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I'm female, I'm 43, I'm an Atari enthusiast. Nuf said.



  1. 130XE in bigtower
    • Internal eightlinked 600XL with 64kB working in co-processor mode or preload buffer or as secundary screen
    • Switchable 256kB/64kB Ramdisk (Both work independently and can be switched live)
    • 10 OS chip with thumbwheel selector (Including Omnimon, Omniview, Q-Meg V3 and Supermon)
    • 1050 drive with Speedy DS, switchable slow/fast operation mode and Write-protect switch on toggle-pushbutton, Drive-open autoboot switch for Bibodos and HSS sector copier
    • Centronics compatible printer interface
    • Built in Alphasys Sampler (max 8 bits @ 40kHz)
    • External Dual Eightlink port.

[*]Stock 800XE

[*]Another stock 800XE

[*]Atari Lynx (Type I)

Peripherals: Joystick, Paddles, Touch Tablet, ST mouse, Trackball, Alphasys Copy Cartridge (8kB Static Ram cartridge with battery backup and read-only/write mode switch).


Latest MOD project: Dual 256kB Switchable ROMdisk.

Status: Put on hold after burning out main board with 12Volts. Gonna be a freaking pain getting the 130XE board back to working order.

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