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  1. OK, oK... The Radio Shack Trs-80 Model IV. I computer that almost wasn't, and a computer that lived all the way to 1991 being sold new in a world overrun with 386-16 windoze computers! So here is my story witht the Model 4. I got mine as a hand me down in 1991, a 1984 unit with 2 180K drives,64K of ram, and a "green" screen. I used it to log on to the local bbs scene until 1993 when I "upgraded" IBM XT. After that it lived in storage until 2003 when I dug it out and began to tinker with it again. At that time I Upgraded it to dual 360K drives, and 128K ram. This made it quite the Z-80 computer. I had "double Duty" that made it possible to switch from one program to another at the touch of a button. "Think multitasking... well, sort of" and plenty of on board storage. Most programs were in the 16K realm, so 720K of storage was like having a hard drive! Anyway, I farted around with it until 2005 when It again went into storage. I actually sold it on flea-Bay, and then backed out of the sale when I realized I still wanted it. Thanks to Ira's site, I had a TON of programs for model 3, and 4 saved away on floppy. SO fast forward to early August of this year. I'm "purging" the attic, and there it sits. My trusty Model 4. I pull it down, intent on selling it and clean it up for some pictures. But the Damn thing strikes again! I end up playing with it all night, and then the next day, week, and now a month. Its Still A great and usefull computer. I still get my butt kicked by the computer in Zchess, loved playing a bunch of simple knock off versions of donkeykong, pacman, defender, frenzy, and so on. Dug that 1 channel sound that plays xmas music, and various songs from the early 80's. I don't have a hi-res card, but I can imagine a Gif to R/S converter looking cool on the green screen. I used to to type a 2 page letter on Supersubscript, and then converted it to an IBM doc to print out. And It worked just fine. And, and this was the mother of all Model 4 tricks. I used D-Term, Hooked to the serial port of my model 4 and a PC running Windows 98 with 64 Server to telnet to the WEB! Thats right, I surffed the "WEB" (Ok some old telnet bbs sites) with my model IV. and it worked just fine. This is truly a great little computer, and after all these years of use, it still works, and is workable in the modern era. Thats my report! What are your TRS stories?
  2. My fav, and my wifes were the same. TOY COMMANDER!
  3. I'll take a Red one please.
  4. As always, it looks great! Sign me up for one when its done! /s
  5. The original C64 CP/M carts sucked pretty bad. 40col only and VERY SLOW disks. That said, the cart most likely works. The problem is your C64. Only the early (first year or 2) Commodore breadbox 64 will work. Later ones, and the C64c won't. Its been many years, so I don't remember why that is, but it is.
  6. You Can Add me to the Owners list. Mine is BC 0100014531 By the way. I've been working on a Compumate CD for release later this year. I'm hoping for 20 programs, but may end up with a few less or a few more. Most will be games, but some will be "productivity" programs! Yes you to can balance your budget on a compumate! Anyway its good to finally see some interest in the Great Compumate. /s
  7. I'll take a XM version or regular version, what ever you have left!
  8. Got two of them today! They were $8.50, and they are paper thin, but thats ok I like my tee shirts thin. Looks cool!
  9. Yes, New programs. That I know of there are only like 2 or 3 availible on the net, and most of those are from the owners booklet. These would be conversions of Older Timex 1000 games and programs that I wrote some 18 years ago As well as a few to showcase the compumates "ability". /s
  10. It is limited, Very limited. More so then the Zx-81 or Timex/Sinclair 1000. BUT... It is still a real computer, and can be "forced" into doing a few tricks. The sad part is the creators for whatever reason left a good deal of basic basic commands out of the system. I have been able to make a "choose your own adventure" type game, but due to the 2K memory its limited. I've also done a few early computer games like you would have found on late 70's Cp/m 8080 S-100 systems. I have 7 decent programs now, and was thinking about maybe another 7 or maybe more if I include some non-game programs. to show off the greatness of COMPUMATE! I thought that with all the recent compumate owners there would be a little more intrest, but, maybe not. For those that want to play with the Compumate, it is a decent little system, Poke around in it and see for yourself. I also guess since the Picture mate cassettes are going for so much, that I could add a few picutres to the CD to round it out. I'm not trying to get rich or anything, I just thought the community could use a few Compumate releases. Any requests?
  11. Well, As there seems to be a butt load of Spectravideo Compumates flooding the market, and being a old Timex/Sinclair Programmer, I was wondering if there was any interest in a Compumate CD (.wav files) full of programs that will let you actually use your compumate for more than a door stop. Now, before anyone get their hopes too high, the Compumate is VERY basic in its basic, so visions of space invaders on the compumate dancing in your head might as well get shot down right now. BUT, there are a lot of early computer adventure games, guessing games, and simple moving games that are within the realm of the Compumate. I don't mind putting a few together for the Compumate community, if there is one.... It would also include some basic "productivity" software I've written for it. So, Anyone interested?
  12. Ok here is a list of non-release/homebrews I have. I know I'm missing Super Pac-man, and Combat 1990 Ms.Pac-Man (fast) Pac-Man Collection Pac-Man Jr.Pac-Man Klax (ntsc) Missing In Action Happy Halloween 2007 Beef Drop B*nQ Asteroids Deluxe Sentinel (ntsc) Space Dual Sirius Space Invaders Santa Simon Plutos Wasp 7800 Traveller (last one 11) Ultra Pac-Man Worm (on order, hasn't arrived yet) Plus all the released 7800 carts made. I'm kinda a 7800 freak. I bought mine new in 1987 or 88, and have made it a quest to prove that I made the right choice not getting a NES like everyone else I knew by buying every 7800 title there is. Now, I'm not rich or anything, I just try to keep up with the new finds so I can get one. Super Pac-Man is on the short list, and I didn't know about Combat 1990 until the other day, So I have to try and find one of those. I hosted travi when the cart made its way around the world, and convinced the maker to make one more 7800 traveller cart when he produced them. Thats why is number 11. So what am I missing??
  13. I'm looking for an updated version of Atari 7800 titles. I have all the released carts, and a good pile of homebrews and demos, but I'm sure some have slipped through the cracks. Atariage's list is very outdated. Thanks in advance! /s
  14. I'm still hoping for this one! My 7800 needs a keyboard. Is there any hope? Or is this product dead?
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