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  1. 1- Pitfall 2 Lost Caverns: I was just blown away! 2- Jungle Hunt: love the graphics and tropical setting all along + varied gameplay 3- Smurfs: great graphics and music 4- Bob is Going Home: love the music and gameplay 5- Mr. Postman: Very cute + Fun challenge 6- Superman: flying and putting villains in prison
  2. going to sleep, after playing around with a fake mockup not possible on the 2600 because of the intersecting colors (let´s say it´s a super 2600 ;D) - portrayed here, is the 70´s Japanese super hero Spectreman with one of his enemy monsters... second screenshot resembles more how it would really be (except I know the monster is wider than 8, although maybe a ball or missile could fill in) + you should not give them multi color if they are going to fight, for when they swing their legs it will be weird as the colors would be out of place... sad the 2600 was so limited, cause I like its colors and LEGO like graphics!
  3. Ok, I know the lines are 8 "color clocks/pixels wide" and that they always appear on the left (don´t know if they are always black) The screenshot is from an Atari-esque engine I have made to help audio visual artists with no coding experience create an Atari 2600 looking game Question: So I can replicate the black lines correctly, can they be anywhere on that vertical 8x128 row? how many lines can I have? For example, at every new sprite after I already had the default 2 (player0 + 1?) Say I had a player3 and 4.... would that require 2 lines? can it be anywhere on the vertical row? what about if I make the famous 3 cloned players? do I need one line for "them" or 3? what if I have a stretched player? (oh I guess a stretched player kills your right to have more than 2 player sprites huh?) This may be the last look-alike thing I need for the engine to be complete as I have successfully implemented the famous flicker if more than 2 sprites are on the same scanline - find out more about my no programming engine here: https://aloan.neocities.org/atari_graphics_simplified.html You can make a game in one day with this thing!!! I did!!! Pigeon pooper in One day see the page, download and play!
  4. How could you all forget the mighty Bob is Going Home, which actually plays a real world composed music tune (A gospel hymn: What a Friend we Have in Jesus)?
  5. oh man! thank you all for the comments... I am sorry I don´t come here so much, which is a shame as my game seems to get the biggest praise here! gotta change that... but it is all about the "Getting used to" thing! I don´t know if you guys (and girls) know, but in my website I have lots of other 2600 related stuff like a DIY atari-esque (no coding necessary) engine, a playfield painter and even a new game called Pigeon Pooper.. you can check it all here: https://aloan.neocities.org/videogame.html Do check and play my Superman remastered game, you´ll love it! Zap! I will copy paste your suggestions to see what I can do... but your suggestions are towards the Akeni (see 3rd image) game correct? For those who don´t know Akeni is a remake of Cliffall but with some obvious differences...
  6. I just discovered about this game I guess yesterday! very excited! I love cargo trains and the keystone kapers game! I bet this will be my favorite game after the number One Pitfall 2 Lost Caverns. Can´t wait to see how he drew all the sprites using the stella sprite viewer!
  7. Hey friends! I was surprised by 000webhost closing my site so I am now on another host and you will find all my stuff there now. But I am still making the links working again tonight so all links should work much later tonight! here is my new digital home: https://aloan.neocities.org/
  8. Hey! well, well, well... after so many years of being hosted at 000webhost, today I was surprised by their greediness. They shut down my website. They said many people were accessing it and that violated their terms. So I am totally glad I had a second copy of the website on the Glorious (never had problems with) and Free Neocities host. So I will be working tonight on the Neocities version so as to update all the links and downloads so they work. Because before all links pointed to the 000webhost, which I will be removing tonight. So here is the new webpage (later tonight the download link will work again: https://aloan.neocities.org/atari_graphics_simplified.html
  9. Update today: added a color clock grid!!! to help you count the horizontal color clocks. Helpful when drawing double or quadruple sprites and drawing the playfield (mirrored or repeated) - link is on the page: http://aloan.site90.com/atari_graphics_simplified.html Now, all drawings are made in a white (canvas) background (as in a regular ms paint).
  10. Update today!!! now we have a graphical Menu from which to choose (via mouse) what drawing mode we want! so that made it speedier (instead of memorizing what number does what!) It's in Portuguese, as I first catered to my people! but here is the translation: FUNDO = background Cenario Repetido = Repeated playfield Cenario Espelhado = Mirrored playfield Personagem normal = normal size character (player) Personagem esticado 2x = 2x size character (player) Personagem esticado 4x = 4x size character (player) I have included both the mfa (editable file for the Fusion 2.5+ program) and the executable in the zip!
  11. Update today!!! now we have a graphical Menu from which to choose (via mouse) what drawing mode we want! so that made it speedier (instead of memorizing what number does what!)
  12. well, for those who have not seen yet, I got a tool that may be useful for artists: http://aloan.site90.com/atari_graphics_simplified.html
  13. Yes! I made one here: http://aloan.site90.com/atari_graphics_simplified.html
  14. I would like to join an Atari 2600 whatsapp group! is there anyone out there? (link)
  15. ok ok ok (trembling hands) it has been years, so bear with me.... These colors..... these colors...... Have I been wrong all along? listen...... The very "white" is supposed to be ECECEC..... uhhhhh.... correct? "yours" come up as EDEDED and most if not all other colors do not match the palette below. I mean, your colors are beautiful, I mean, these colors. They are so nice and colorful. But take a look at the palette I always thought is the right one right here: If yours is the right one (I mean I have looked over the net and saw many palettes which end up being this one right here!) then I will switch mine to the one on this post! (NTSC)... maybe "your" palette is not the Atari 2600 palette? I never heard of Altirra before, maybe that palette is Altirra's whatever it is, lol ;D
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