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  1. Don't use a Commodore power supply on a Commodore either! I do think power supplies would be a good thing to add to this mini-guide. The USB power cable adapters are pretty cool.
  2. The thing that bugs me about emulators is the lack of ability of ComLynxing the systems together, either with themselves or with real Lynxes. Just imagine if you could take a PSP/Vita, GPX or other Linux based hand-held, a DS/2DS/3DS or the eventual Switch, and then go USB-to-ComLynx with real Lynxes and then play Warbirds or Slime World together... That would be epic. I guess I was fortunate in my youth to have been a member of a local Atari [ST] User's Group where we had a lot of Lynx owners and we'd ComLynx up after the end of the group's general business. Oh how I loved dropping the MegaBomb on everyone in the caverns of Slime World.
  3. Why'd you write "pestered" there? If that's the programmer of 7800 Paperboy, he was the one who came forward and said he had written it and it was completed after the SMS version which had been designed by his coworker who he sat directly next to. He was the one who said it was better than the SMS version - or at least as good as, not counting the most likely sub-standard TIA audio, of course - and that he still had it on an Atari ST formatted disc in his attic and that he would try to retrieve it and that was the last any of us heard on the subject some 3 or 4 years ago. That had really fired us up in the 7800 community since that cherished Atari Games title is loved more than Toki. Especially since had the original Atari Inc survived, Paperboy would've been one of the first titles that Atari Inc would've released in 1985 for the 7800, whether coded in-house or by GCC.
  4. Lynxpro


    That doesn't sound - no pun intended - right. If Shiraz Shivji could get the YM2151 working on the 8 MHz motherboard of the prototype Atari Corp RBP/ST back in 1984, why can't they do the same in 2019?
  5. It certainly sounds similar to the AY-3-8910/YM2149. I bet there were a few arcade games that actually used it. The Japanese companies certainly liked the AY and the Z80...
  6. Hmmm. I don't think Dalek Attack has been ported to the Jag yet. If I recall, the Amiga and later PC versions did look better than the ST version. And had more audio samples. Me thinks it would play better with the JagPads than the single fire button action on the ST. There's enough Whovians on here that can sprite edit so that Doctors 8-12 could be added. So long as Eight is dressed like McGann's appearance in Night of The Doctor or his Dark Eyes Big Finish covers.
  7. Nobody in the press though Fight For Life was anywhere close to Virtua Fighter or Tekken. And I don't recall Tal making such a claim either. Most of their claims were that the Jag was more powerful than the 3DO and the Jag was being held back due to the lack of the CD-ROM as standard. They were hoping for the JagDuo to be released and the JagII after that. 3DO was also banking upon the M2 to save them against Sony's unprecedented onslaught. Sony steamrolled them all. But in hindsight, that should've been expected with Sony's billion dollar attack plan.
  8. Tal isn't The Liard. He worked at Atari Corp. He was a play-tester who had hands-on access to alpha games. His word should mean more than the average joe's. Don Thomas, John Skruch, and/or Bill Rehbock could probably back up his claim. Or maybe Leonard Tramiel could over on Facebook... "Why hold back a killer app?" That's easy to explain. Atari Corp didn't have the license. Programmers - whether we're talking the original bad boys of Atari Inc or Atari Corp, as well as plenty of other companies - do things all the time that they aren't authorized to do. Someone probably got ahold of code from another platform through one way or another, ported it, and got some of it to run just for the play-testers to toy with it and probably to show Sam to fire him up about it being possible to run on the Jag and to encourage him on to get the license from WMS. Hell, some of the programmers at WMS could've done it as a tease to get Atari Corp to cough up more money for the license. And then once the negotiations fell through, the port was deliberately deleted/lost/whatever. Obviously, someone should've taken screen shots and leaked it to the press to fire up the Jaguar owners so they could've pestered WMS with a letter writing campaign or something. I'm reminded of Dan Kramer's exploits in Atari Inc Consumer Engineering during the glory days. He wanted his CX53 Trak-Ball Controller to be used by both right and left handed players. Management only wanted to produce one model and that model would've had the trak-ball itself mounted to a single side. So when it came to the final demo to management, Dan absconded with the models he didn't want produced, took them home, and then only showed management the model he wanted produced. And that's how that happened...by doing things he wasn't supposed to do.
  9. Well, the Intellivision is pretty weak-sauce. Just imagine had Atari gone with their original plan and released a console version of the Atari 400 in 1979 - to replace the VCS/2600 - even before Mattel started test-marketing the Intellivision... But I digress...
  10. I loved that game. I collected aluminum cans throughout the neighborhood so I could purchase it... Sure, it was limited by the 4K size but at least the 2600 had an official release. Parker Bros didn't release it - or Jedi Arena - for the Atari 5200 and Atari 8-bits. They did make an Intellivision version of ESB and apparently, there's now a homebrew version for the Colecovision. Maybe those versions have extras in them...
  11. Sounds like your sister needs a Harmony or Uno cart for her 2600! My kids get super-competitive with Warlords and Outlaw. They're 8 and 7. And yes, they play modern games on their Nintendo Switch, their iPads, and the Xbox One... Along with educational software on their iPads, I did start them out with an Atari Flashback 2 when they were 2-3 years old... And for a while, my son was obsessed with Adventure, whether on the Flashback 2 or on the Flashback collection on the Xbox One. He'd also load up videos on YouTube on how to play the game. Both of the kids loved the Atari references in the Ready Player One film. I get the feeling they liked telling their classmates that they had actually played those games before...
  12. It's amusing to read people advocating for the AY-3-8910 when the YM2149 has such a bad reputation for providing "inferior" audio on the Atari ST. Both chips do the same exact audio. The only advantages are that the AY is cheap and that it's used across so many different systems: Intellivision, Vectrex, one of the Spectrum door stops, Amstrad, the Apple II Mockingboards [up to Quad configuration], the Atari ST via the YM2149, etc. I'm not sure...is the TI chip in the Colecovision AY compatible? And how much is the Bup chip in comparison?
  13. Do not blaspheme about using POKEYs from 5200s in 7800 cartridges. There's plenty of us in Team 52 that will need said POKEYs to replace our existing ones if they go bad or if 5200 homebrews and hacks start supporting Dual POKEY like some of the modern games on A8...
  14. Lynxpro


    Kudos if the PokeyMAX works. If I'm not mistaken, that can replicate Quad POKEY audio... Which means if it worked, and if/when the XM is released, it should be able to come close to Atari Coin/Games' best arcade audio... Quad POKEY and the YM2151. Granted, Atari Games also had a TI speech synthesis chip and a 6502 to boss all of the audio chips around in addition to the main CPU. What I personally find amusing is that the Commander X16 homebrew project keeps on stating they're having problems getting the YM2151 to work on their project's 8 Mhz bus. As if it isn't fast enough. I mean WTF? I seriously doubt the XM's internal bus is faster than 1.79 MHz. Yamaha's MSX based music computer from 1985 probably wasn't 8 MHz. After the AMY didn't work out, Atari Corp planned on using the YM2151 on the ST's 8 MHz bus but Yamaha wouldn't sell them the chip. And I'd wager that not all of Atari Games', Sega's, Capcom's, or most of the other coin-op companies' arcade games had 8 MHz busses...
  15. More proof that CyranoJ is awesome. Besides being an uber Atarian to the extreme, he's also a Duranie. Might he also be a classic Whovian to boot?
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