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  1. What? I highly doubt GCC coded the C64 version, thus it's not a port of the 7800 version.
  2. Stuff like this makes me wonder if the AtariVox could run on the [extremely slow/low bandwidth] Expansion Port. Sending signals to it should be as meager as sending instructions to a LaserDisc player which was the actual purpose of that port... Then again, a micro-controller on Joystick Port 2 should be able to resolve such issues if the games are programmed for it. After all, Atari/GCC had a proprietary chip to handle such activity on the unreleased 7800 Keyboard that would've plugged in there and actually offered a fully-functioning SIO port w/o even using a PIA chip, according to Curt.
  3. You have the POKEY music already for Zanac or Xevious? Mind you, there already is a POKEY version of Xevious in the form of the 5200 version of the game. I didn't see anyone reference it earlier in this ancient thread.
  4. Certain parts of Europe, apparently.
  5. I really dislike the Video61 "7800 Trak-Ball" modded CX80s. They aren't real 7800 Trak-Balls, meaning they won't automatically do Trak-Ball mode in the commercial release of 7800 Centipede. There's no 2 Fire Button 7800 Trak-Ball games [Crack'ed hasn't been modded to support Trak-Balls, and not that it would even work well with the buttons spaced out so far away unless you had 3 hands].
  6. Ask BigO to contribute. He's added switches to the switchless CX22s, he's made them work with the ST as a Mouse replacement, etc. Hell, he took a CX53 and modded it to work as an ST Mouse and he modded the Wico trackball to output gray code so it would do native Trak-Ball mode.
  7. <Cough> <Cough> Not produced in well over a decade or more, doesn't have any XM/XBoard features, etc. <Cough> <Cough>
  8. Dan didn't design the CX80; he designed the CX22 and the CX53. Atari Inc's Home Computer Division designed the CX80 based upon his CX22 and they made it match the XL line more. And to be a completist on the discuss, GCC took the CX22 and designed their own Trak-Ball for the 7800 but it was never released. Code for it is actually in the commercial 7800 Centipede release. Dan has reviewed GCC's schematics and said he didn't think it would've been cost-effective for 1984-86. The late Kenfused wrote the code for the CX22 and the CX80 to work in 7800 Centipede which is implemented in the 7800 Centipede-TB that AtariAge sells in their store. It wasn't really any of Atari Inc's management that dictated which games had native Trak-Ball support. Dan asked GCC to add support for the CX53 into 5200 Pole Position and other titles they were coding for the 5200. The other thing was that even before the CX22, CX53, and CX80 were designed, Dan built custom Trak-Ball controllers for his coworkers and programmers at Atari Inc. Consumer Division. They had their own version of 3-Base Missile Command for the Atari 8-bit computers which supported 3-fire button Trak-Balls. Here's the one Dan kept: [Edit: Damn it, where did the option to link directly to a user's photo library on this site go to?]
  9. Nolan Bushnell sold Atari Inc to Warner in 1976. Warner sold the assets of Atari Inc's Consumer Division to Jack Tramiel's Tramel Technology Ltd. in July 1984. That became Atari Corp. Dan Kramer designed the CX22 with the switch to support native Trak-Ball mode from the start. Atari didn't go back and add native Trak-Ball mode to 2600 games because in 1983, they were too concerned with the company not going down the drain since the industry was crashing at that point and Commodore was also hitting everyone with their 8-bit computer price war at the same time. They were in survival mode. Native Trak-Ball mode was heavily pushed on the 5200 games standard especially since Dan's CX53 Trak-Ball controller was - and is - considered to be the ultimate accessory Trak-Ball controller for any console to this day.
  10. You can add the switch to the switchless "Atari 2600" CX22s. AtariAge User BigO has done it before.
  11. Why on Earth do folks cling to the request to play 2600 games on these 7800 SD projects? Get a HARMONY or an UNO for that. Let these projects purely support the complicated 7800 as it is, and maybe incorporate a couple of things the XM would've tackled. That's enough complexity right there.
  12. Yuck. An NES Advantage would be nice on titles that didn't use analog support. As for an NES gamepad, I'd say the NES Max if it was modded to have an [analog] thumbstick that worked.
  13. Well, this is good news. I check back in here after a few months after Dr. Venkman mentioned there was an update [communication with the chap]. And we definitely need a lot more good news to balance out the passings of John Skrutch and Curt Vendel in the past two months.
  14. Someone with more street cred might have different results. Don't give up so easily...
  15. Go for 4-players since the Lynx version added the Rat character...
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