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  1. Lynxpro

    Rikki & Vikki

    I watch The 8-bit Guy but he's not going to pimp anything hard unless it's Commodore-related. MetalJesusRocks - and hopefully The Immortal John Hancock in the same video - would pimp the shiznet out of it. MetalJesus would also mention the Windows version too; he'd probably be completely amazed that you wrote your own 7800 emulator just to play the game on Windows...and he'd mention that if the community wants to see the game on the Switch that the Windows version needs to sell more...
  2. I wonder if micro switches would still be beneficial. I really like the couple of videos on YouTube of folks adding micro switches to the Sega Genesis game pads.
  3. We should've had the entire Atari Games Corp library on the Jag. An arcade-perfect Gauntlet II done as well as Atari Games/Tengen did with Gauntlet [iV] on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive would've been a far better pack-in than Cybermorph. It would've also sold a sh*t-tonne of Team Tap Adapters. Like with the Lynx, MIDI Maze should've been licensed even before work on the console began. It was such a slap in the face when BPS licensed it as Faceball 2000 and ported it to just about every non-Atari console available at the time. That would be just for starters. I'd still love to see an enhanced version of Starball made for the Jag...
  4. There was an interest in better audio. The Tweety Board sold well. And folks with disposable money bought the Roland MT-32 just to play Sierra's titles with the best audio available...
  5. Amazing. Yeah, it boggles my mind that there wasn't a Dual YM2149 board for the ST going back to around the time Practical Peripherals released their "Tweety" board. There's Dual YM2149 boards for other computers that used the AY/YM chip. Hell, the Apple II line had Mockinboards with Dual AY chips on them a good 2 or 3 years before the 520ST was even released. And with those, they could have 2 Mockingboards connected together for 4 AY/YM chips.
  6. Since the 2600 version is completed but you're working on a 7800 version, if you incorporated support for the AtariVox, it would be even more similar to the TI-99 4/A original. I know that's the one thing that about the original that makes it stand apart from Defender and Scramble in my book.
  7. Funny; I was discussing this subject with my cousin last week since he paints and solders and he was interested in side projects for some cash. We were discussing painting CX40 joysticks to match the various color schemes of the different Atari computers. All gray - like the "rare" official XEGS versions - to match the ST and XE lines; the "tan" color - or whatever that color is, cream-ish? - of the XLs on the sides [but leave the top black]; and the "beige" of the 400/800s... Which reminds me... the first person who I ever saw do custom paint jobs to [Atari] computers and equipment was Jay Pierstorff in his Atari computer store - called "Computer Safari" -in nearby Woodland, CA. He'd custom paint STs, especially with a "safari" motif [zebra stripes]... I wish I had pics of them.
  8. Was Super Sprint/Championship Sprint released for A8? I know the C64 got one of them. That was during the post Atari Inc breakup where some of the Atari Games/Tengen/Domark/US Gold titles did make it to A8 [like Gauntlet] while others didn't... And didn't someone port the arcade original version of Indy 500/Sprint to A8? I vaguely remember that being a big deal since they also used the 2600 Driving Controller with it. I guess one would have to do a "Driving Controller" mod to a CX52 - like the Paddle Mods - for the CX52 if that was ultimately ported to the 5200.
  9. Don't forget about software sprites! The limitations are probably due to cart size and GCC not really going the extra mile on the coding. After all, Warner didn't nickname them "The Toaster" for nothing. What's that one really impressive - yet similar - racing game on A8? The Great American Cross Country Road Race? There you go. Convert/transport it over to the 5200 and bankswitch the memory and Bob's your uncle. Hell, mod that game into RoadBlasters. I'm surprised that hasn't already been done on the A8 eons ago. Now, as for Pole Position, and what I'd also want to see from The Great American Cross Country Road Race/Roadblasters ported to the 5200, would be the codes for the Trak-Ball Controller. Dan Kramer had GCC add Trak-Ball Controller support to 5200 Pole Position because he was going to build a Steering Wheel/Shifter/Pedals controller for the 5200. Of course, playing the game with a converted 5200 Paddle - like with Pole Position - would be an awesome experience. Edit: Leech beat me to it. Needless to say, this idea has been in my head for awhile...
  10. Imagine a drop-in replacement PCB - well, a PCB in 4 parts - for the 5200's CX52 joystick.... not to work with a 7800 but to work better with the 5200! You've missed your calling, Danth Wader!
  11. Pics and links are appreciated...
  12. It would've been more expensive and would've required a larger ROM but the best OS combo Atari Corp could've went with was MicroWare OS-9 with DRI's GEM running atop it. It's a shame MicroWare and DRI didn't merge. Microsoft even tried to acquire MicroWare but MicroWare rejected their offers. Amigans can chime in all they want to about MetaComCo's Trip-OS/AmigaOS but OS-9 was multitasking and multiuser at the same time. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be on the radar of either Atari Inc or the successor Atari Corp, at least until OS-9 was later ported to the ST.
  13. It might've been Best Electronics since whomever the dealer was, they had acquired a lot of Atari Inc stuff dirty cheap from Atari Corp. So I was also able to buy a lot of metal pins of various Atari arcade games from the same dealer. Or maybe they were different. I can't remember. There's very little information on the net from searching for "World of Atari" show in 1989... In 1989, it was fair to say there was very little support for anything related to the 5200 so an Atari computer dealer had a definite interest in buying up as many 5200 carrying cases dirt cheap, cutting them so an ST could fit inside them, and then sell them for a decent markup. They certainly didn't sell them with the box included. I think I paid $20 - $30 for it. I doubt I paid less than $20.
  14. Lynxpro

    Rikki & Vikki

    Because.... PROFIT!
  15. Lynxpro


    Anyone have an XBoard and a PokeyONE to test it with? [ducks!]
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