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  1. Lol. I was about to say the same thing. If Frank doesn't have one let me know and I'll check. I feel like I might have one. Shipping would be much cheaper from him too.
  2. Hmmm. I don't remember this thread at all. Weird. I definitely bought a ton of games from Venezuela and they were certainly all real.
  3. Left darker pin is much better. One on right isn't close to the woodgrain colour of the original system.
  4. 100? Man this is starting to get costly for me to pick up the slack. Yeesh. 😂
  5. Aaaaand I've just figured out Jason's cosplay outfit for the next PRGE
  6. As it is @Rick Reynolds favourite game, I defer to my fellow Intellivisionary.
  7. I'm getting tempted to start opening some of my sealed Intellivision Inc boxes. 🤔😂 I found a Sharp Shot that way as the shrinkwrap was starting to come off anyways.
  8. As Mr Me stated, this was the Coleco Chameleon which was not an Intellivision product at all. Definitely not part of Intellivision's history.
  9. Jason I shared those videos with you in confidence....plus you paid me handsomely.
  10. Yep, nearly impossible to find. Top 3-5 rarest box variations
  11. That’s very cool info, thanks for sharing that. 👍🏻
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