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  1. If I haven't asked this before, is there a list of programs for the ST/TT/Falcon that actually supports the 68881/2?
  2. It's too bad there wasn't a program or something that could take assembly code written for A8 and automatically change the mapping so that it would run on the 5200. Too bad the various A8/5200 emulators couldn't offer such a feature. Logically thinking, it would seem like an emulator would be the perfect program for that...
  3. You do know Atari Inc did plan on making a Colecovision Adapter for the 5200 that like the promised 7800 Adapter, it would've also ended up in that same case design. All Atari would've had to have done was clone the Colecovision's BIOS in a cleanroom since everything else about it is an assembled parts supply order.
  4. Compared to the sheer number of Atari 8-bit games that haven't been ported to the 5200, this is rather unimportant.
  5. From what I've heard, the AtariVox sounds like a Votrax and nothing similar to the clear speech synthesis of the TI chips. You'd be better off sampling the speech and having the TIA play it back but it would cost RAM and also CPU overhead. But the AtariVox would take up the 2nd Joystick Port and unless one was going for a conversion of NES Gauntlet, that wouldn't be very fun. Now if someone came up with a way to move the AtariVox over to the Expansion Port, or figured out a way to connect multiple joysticks to the Expansion Port, then you'd have a whole new ballgame. Since the Expansion Port was designed to control an external Laser Disc Player - like how they were also done on computers via RS232 - I've thought the basic joystick I/O would be doable much like the 2-Joystick Parallel Port Adapters that were available back in the day for the Atari ST and the Amiga... in order to play games like Gauntlet II [and Leatherneck]. Others have said that still wasn't possible, just like with the 5200's allegedly weak Expansion Port. Lately I've questioned that after seeing a major diagram over in one of the Atari 8-bit groups on Facebook that claimed the 5200 Expansion port could handle RAM, an ANTIC, POKEYs, a PIA, and other things generally thought to be impossible...
  6. Because I have 1, Curt told me he had one, and Curt and Dan both told me the NVGM has one.
  7. As for the 512K RAM comment, it wasn't common - at all - on the 7800 but you had Nintendo cramming RAM and large capacity ROMs on their NES carts of the same era. I don't know if the SMS carts had any RAM in them but some of their titles certainly did have 512K ROMs.
  8. It's a bit more than that. I can't remember if it was a single, Dual, or Quad POKEY in the Gauntlet arcade games. They also had the YM2151 and the TI Speech Synthesis Chip but they also had a 6502 dedicated to managing the audio chips and the coin slot while the 68010 was the main CPU.
  9. Was there any cross-chatter concerning the 7800 version... such as whether it made it past simply being listed on paper with a corresponding product code number assigned to it?
  10. Hey now.... in an alternate timeline, Atari's engineers invent e-cigs 2 decades before scheduled with James Morgan in charge of NATCO. He's the one who suggests using tobacco since Atari's engineers created it with a different plant in mind...
  11. Turn in your Atarian Membership Card... you're supposed to request Trak-Ball support. That's how we roll...
  12. With the PokeyMax on the scene, I'm surprised nobody is asking for the SID audio and samples from the C64 version to be added to the Impossible Mission hacks. That and all of the other stuff that was in the C64 version that's missing in the 7800 version...
  13. Citing The Liar'ed? Man, that's like if wegotthiscovereddotcom was a living person, but with more alleged mental illness.
  14. Why even question it? Look at Rikki & Vikki. The 7800 could've easily done Gauntlet. Sure, it wouldn't have been pretty like the arcade original or the Atari ST/Amiga versions but it wouldn't have been a flickering mess either since the MARIA handles sprites like a mad man. Rule of thumb: if the NES can do it graphically, so can the 7800. Just not as easily in terms of platformers. More colors and more onscreen sprites. Pitting the 7800 up against the Sega Master System in a mock title comparison is a much better thought exercise.
  15. It's more like GCC only had a certain amount of time to get the launch titles ready for Christmas 1984 and Missile Command wasn't a high priority for that original launch window. If there truly was port fatigue involved, the successor Atari Corp wouldn't have commissioned a version for the Atari ST. Or for the Lynx. Or for the Jaguar.
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