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  1. Someone with more street cred might have different results. Don't give up so easily...
  2. Go for 4-players since the Lynx version added the Rat character...
  3. The point would be to successfully engage in communication with him to gauge his interest and discover what he has. The Antic Podcast interview didn't ask him about his claims since they didn't correspond to the Atari 8-bit line, unfortunately. The squeaky wheel sometimes gets the oil. Especially when it doesn't have a defeatist attitude from the start.
  4. Damn. For the size of that board, they should've thrown in extra RAM and/or a socket for a 68020 or 68030...
  5. Was the DMA audio sourced from the Amiga version?
  6. Well, since this is a dead-end, how about someone contact "Glenn the 5200 Man" and inquire about the 7800 protos he claimed he has in his possession during his Antic Podcast interview? Based upon his Twitter account, he's an Amiga fan so maybe there's some trade bait he might be interested in... Assuming what he claimed is true. He could be sitting on 7800 Track & Field or Elevator Action. Or, he could be completely mistaken...
  7. Crossbow? Well, the 5200 doesn't have the hardware to support light guns and light pens so the best way to do that would be to port the XE Game System version over to the 5200, get it to work with bankswitching due to the lack of 64K standard RAM [and/or support a hypothetical easy RAM upgrade], and throw in Trak-Ball support. There's already a port of Battlezone but I'm not sure about it supporting dual joysticks. And the XE Game System also has a version of Dark Chambers to port over. For 2600 ports to the 5200, I'd like to see Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars - Jedi Arena. Maybe throw in G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike.
  8. That's Dan Kramer's custom 3-button from back-in-the-day. We played A8 3-Base Missile Command - coded by Rob Zydbel (sic) - with it. The 2 extra fire buttons use the Paddle Lines for support. I'm not aware of any new versions of Missile Command being released. Tep392 mentioned on The Facebook the other day that he's been hacking the A8 Missile Command+ hack for 3 bases and 3 buttons but it hasn't been released. Dan and I talked yesterday about the best method for implementing a 3rd button on the CX53. Using the keypad would be the easiest but it would be cumbersome. He thought perhaps pressing both fire buttons at the same time might be an option. It would require extra hardware but I think my preference would be using something like the Atari Track & Field Controller - but wired up for the 5200 - in combination with the CX53. But it's all moot until 3-Base Missile Command and/or Tep's hack of hacked Missile Command+ is converted/released. Or both. 3-Base Missile Command also had custom title screens to it that Rob Zydbel (sic) would customize with the person's name, since it was disk based. To implement that for the 5200 would require an EEPROM or in case of the ROM file, supporting such writing via the AtariMax SD Cart.
  9. Paul Laughton, who headed Fox Video Games, posts in the "Vintage Computer Federation" group on Facebook. He popped into a programming discussion about the TI-99 4/A being the hardest to program for while also mentioning how they developed for the Atari 2600, the A8s, and the C64. He mentioned he wasn't aware of any lost/unfinished games after their division was shut down because he had moved on to his own voicemail startup company. Sounds like he'd be an interesting interview if he hasn't been interviewed already...
  10. Ah, so your conversion is from that version? I'm guessing Atari Corp didn't enhance it any for the XEGS release... then again, they had newer versions of Crystal Castles and Mario Bros. made, oddly enough...
  11. Properly-played is an opinion. Sure, those arcade titles were created with specific controllers in the arcades but that doesn't mean the home conversions were designed to be properly-played with those types controllers. And for the 5200, they were designed for the analog joystick with Trak-Ball support being added once management had signed off on Dan Kramer designing a Trak-Ball for release. 5200 Star Raiders was designed for use with the standard analog joystick. 5200 Pole Position was designed for use with the standard analog joystick but GCC included extra code for the Trak-Ball controller because Dan Kramer asked them to so he could also piggy-back off of the Trak-Ball Controller by the Driving Controller he was going to officially design - based upon Atari's steering wheel, shifter, and pedals used in their arcade version - but didn't get a chance to do so once Warner ordered Atari to discontinue the 5200. The game can also be used with the "paddles" but that's a happy side-effect of analog joystick support. Atari Inc's Consumer Engineering Division "made" their own 5200 Paddles but Atari itself never officially released any just as the Consumer Engineering guys rolled - pun intended - their own 3-button Trak-Balls to play 3-Base Missile Command on their Atari 8-bit computers in-house which still hasn't been released out into the wild. 5200 Star Wars the Arcade Game was designed with the analog joystick in mind, not a yoke. However, Atari Inc and Parker Bros. were discussing an updated version to support an Atari 5200 Yoke Controller that [once again] Dan Kramer was going to design based upon the arcade Star Wars Yoke. But again, that project was terminated because of Warner forcing Atari to discontinue the 5200. 5200 Tempest is designed for use with the standard analog joystick and the Trak-Ball. Of course, it can also be used by a spinner, whether home-made or the actual arcade cabinet's spinner hardwired into a 5200 Trak-Ball controller as was done by Dan Kramer at the last Davis Atari Party.
  12. Necromancer? Isn't that a 64K RAM-required XE Game System cartridge ROM originally? Crossbow with added Trak-Ball support would be killer on the 5200. Since the 5200 lacks the hardware to support light guns, of course. And I realize the XEGS version doesn't support Trak-Balls...
  13. I can't remember if this has been asked already - probably has - but what about RealSports Curling? [single or multiple Trak-Balls]. Dan Kramer was asking me about your game yesterday but I didn't know for sure...
  14. The Atari XG-1 was also sold in an OEM version in blank cardboard boxes at Commodore dealers here in the US for a bunch of Commodore 64 and Amiga light gun games. That really cheesed me off back in the day after discovering that since it was damn near impossible to buy the official XG-1 separate from the XE Game System. Atari Corp didn't seem to list it in their mail-order catalog listings, Toys R Us, Federated [the biggest surprise of all since Atari Corp owned them at that point], The Good Guys!, and KayBee didn't stock them. Same with the 7800 "Europads" and the later ST PowerPads [better known as JagPads]. I found them at a Commodore dealer stripped of the Atari logos but the Fuji logo was still on the plastic mold for the connector. I had no clue at the time if the game company selling them for their Commodore light gun games had changed any of the internals and the Commodore dealer wasn't going to guarantee it would work and didn't have a friendly return policy so my 13 year old self opted not to chance $20 over it. In retrospect, I should've since it would've worked and Crossbow would've been a lot more fun... Point is, if you want the XG-1, you might be able to find these OEM versions being sold as "Commodore" light guns on ePay for a lower price than searching for an "Atari" [key word] light gun.
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