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  1. Reddit does have an atari vcs section without the tacos. Lots of good info there. https://www.reddit.com/r/AtariVCS/
  2. MuckDuck, I am not famaliar with ATari Age's forums management but if there is a way to move these to a new thread that would be fine. Maybe an Atari VCSii software thread. You could set it up. In pro boards the moderator can move messages around so am not sure what atari age uses. So this way people could talk about software for the VCSii.
  3. I got banned from the taco thread so it's here in the VCSii thread because it may be released on the VCSii. and You said the P word, not me.
  4. The top game of all time is Microsoft's Solidaire Klondike that came with every Windows copy. It's not 3D, has no SFX or graphics or whatever. I myself play games like: Zynga Spades every day, Sudoku, Chess, Hearts and an Android game called Scrambled Net. I also play a lot of MAME games from the 70s and 80s. But you know what? I have fun playing them. With a potential audience of 7 billion people there are always someone willing. Heck, there are people that watch Duck Dynasty and America's Got talent and shows like that. They make money. So I thank you for you opinion but I was really looking for data mining stats. I am contiplating if I should try to release several games on the Atari UI store or just stay on Steam (Linux). Thanks for your input.
  5. Muckduck Thanks for your input. That's the type of info I was looking for. I am in listening mode. The game will be out on Steam, play store, iTunes, amazon and windows store at the very least. - It actually is in 1920x1080 at 60FPS but was recorded really low rez and low frame rate. So it's not a pixel game. The characters are 256x256 or 512x512. In a pixel game they are lower such as 64x64. The backgrounds are 1024x1024. - The video is a gameplay video of the first 10 minutes. This is a trainer area. Once the game is nearing completion I will do trailer videos. Those are fast edited with music and are meant to sell an item. This video came about because a couple distributors wanted to see videos not pictures. Imagine if you watched a the first few minutes of Star Wars. Not to interesting. But watch a trailer and you want to go see it. - It'll be on Steam first. I hear you about $5. The distributor decides on the price point. The most number of games are $10 bell shaped curve for number of sales. Then they are $20 when talking about profits. When they go on sale they sell a hell of a lot more real fast. That's when people pick them up real cheap (I picked up Bit Evolution in the Steam summer sale for $3.50 and now it's $10 again). - It's almost universal that everyone wants a free download with a 1 time purchase and no ads. We have been to a number of trade shows having people fill out the forms and they all say that. People hate ads and microtransactions (but microtransactions make a crap ton of money). - The 2 characters were meant to be prototyping. You can get these cheap and see how they work before hiring people to make real ones. The crazy thing is the biggest comment that people mention is they like the jungle theme and the 2 characters. They compare it to Raiders of the Lost Ark and a Atari 2600 jungle game that was based off of it. This is why I keep asking about them. I think they are too cartoney. So I may decide to leave them in and have a total of 4 characters to choose from.
  6. There's movies and then there's movies. They all can't look like Star Wars. Out of over 900 movies released a year most have no special effects yet people still watch them. An interesting note is that you pay $12 to go to see Star Wars and you pay $12 to go see an indie film with no special effects. They don't discount movies (yes there are $1 movies when their run is over). Some indie teams really aren't indie. They have budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and teams of a number of people. That is in between an indie an a big studio. They may not be backed by a major studio but did get the money from somewhere. What my company is under the definition of a bootstrapper (or guerrilla if talking about filmmaking). Thanks for your feedback (even though I was really looking more for data mining info)
  7. Thanks for your reply. So I'm hearing you just don't think the sound or graphics are up to what you would want. I'm also hearing this is the type of game you would buy but in this case it's not up to your standards from the video you have seen (as opposed to not being the genre you'd normally buy). Good feedback. BTW: Steam's refund policy is horrible. You have 2 weeks for a refund with less than 2 hours of gameplay. Could you imagine a movie theatre offering the same deal? Maybe when Amazon gets their new platform going they will help developers out a lot better which in turn Steam will be forced to change their ways as well. I did read an interesting article which said that 80% of all Steam games bought are elligible for a refund.
  8. Thanks that does help. When we go to shows we have a questionnaire for people to fill out. We ask their age range, gender, number of times they played video games in the last month and stuff like that. It someone says the game sucks, then why? If someone likes it then why? I myself don't really buy video games anymore. I play Zynga Spades every day. It's not 3d, does not look good but is fun to play (it helps I am a world class spades player too). Most of what you just said most other people say the same thing on the forms.
  9. You're correct. The 2 main characters are just placeholders for now. I'll be adding 2 more characters at some point for a total of 4. My distributor basically said the same thing as you. They have hundreds of people on their talent pool to choose from. We talked about this a few months ago for the graphics. I was open to hire one of the graphic artists to do new main characters. Most people that played the game like the jungle adventure look of the characters. I do too, but wanted more adult looking characters. So I'll probably hire someone to make 2 new main characters but I do have to pay them as well. (What's funny is that a college student at one of the shows picked up on that as well. I had to tell her that some things are in prototype stages but she didn't understand because she was drunk) Thanks for your input.
  10. So on Android or iOS, would you prefer: 1) to have ads with the full game or 2) to have no ads at all but a watered down version to play. Then use in-app purchases for more functionabilty. So basically you can play the game but to have longer torch times to see underground you'd have to purchase that. 3) What age group do you think this is best suited for? (The thing about ads is that you don't make any money. The person has to click though for the game to get a penny or 2).
  11. Thanks you for your input. Could you expand a little please. We have dozens of people at shows that have commented so we wanted to compare that with people on this web site. - What state would someone pay for it? and at what price point? Steam price? Android price? - What do not like about the game? The artwork? The music? and why? - What improvements would you suggest to get it to a level that you think someone would pay for it?
  12. If I didn't want honesty I wouldn't have posted this in a hostile environment. So thanks for your input. I have a few follow up questions. - The SFX were from public domain library so maybe we'll mess with that. - The music is from Unity's store. What type of music would you prefer? Faster? Slower? Type? Someone else said the same thing. Music is always easy to get but what type? - Slowdown because it was recorded on a old computer at 30 fps with slowdown to 15 fps. At the bottom of the website page I have a list of laptops played at best buy at 60fps. So basically any new laptop over $250 will play it at 60fps at 1366x768. At around $550 or more it will do 60fps at 1920x1080. - There are areas with motion later. This is the beginning, basically training a player how to play. There are spikes that come out of the floor and such. What motion would you recommend from the parts you see?
  13. "Jungles of Natheria" http://slifkergames.com/JunglesOfNatheria/JunglesOfNatheria.html I have contiplated if I should post this here but I'll give it a go anyways. I hope it's not a mistake. We have been working on a game coming up on 2 years called "Jungles of Natheria". It is a 2D side scroller whereas you go through the jungles looking for lost treasure. The above link has video, pictures, a blog and forums. The game is about 99.9% complete. We probably will go full beta next month with a Christmas release (Steam and then mobile later) The VCSii now how an installed base of 10,000. It should be dual bootable with Atari UI and Linux Sandbox so you can install Steam. This means this will be very little money to be made for any game on the Atari UI. I have exported it out to a laptop with Linux Mint installed and it plays exactly like the Windows does without any modification. Although Atari will have their own SDK to get it to work with them so there will be a little work there. So I was wondering a few things. We have our own stats from people at expos where the game was shown off but wanted to see what you all thought. 1) Is this a game that should be on the Atari UI? Does it fit the mold? 2) If you are getting the VCSii, is this something you'd possible get? 3) If you use Steam, is this something you'd possible get and on which platform (Mac, Windows, Linux)? 4) What price point should it be? 5) If on mobile, do you think it should be premium (pay 1 time for everything) or free with In-App Purchases. If premium, then what price point should it be? 6) Are the characters too cartooney or are they OK? 7) On the website's main page there are several games not complete. If you had to pick the next one to be finished then which one would it be? Any other thoughts (and please don't troll or attack.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq3skB3KSSE
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