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  1. Nega-TiVo. Joe Decuir was asked that very question over in one of the Atari Facebook groups and he said "no". Surprisingly. But then again, as he contended, even the Atari 800D - the rare developer's version of the Atari 800 - had 2 MC6850s for their own serial ports separate from SIO. But it was a surprise since Mr. Decuir has patents related to USB 2.0 and Firewire. He's not a fan of USB 1.x.
  2. Not to take the topic completely off the rails but what totally transformed Quake II wasn't the CPU used but popping in a Diamond Monster 3D Voodoo 1 board into a PC. That was like the difference between Star Raiders on the 2600 and Star Raiders on the ST. I was totally blown away, and so was my 133MHz Pentium. And also Atari related - even though it was the separate Atari Games Corp aka the "Real Atari" as they liked to legitimately claim - since 3dfx was used in some of the later Atari Games coin-ops...
  3. Early in the ST's life, the Tramiel's promised that once DRI finished GDOS, it would be implemented into TOS ROMs. The claim was made in Antic/STart. But it never happened. I suspect Atari Corp's lawyers concluded that it would be considered an update DRI had done and thus put TOS in Apple Legal's crosshairs. After all, Atari Corp never tried upgrading GEM with DRI code mostly because they'd have to modify the Trash Can icon and other look-and-feel features in the GUI had they done so which DRI agreed to as part of their legal settlement with Apple. It was around the same time that Atari Corp also promised easy official Blitter upgrades to the early 520STs and 1040STs once the chips were manufactured in sufficient numbers. And they never brought to market an official PCB for the early STs...
  4. You're probably right... marginal improvement [but an improvement!]. It would've probably done more for Doom and Quake. I seem to recall FPU performance in Quake basically killing Cyrix as a CPU manufacturer...
  5. Lynxpro

    RAM chips

    But it wasn't really analog RGB output, was it? My understanding was that it was whatever SCART's version of Composite was.
  6. Wouldn't this be an example of a game that would benefit from the use of a 68881/68882 FPU? I could swear Wolfenstein 3D on the PC ran better on an Intel 486DX than on a 486SX...
  7. I know the MC6850s were used for MIDI in the ST but those chips were used elsewhere for serial/RS232. From my understanding, there's little difference between the MC6850 and the MOS/Synertek/Rockwell 6551. Unless I'm misremembering, the 6551 in the Apple Super Serial Card II for the Apple II could do about 120Kbps. And Rockwell had a version of that chip which was basically 2 - or 3 - built into a single chip. Joe Decuir said that the Atari 800D - the limited developer version - had 2 MC6850s for serial transfer of programs but didn't remember exactly why they went with the Motorola solution over the 6551 from a variety of other chipfab company choices...
  8. That just goes to show that the Amiga should've had a next-gen SIO port in it and not allowed Commodore to insist upon using those crummy CIA chips in their system. Should'a had a PIA. And a Fajita Pita for good measure...
  9. That looks like my secondary 7800 I have as my profile pic. It wasn't shipped that way; the ex did that. I think I'll take a soldering iron to it and the broken pieces. Maybe do something to emphasize the cracks like that ancient Japanese art of using gold to mend broken items. Sans the gold.
  10. Lynxpro

    RAM chips

    On the subject of the riser card, did the French models have a riser board for SCART? Maybe I'm confusing what I've seen before in pics elsewhere with these RAM risers. Odd.
  11. Indicative of me not caring about what you like or dislike so I didn't check to see if you were the person I was replying to previously. After discovering you weren't that person after all, I must say, at least that previous post had substance to it.
  12. I couldn't care less what you personally like or love. And the feeling's mutual because who'd want to buy an Average512K Upgrade board that you seem to be advocating for?
  13. GDOS in ROM. Like the Tramiels promised and failed to deliver [much like easy Blitter upgrades they also promised in circa 1987]. ATASCII. A PokeyMAX driver.
  14. Did I claim it was pin compatible? No. It would have to be via a PCB. Or maybe a cartridge based PCB like the B.A.T. PokeyMAX started out as a POKEY replacement due to the chips becoming scarce but then it was decided to expand its capabilities to what Atari Coin/Atari Games used in the arcades... Quad POKEY... 16 POKEY channels like in the Atari Star Wars arcade games. And then Dual SID was added. Then Covox. And then PSG [AY/YM2149]. And yes, it can replace the POKEY in the A8 for its non audio responsibilities. For those desiring the Atari ST to have more, well, "Atari" ish DNA inside of it, this would be a means of doing so. The creator of the project even wants to add AMY support - you know, the audio chip that was supposed to have been used by the ST from the start - if he ever receives one of the mythical finished AMY chips designed by Sight+Sound or decent schematics and code. That's a big if since the Sight+Sound folks maintain everything was destroyed in a mysterious warehouse fire that they allegedly implied government intelligence agencies set.
  15. You're talking 512K in response to me citing 8MB and 16MB. Do not display such weakness to the Commoders and the Woznians. Weakness belongs to the Sinclarist door stops, not to the grand Atari Force.
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