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  1. Over the past few months I've been running the idea of turning the 2600 into a computer through my head. It came to me after finding my BASIC programming cart and wondering how it could be improved upon. The first changes I thought about were implementing an ascii keyboard into port 0 via UART and using output to port 1 as a way of loading/saving programs to tape. A computer without a way to load and save programs is pretty much just a calculator. I also thought about trying to write a simple BASIC interpreter for the machine but after considering the memory limitations of the 6507 and the 2600 itself I had worked out on paper a keyword oriented BASIC dialect that seemed to be a cross between "BASIC programming" and the Zx80. The language itself took up 8k, not including the routines to communicate with the keyboard, so I figured a simpler approach was needed. I decided to scrap the BASIC idea and go for a machine code monitor with a 24 key hex keypad. The monitor I'm working on is just under 2k and I figure a hex keypad would be easier to implement hardware wise. My biggest problem at the moment is that it is a machine code monitor and would probably be more for novelty value or for the most hard core programmers : P Any thoughts?
  2. Would it be possible to dump the contents of an AY 3 8500 pong chip onto a computer and burn them to an eeprom chip? This question has been bugging me for a few days and I didn't know who to ask, but I figured the people here would know better than any.
  3. A more complete version, with some notes. Thanksgivingshop.bin
  4. I'm looking for a pair of Keyboard controllers. I can trade if anyone wants, I have some spare 2600 and 800xl parts including - light 6er case and control panel - atari 800xl replacement keyboard and extra ram chips PM me if you're interested. -freder Edit: got a set
  5. A hack of "Venture" originally programed by Joseph Biel from Coleco for the Atari 2600 in 1982. It's the day before Thanksgiving and you're running around the store trying to scrounge for supplies! Along the way you dodge other shoppers and throw cans at them to get your precious items. Don't stay in one section too long, though, or you may be run over by a runaway shopping cart! A small hack I was working on and I ran into some trouble. There is a square in the first room that won't seem to go away and other problems with the walls and backgrounds. I also haven't started on the second level and I might just start over. -The ghost sprites along with a few monsters have been changed to look like people with shopping carts -Treasures have been changed to look like food items: - first room: a large cooking pot - second room: a box containing stuffing mix - third room: a bottle of beer - fourth room: a turkey (but it will not show up) - the death sprite has been changed to look more like an angry customer with food stuffs on the floor rather than a dead monster. - the hall monster is also represented by a runaway shopping cart (I couldn't think of anything else) I'll put it all in a .zip file when I finish it if that's okay, tell me what you think -freder ths1.bin
  6. My family used to have a television which used high pitched sound waves in the remote rather than uv light. Upon playing Video Olympics as the sound of missing the ball got to it's highest tone, it would cause the remote sensor light to turn on for some reason. As for classic Atari game play, I use an SR2000 from 1986 that I got a while back for $5 at a thrift store. It's color is pretty awesome : ]
  7. Hi, I'm new here and have recently been fooling around with Bithacker. This is the first thing I made that was more than simply checking different values so I figured I might share it. It should be playable in a Stella emulator. Enjoy. SPCINVAD.BIN
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