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  1. Speaking of BIOSes, Dan Kramer might be encouraged to sell his BIOSes with their custom boot screens. There's pics of them on the old CyberRoach website... Not exactly functional but they are interesting and an historical footnote...
  2. And I'd guess Namco's/Tengen's version of RBI Baseball on the NES probably clocks in-between 64K and 128K and blows them both away. If 7800 RealSports Baseball is 64K, then that Soviet spy ring that we all though Davey and Jack Flack defeated back in early 1984 was still operating into the late 1980s after all. The game was all right. I bought it brand new back in the day. I think I paid $14.99 at Toys R Us for it. It was one of the few games that they had in stock before Federated did. But it wasn't as fun as the primitive original on the 2600. That cheat the 2600 version had where you could steal bases like you were The Flash was so funny and so awesome. I figured it out and never shared it with my dad and it pissed him off so much that he stopped playing any 2600 games after that.
  3. What about a Y Adapter Cable so you can have another controller also connected at the same time? And will they both work together or is it a one-or-the-other situation?
  4. Thanks for clarifying. I thought it might've been the emulator. Round One likes to start all over again a lot. Glad to know that's the progress of the design currently. It looks fantastic and plays well even on a keyboard via OpenEmu.
  5. Sears Super Arcade II? TandyVision II? I'm reminded of how much a lot of us as kids hated all of those different variants, especially Sears re-labelling 2600 games and now a lot of those variants are highly sought after amongst collectors today. The Tandy [Radio Shack] version of the Intellivision console was probably the best looking version of it.
  6. Add another vote for the homebrew game Downfall that's on a lot of Atari platforms [Falcon030, Jaguar, etc]. It's simple, fun, and addictive. It would be cool to have a family-friendly FPS like MIDI Maze/FaceBall 2000. It hasn't been seen on a *modern* console since the 16-bit console wars. What about Warlords? Or is [air quotes] Atari [end air quotes] keeping that IP strictly for the VCS? Maybe take Fred to Taco Bell for lunch and then he'll license it for the Amico. Tempest 4000 is pretty dope on the Xbox One. It most likely could run on the Amico - and strikes me as a good fit - since Txk could run on a PS Vita. If Jeff Minter isn't already involved, it would surprise me because this seems like it's totally up his alley.
  7. Since circa 2005 when Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht started up Diggnation.
  8. ComLynx is what's really missing for Lynx emulation on other platforms. I'd love to buy up a bunch of cheap PSPs and then get USB-to-ComLynx cables so Lynxes and PSPs could be linked together for games like SlimeWorld. Fine, for the PSP, it would need a USB Mini-to-USB adapter and then USB-to-ComLynx but you get my point.
  9. That game is also great on Atari 8-bit. Would love to see a 5200 conversion, not to mention modding the game into Roadblasters on those systems. Sorry, had to chime in there. Back to the scheduled programming.
  10. Fanboi or fancuck at this point? And to think the Big N gave him major grief on that book of his and he still comes back for more...
  11. My Lynx appears to be shot. So onto OpenEMU on the iMac. Selecting SubZero picks Scorpion. Does this happen on a real Lynx or is this an emulation issue?
  12. Lynxpro

    Rikki & Vikki

    Not just sound. The cartridge slot can support external CPUs and of course RAM. Atari Inc probably would've tried stuffing the Amiga Lorraine chipset via module into it as a means of getting 7800 owners to move up to the 16-bit Mickey console which would've shipped Christmas 1985 had Atari Inc remained a single unified company and successfully thwarted Amiga's double-cross.
  13. Well, for them being inexperienced, I think they did a good job in spite of all of the troubles. The game definitely could've used the Blitter or a faster CPU. Based upon various YouTube videos, it scrolls fast on an ST with a 16 Mhz 68000. Which should move it up to near the arcade level of speed considering its 68010 isn't clocked that high and the fact the ST doesn't have the graphical abilities of the arcade board's chips. But I would've definitely taken Gauntlet [IV] or Gauntlet II by Tengen or Tengen approved coders on the Jaguar back in the day...
  14. How Edison Carter of you. Is Network 23 giving you a bad holiday break? May I suggest changing the channel to Big Time Television instead?
  15. I don't recall if that's @playsoft 's latest version or not...
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