberships last night, can’t wait for updated totals!
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