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  1. Subby


  2. BTW, do you have a way of creating non-Atari 51/4 floppies from images? I’m still trying to find MS-DOS disks for the ATR, but if I do, I don’t have a way to create them.
  3. Interesting, I hadn’t realized that the Co-Power existed long enough for there to be a Co-Power II. Mine is dated 1983, and this one 1984.
  4. Only way you’ll not see it is have your eyes closed.Which actually might be a good idea! I’ll keep watch on your 1088 then.
  5. Maybe different rev than mine?
  6. What does “proper stuff” entail? I’ve got several 5 1/4” and the 8” floppy drives going. But hard drive might be an interesting challenge. That said, my challenge capacity has been rather low lately I do have a couple of old 5.25” hard drives, but since I’ve never tested them, I bet they’re all dead.
  7. I dont have any of the Copower software yet, so today after transplanting, I did some quick testing to make sure the Copower wasnt impeding the normal operation. So far, so good.
  8. I hope to dump the ROMs sometime soon.
  9. Yes. I have had a “regular”64k for a while. Showed it at a couple VCFSEs with an 8” drive and running Dbase II.Fellow club member and all around great guy Kyle found another one rotting away in some guy’s barn or something and thought i might be interested. Opened it up and after brushing aside the bug remains, lo-and-behold, Copower! Now I’m hoping to have that running by this VCFSE.
  10. I was working on my ATR-8000s today at the AHCS meeting, and took a couple of pics of them. Got a couple more if anyone is interested.
  11. I guess I'm missing something. Got the file from post #15, copied it to Applications. Started, a little popup said Wine had to update which disappeared and that was it. Now pretty much nothing happens.
  12. I guess that would be me.And Randy will be there too, but his allegiance is in question. Now if I can get more Atari guys to show up, I can change that to "I guess that would be us." And Chris, we added more web people to the ATLHCS.org site this weekend, hopefully updates will be forthcoming. (Fingers crossed) Brad
  13. If you can't make it to VCFSE, then giving Bill some Atari support would be great too!
  14. Oops, typo. Next AHCS meeting is Sat Feb 20th.
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