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  1. I finally figured out why you're getting the error code, and why even from my initial post the site comes up with I hit. Sorry guys, I'm trying to keep the list of buyers to the US & Canada, therefore there are large blocks of IP's from other countries that are blocked from entering the site. Mister Find IT
  2. To the one who said they received a 403 error I don't know why, try typing in the address directly - be sure to spell out M-I-S-T-E-R, or better yet, do a google search for "Collectible Buyers", if you don't find me listed in the first page, don't bother posting your ad. I can understand where you think this is a hoax, but that is your lost not mine. Yes you are right when you say this is my first post, yes I do stand to gain, but so do you. To me this is more of an investment, as I will spend more in time and labor posting your ad, then I will selling my Atari items. I have been buying and selling collectibles since 1993. Mainly buying out large lots at live auctions, and reselling. For a long time, after a layoff in construction it was how I made my living. Like many of you I have been to eBay....... a long time ago I could list 20 items and sell 17. The bigger eBay got, the more "Watchers" I had, along with listing fees. Today I can list 20 items (but why waste my time and $) and sell 3, but for the 17 items I would list that didn't sell, eBay still takes a nickle and dime fee. I have also looked at OnlineAuction.com, there you have a very good layout. I like the fact that you can list as many items as you want, for only $8 a month. I also like the fact that the auction ends like a real auction. They may well be eBay's best competitor, but as I searched their site, I saw many items listed - But no bidders. I searched one guys listings, he had almost 3,000 items listed, many starting at only .25 cents. He had been selling there for almost a year - and only 6 feed back. Again NO BUYERS. For most items one sells, he only needs ONE buyer, and competition among the buyers increases the real value. The real value of any item is what one is willing to pay. Because I made my living in this way, I had to learn how to have buyers before I made purchases. I began by making a list of items people were looking for, 9 out of 10 times, that someone was a collector. Because with most serious collectors, I don't have to write as detailed description of my items, I can often send pictures, and the name of the items, they know what they want, and the price their willing to pay. Today my personal list of collectors, is about 7,500 -10,000. No Atari collectors though. While I currently have couple of boxes of Atari stuff, I don't know when I may come across more (even had these ones for at least 3 years). With your listing on my website, I will find BUYERS - (Not watchers) whenever I come across more. And yes I'll make a couple of dollars when someone else wants your contact information, but I'll have to sell it 10 times before I break even.
  3. I'm looking for serious Atari or other serious video game collectors. Two reasons #1.) On my web site, (www.MisterFindIT.com) I'm put together an online directory of serious collectors (for almost everything collectible), the directory is sorted by category of items people collect. The first three collectors, from this site, who register and leave a message with your registration, "that your from AtariAge" will receive a FREE ad in the Video game category. When I process your registration, I will send you instructions on How to post your ad for FREE! Once posted your ad will be permanent, (not going to scroll away). And you'll be the first three listing in our video game category. I'm not looking for people that want one item here and there, but people that are looking for this stuff all the time. If people are searching for "collectible buyers" or "antique buyers" we rank very high in the search engines, viewers finds us, and then you find what your looking for, giving you many first offers. This offer will expire in 5 days from this posting or at midnight Feb. 13, 2010. #2.) I have about 2 boxes of Atari stuff in my line up of things to sell.. Don't know what's all there yet! But I like to offer my items to buyers with ads on my site first. Mister Find IT
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