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  1. I've been following this thread for years. I guess this project is dead?
  2. I don't know if you got your coupon yet. But if you ask a manager nicely at the service desk they will comp you a coupon. They punch in their code in the register, and it prints a 20% off single item coupon on a register tape. Then then you go to the cashier with it.
  3. Hi Guys. I finally found one last unit tonight in a Bed Bath And Beyond. Over the past week or so, Ive been in a bunch of stores. They're always sold out. So I got the only unit I could find. The display and sound on mine seem weird. The display has an annoying polarized effect when looking dead on. If I hold it slightly to the left or right the screen looks good. But looking straight on, it hurts my eyes. The sound is good and loud but makes a humming noise an other noises, like ther's a short or something. Sometimes it clicks and clacks like there's a hard drive in there. Are they all like this, or did I get a beat one? Other than that, it seems great. The controls and buttons are precise. It has a quality feel to it. I read some complaints about the sound being cheap or tinny. Aside from the hum and clicks. To me, it sounds as good as my NDS.
  4. Is there a final, or latest version ROM of this? Looks good.
  5. I got the rom somewhere, but it's one of those game that the happenings on the screen seem kinda random. I'm not ready to dismiss it as just another crappy, barely playable game yet.
  6. Is there a manual for this game floating around? I see pictures around the web of the cover but no scans or even text anywhere.
  7. If they weren't in such a rush to market with so much garbage, it's amazing what could have been with the 2600 back in the day. With games like this and Space Rocks, and that other Mars game, there's no reason why Atari couldn't have competed with later consoles.
  8. Hi Guys. I have no idea where to ask this question. When I go to my profile, how do I read my older posts? I don't see any setting in user control panel/dashboard. The way its set now, I only see about a year of posts. Thanks, Rocco.
  9. Can I have a link to the final ROM for Astro Blaster? Is it post #320? Thanks
  10. All new. never played by human hands....Nice. The other day I bought a boxed stick on ebay. It was in the last packaging atari used, silver with the red band across it. The seller assured me it was unused, and tht's how he had it listed "Vintage, Never Used". He had (0) feedback. I figured I'd take a gamble, being that Ebay now issues refunds practically no questions asked. I'm hoping it's at least the controller that belongs in the box, and it has the revised inner stick. It was only $24 with the shipping. If it's not what he says it is, I'll get a refund anyway. How do you start an Ebay business on zero feedback? For the first 250 items or so, you'll have low bidding resulting in low sale prices, or you have to give your stuff away on BuyItNow. We started an Amazon businss last year. Feedback really didn't apply to us, we went the FBA route. Almost anytime we get a bad feedback Amazon will reverse it, because they handle ordering, shipping and customer service. They also inspect our items before they're entered to inventory. 9 times out of 10, our poor FB is a postal problem, customer didn't read discripton, ordered wrong item and is pissed. or is trying to scam something.
  11. Cool. If you want a really good firing spring. try to find the the pyramid shaped one. I don't know exactly where I got it from. It either came out of a vintage Gemini or one of those cheap modern retrobit sticks they sell on Ebay. I don't now what makes it work so much better than the atari straight springs, but it does. I rebuilt two. one with an atari spring, one with the other. It seems to me, a big difference. I would have really liked to get one of those upgraded handles though. Oh well. maybe eventually somebody will repro them. I also have another thread, trying to get a better picture. I did a composite job. It made no difference. And now, reading through the threads. It seems composite is really just for convenience, and not much of an upgrade. It definitely isn't worth 2 hours of my time. I'm now looking into s-video. I would like to get a decent picture so I can get an Harmony cart. But if the picture I'm getting is as good as it gets, I'll stick with emulation. To be honest, I really don't see any difference in emulation. than real hardware.
  12. A) When I said "relocate", I should have said reposition. As in: When the domes gradually slide out of proper location under the tape. Sorry for using a less precise term. (but I think you knew exactly what I meant) B) I got the old ones on the left, I WANTED the ones on the right. As I previously stated, Brad told me he was out of the LAST ORIGINAL ATARI REVISION (one one the right). C) Please don't start your responses with "Ummm". It's obnoxious. I'm an adult, and I feel like I'm talking to petulant 12-year old girl. I can actually see your eyes rolling when I read it. And to top it all off you added nothing to the thread.
  13. got that right. the sound is much better. Maybe you're right and I'm remembering wrong. Maybe it was RF and composit were close, and S-video was the big step up. It's been a few years since I've handled anything other than HDMI. I'm not into any other consoles. I play a few emulators when the mood hits me.
  14. Yeah, that mod looks great, Stereo and brightness and contrast adjustments. That's my complaints with the mod I got. the picture is too dark
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