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  2. Just buy everything because that's whats gonna happen anyway, lol. Originally I just wanted to play the games I did as a kid...now im 233 carts deep.
  3. went to one of my local used game shops and did good, spent $15 and got the following 2600 ---------------------- Infiltrate Smurf:Rescue In Gargamel's Castle Codebreaker Chase Snoopy And The Red Baron Cookie Monster Munch NES --------------------- Yoshi's Cookie Super Off Road Super Pitfall
  4. i love black metal...dark funeral, darkthrone, 1349, satyricon, and many more. good stuff.

  5. i love black metal...dark funeral, darkthrone, 1349, satyricon, and many more. good stuff.

  6. forgot to mention no need for boxes, cart only is fine
  7. Got some holes to fill looking for the following. For starters it will be all official Atari releases, other companies will be requested later. Text Label --------------- Backgammon, Bowling, Breakout, Casino, Circus Atari, Football, Golf, Hangman, Home Run, Maze Craze, Outlaw, Slot Racers, Space War, Street Racer, Superman, Video Olympics Picture Label --------------- 3D Tic Tac Toe Red Label --------------- Crossbow, Jr. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Super Football
  8. i would be interested in congo bongo, coconuts, gopher, strawberry shortcake, and summer games. i would have shot a pm but im replying from my phone and dont have that option right now. could we make it an even $20 shipped for the five?
  9. slainempire


    i have a chance to pick up gremlins from a local vendor....is $20 a fair price or should i steer clear?
  10. Better controllers, more developers, end labels on carts, a/v ports, and a damn longer life span. Controller issues aside I think Atari had the right idea. There's a lot of fun to be had, and some great arcade ports. I think I like the audio from 5200 better than 7800 too.
  11. Thrift Finds ------------------------------ NES Power Pad World Class Track Meet(NES, cart only) Operation Wolf(NES, cart only) Back to the Future 2&3(NES, cart only) Streets of Rage 2(Genesis, cart and case) Total Spent:$7 Other Recent Purchases ------------------------------ Atari Jaguar Lot-Console, 2 RF Boxes, 1 Controller, Cybermorph, Iron Soldier, Zool 2(ebay) Atari Jaguar Power Supply(ebay) Atari Jaguar 2 game lot-Kasumi Ninja and Wolfensteif 3d(Both complete in box)(ebay) Sega Genesis Audio Video Cable(ebay) Final Fantasy XII(PS3)(gamestop) It's been a decent week and a half for purchases.
  12. 107 unique for me, the way I'm buying lately I'll have a lot more soon, lol.
  13. Let's see...in my trade/sell box I have....2 SNES consoles both with minor issues but do work(can include rf boxes but I don't have anymore power supplies or controllers), a working genesis console(console and one controller, no hookups), n64(console only), Speedy Gonzales:Los Gatos Bandidos for SNES, Genesis Games(Madden '96, Madden '94, NBA Jam:Tournament Edition, Street Fighter 2:Special Champion Edition, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat, and WWF Raw), NES Games(Super Mario Bros. 2, Wrestlemania, Major League Baseball, and Championship Bowling), random NES dust sleaves, and a couple of third party PS1 controllers.
  14. DAmn you Shawn! I just pulled out my extra Jags to test for it! Back off Jay it's mine!! Im glad you got it Shawn, not much to do in Canada, eh! I need to really get rid of alot of stuff before I take in more. Well if one of the things you need to get rid of is a jaguar then I'm your guy. I've been looking for awhile and haven't wanted to pay some of the ridiculous ebay prices, those sellers are nuts, lol.
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