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  1. Congrat on first Falcon! Please, can you add info about your Falcon in chipmunk database for Atari serial numbers https://milan.kovac.cc/atari/chipmunk/
  2. This is consequence of Atari organization: in each country, Atari gave freedom to local managers to promote and sell computers as they want! In Germany Atari ST was never compared to Amiga like in UK. UK Atari department positioned ST as gaming computer...
  3. Wow! On MegaSTe it looks like almost like arcade
  4. If we are talking about serious software, then 3ds Max was born on ST and later ported to PC DOS (CAD 3D > Autodesk 3D Studio > 3ds max).
  5. Atari designed 32bit successor to ST, promoted as EST with MC68020 and 256 colors. Shiraz Shivji design this computer right after work on ST was done but in 1987. Shiraz Shivji left Atari and Roy Good (guy with UNIX background) took his role. At this point EST have even finished plastic case and badges! My opinion is that Atari decided to go on Unix path (like Petari already mention, TOS was not upgraded properly; Atari was surely lacking software engineers) and this bring delay of EST (later named TT) for next two years. https://st-news.com/issues/st-news-volume-2-issue-7/features/interview-with-shiraz-shivji/ Bill Gates offer Windows as OS for ST but in 1984. it was still largely unfinished so Atari go with Digital Research. btw best way to understand Jack Tramiel decisions is to watch and read interview with him... https://www.8bitgeneration.comhave great interviews but they are not free EDIT: Regarding my opinion about Tramiels and Atari: fact is that Tramiel took over (part) Atari at point when they lose more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS per day and bring it to profitability. Later, they pay e.g. 100 millions for Federated Stores (and I also believe that this was fatal mistake at that point). Tramiels bring to market first computer that cost less then 1$ per KB. They made computer that gave a birth to astonishing software like: CuBase, Apple Logic, 3ds Max, Calamus, STad, STeve, ProText (german)... Jack Tramiel, not Bill Gates, was the one who bring computer to every home and they was truly: for the masses, not for the classes. Tramiel did a great job! Could be better but overall GREAT. And who wants to learn more about Jack Tramiel, I also recommend site: http://jackandthemachine.com(and general talks by D. Schmüdde about Tramiel)
  6. I absolutly agree with pixelmischief! You simple come and put "oil on fire". Why?
  7. Stock Falcon with 14MB RAM. I do not remember that MagiC had utility that could use MMU to protect MagiC kernel! Do you have it?!? I really would like to try it.
  8. Does it work stable? do you get "System überschrieben" error message and freeze? I can not get MagiC to work stable on my Falcon030...
  9. First: Aranym is a software virtual machine (similar to VirtualBox or Bochs) designed and developed for running 32-bit Atari ST/TT/Falcon operating systems (TOS, FreeMiNT, MagiC and Linux-m68k) and TOS/GEM applications on any kind of hardware - be it an IBM clone (read it as "PC" :-), an Apple, an Unix server, a graphics workstation or even a portable computer. You should look for EasyAraMiNT - https://sites.google.com/site/emaappsarch/operating-system/os/easyaramintbeta2operatingsystemimagesforaranym
  10. I just try Hatari with TOS 2.06 with New folder from desktop and I got hebrew characters if I press ALT and type decimal code on NUMERIC pad (you must use numeric pad). What text editor did you use?
  11. Any application could use them - Hebrew character are part of standard Atari ST character set so you could type them in any app. Hold ALT and type character decimal number of character and you will get it in any app. And why there are in character set: maybe this is one of answers https://www.polin.pl/en/news/2012/04/09/jack-tramiel-distinguished-benefactor-museum-history-polish-jews https://haitiholocaustsurvivors.wordpress.com/anti-semitism/jack-tramiel/ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2012/apr/11/jack-tramiel (at the end of texts... )
  12. ^ Christos and I was referring to Amiga 1000 and how Amiga users are prone to tell story that ST was some kind of rushed answer to Amiga 1000 (which is utterly crap that mainly, Dave Needle and RJ Mical, spread around...). I am glad that neither Commodore or Atari focus solely on PC. There was like dozen of far east companies that copy&paste PCs. Amiga and Atari was something completely different, something that made LightWave, Cinema 4D, Cubase, Emagic (Apple) Logic... possible.
  13. totally agree regarding nonsense that ST was answer to Amiga. It is uber annoying. Even more annoying is myth that Jack Tramiel wanted Amiga chips and he lent money to Amiga... I am pretty sure that you see my thread dedicated to debunking this myth at atari-forum: REWRITING HISTORY - 'Jack Tramiel loaned Amiga $500.000' but here is again for people that did not see it!
  14. Hi, I have few questions @christot why do you say "Well this video had mr kizzas input"? Who (or what) is kizzas?? @oky2000 why do you say that he is wrong in first minute? I guess because he said that Atari gain little traction in home until "game pack" was released? He, like almost all Amiga fanboys, think that "home computers" was only about games... Regarding sources of information for his video: he use infos from threads at atari-forum.com http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=23603 http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=31106 (and we also have thread about his video: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=34520 ) What do you think that is wrong regarding Falcon history in his video (or our threads at atari-forum.com)? btw If you think that he is "just a prick paid for by losers making shoddy content" I dare you to watch Kim Justice video about Atari and Jack Tramiel!!
  15. Hi, it seems that I did not post link on AtariAge so here it is: http://milan.kovac.cc/atari/chipmunk/ It is site where Atari owners can enter serial numbers of their Atari computers (and peripherals) in database. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email me or write it here!
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