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    Collecting different system, mostly 90's system and some that are more rare, currently collect for Atari, NEC, SEGA, Nintendo. Also like Vintage cars. Currently Own a 1984 AMC Eagle 4 door Sedan.
    Into older music, like Boston, The Who, U2, and Duran Duran.
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    Wii: Sonic Colors, Donkey Kong Country returns
    Dreamcast: StarLancer, Sonic Adventure 2
    TurboGrafx-16: Bonks Revenge, Dragon Saber
    Xbox 360: Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach
    Genesis: Sonic 2, Wolfchild
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  1. is jackie chan kung fu the same game as the Jackie Chan that was released in the USA?
  2. I am waiting for Grandia 2 for my Dreamcast, I will finally have a RPG for it, what are some other good ones people would recommend.
  3. Hello. I have decided to buy Grandia 2 for the Dreamcast for 15 including shipping. when would you be able to ship it and how would it be shipped. Do you except pay-pal
  4. Are you still interested in Grandia 2? Its still available. is 15 shipped the lowest you would go, just asking? I already lowered this twice. $15 shipped is the best I can do. Okay, that's fine. I will let you know what I decide probably by Tuesday. Just need to double check on some prices of vinyl's I am trying to buy.
  5. Are you still interested in Grandia 2? Its still available. is 15 shipped the lowest you would go, just asking?
  6. Thanks, what tips/info could you provide on cleaning and taking care of 8-tracks and players. Would they also repair equipment. My uncle says he has nice Quadraphonic system but it has been sitting in his basement for years. Would you be able to fix systems.
  7. I have tried, seem to live in a area where they are uncommon. Could you put Duran Duran's astronaut album on one, part of it of course.
  8. Hello. I was wondering what a usual price on a 8-track would be and what models/brands people feel are the best for the money. I am currently looking for something simple like this, something with just the left and right 2 channel outputs that could be hooked up to a simple cheap soundesign receiver/radio/casette. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 250870794696
  9. The only problem is that the market is now dominated by PC's. It would be impossible and pointless to try to build a modern commodore based on updated commodore hardware. No one would buy them and it would not make money. People who say they should put that type of hardware in it need to realize that there time has passed. Any computer has to be PC based.
  10. so the s-video for a Dreamcast would still look better then composite.
  11. The game cd has very light scratches, while music cd has none. Overall they're in great condition. Okay, thanks. I been looking for this game or Rayman, will have to think about this. Thanks for your time.
  12. Yes it does. Also comes with the manual too. what kind of shape are the CD's in? Do you have any more pictures of it?
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