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  1. I believe I read somewhere the title will be available on the XBOX One via their cloud service, the same way XBOX their games will work on android/iOS. IE: depending on where you live, your internet connection, the experience could be “good enough” to “ugh, this ain’t right”
  2. I had the 3DO, bought GEX on release and really did like it. I think you already laid out why it did well. You have to compare it with other titles from that era and when you do, you see it was (I think) the FIRST platformer that had talking, which was pretty varied. The sticking to walls mechanic also brought a bit more novelty to the platformer IE: it used the CD platform well and it WAS funny, at least to a early-mid 90’s gamer. It’s not anywhere near the best platformer ever but it brought something new to the new generation of consoles and was fun. If it had come out prior to Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot, it may not have done as well. Timing is everything
  3. Wow, nothing will ever top that epic Wonder Boy / Adventure Island post; glad I checked this out. In the spirit of the thread, I do have an entry to submit. Stellar 7 (Battlezone inspired game) which came out originally on 8 bit systems (I played it on the Apple 2 back in the day). It was then remade for the Amiga/PC and maybe MACOS under the same name but with enhancements (end of level boss, cut scenes). It was then later released with more spit and polish for the 3DO (Stellar 7: Draxon’s Revenge), which is my favorite version of this game And then fans were greeted with the sequel Nova 9: the return of Gir Draxon, again for the Amiga/PC/Mac In both cases, the number references to the “star systems” contained within the game (IE: levels, so Stellar 7 has 7 levels, Nova 9 has 9). Note: Apparently Arcticfox falls within the same series, therefore is seen as a sequel to Stellar 7. Skyfox and Skyfox II: the Cygnus conflict are part of the same series as Arcticfox yet are not referenced as part of the Stellar 7 series. Ouch The Stellar 7 and Nova 9 games were developed by one of my favorite devs: Dynamix, who were responsible for many titles that breached many different genres. Classics like “Red Baron” and A10 Tank Killer (flight Sims), “Abrams Battle Tank” (tank sim), “Rise of the Dragon”, “Heart of China” (adventure), The Incredible Machine (puzzle), “Caveman ughlympics” (track and field type of game). I miss them, especially their flight sims and the adventure games where they showed that cinematically speaking, they were ahead of their time
  4. Thank you so much. Mahjong is the type of game that will still be fun 30 years from now; I never tire of it!
  5. Very happy with the rom vault, thanks all @ CollectorVision
  6. Got mine earlier this week too! Looks good, thanks!
  7. The Amico is family friendly sir. Godfather may not be family friendly but it is about a family so it’s a pass
  8. This list is crazy lacking in Cameron and Spielberg movies. I still love ya Tommy but this did make me question our relationship a tad
  9. I am way behind in trying these out, busy life and all but wanted to take a second to thank you Luc for your gifts. Good luck with your future endeavors!
  10. This is the pc version. It is free, so try it out https://www.lsdwa.com/projects/fractalus/
  11. Behind jaggi lines was an early WIP version of rescue on fractalus released on pirate boards before the games actual release. So basically, yeah
  12. Loafer


    A little late to the party but just wanted to let people know if you have a pcvr headset it also works in VR! it’s a fantastic VR game; it shows this was a labor of love
  13. Thanks to all for jumping in and thanks to Collectorvision for being so generous in your offering. There is no better value per $ with what you are offering here
  14. I have special powers eheh. No I think when you quote a post you can go in and change it. I should have bold it so it didn’t seem like a ninja edit but just a joke. I thought it worked both ways you are a great contributor to this thread
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