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  1. I thought I had read Vanguard was NOT going to be in the vault. I may be thinking of another game, there is so many discussions on games and the vault and... I am getting old LOL. Obviously if it is that's one heck of a carrot!
  2. Look at the price folks, no way that's an FPGA recreation. Even if it's using vice, there are advantages to the full size TheC64 such as connectivity to modern TV's and a nostalgic form factor. It is what it is, I just hope it's fairly bug free and leads to what I REALLY want: an Amiga/mini/full size recreation.
  3. Gotta think after doing the trackball games and now a yoke game, who wants to wager there's a driving game coming soon. Outrun would be awesome along with other 270 games or even pole position (which with the 360 wheel could do the sprint games too)
  4. new moon patrol: I loved it but yeah man, that's so short it goes beyond a tease! I like polish and little details and If I noticed right, I think the earth rotates which is a nice little touch. Yeah, the logo is fine as is, well done
  5. I want to be clear here. If I find it's beyond my means, in no way would I be saying it's a bad deal and not worth resigning for the 2020 club. I have some disposable income but I'm into VR, probably going to be buying a Valve Index shortly (finally available in Canada), I have two grown up kids that I love to spoil, I'm into Ballroom Dancing, I'm an amateur Astronomer and I swear my telescope tells me to feed it every now and then (yes Seymour, I'm overdue for buying you eyepieces, I know...) and I'm into Pinball and have a pincab that needs to be fed the latest greatest hardware gizmo at least once a year. and that doesn't even touch my gaming/classic gaming appreciation. So it's just a question of managing my toy budget, not a factor on what this club is worth. I've often said I feel $5 bucks a rom is a great deal so if there are 20-25 roms in the pack, a boxed original game, etc then the value is excellent!
  6. Well fudge cycle, you may have convinced me to re-up. I have to admit, $200+ CND is a lot of money but I can't deny it's been a worthwhile endevor
  7. So I went on the Apple AppStore and noticed there are a lot of apps with the exact word Amico in it. Surprised by that!
  8. Well now that it’s revealed looking forward to seeing a vid of it in action lol
  9. Hi. I'm trying to get to "Hole in one" but must be blind, there's no direct link in your text and there's no link from the page you originally link to (or their front page). other games interested in that I can't find a link: Hole in One Comic Bakery C-So! Car Fighter hustle chumy (secret game) lol
  10. #1 - I got in my tshirt and gold ticket! thanks again, great quality on the shirt #2 - secret surrounding that button: What none of us knew is that Amico is actually a clam shell design, so that button can lift up the top part (that charges the controllers) so that you can fit the physical media inside. The controllers don't fall out cause they are magnetized. I'm brilliant Yeah, no. LOL
  11. Yeah I don’t recommend going to that thread to debate their business model I just meant to more or less get a better idea on what they are trying to do. All good
  12. keep some Roms for next years club, that’s fine but you guys publicly stated you were going to add to this years club so I don’t care if you just add a couple of Roms but CollectorVision dudes, you need to follow through with what you publicly state and add to this years club there has been enough cloudiness with the intellivision club promises (seen in that thread), turn the page and follow through with what you state publicly, which should lead to what you do. It’s good for business
  13. Although they are catering to the retro crowd with some of the remakes, they are mainly targeting the over 1 billion casual gamers out there, gamers that don’t buy a switch but would hopefully buy this System, with a clear understanding that all games are curated and targeting family friendly gaming with a focus on couch coop. There is much clearer and expanded reasons discussed in the Amico thread in the Intellivision forum, feel free to peruse it to get a better understanding of what they are trying to achieve bottom line: you will not be in competition with them, not targeting the same crowd
  14. I think it already is in the club?
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