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  1. Thanks. I have the same case, just with the original top. Swapping cartridges in it isn’t ideal anyway because it lives in a shelf with limited access height. There’s no computer nearby to connect it to. I do have an SIO2SD that’s normally hooked up to my xegs, but I’m not going to swap it over every time just to play one game.
  2. Sorry for being off topic and late to the game, but there is a XEX: It works from the SIDE loader on my 1088XEL with XEL-CF3.
  3. Oh well. I can’t use a cartridge on my XEL because of the case, so it sounds like I just won’t be playing Prince of Persia
  4. It was but removing the jumper didn't change anything, unfortunately. I've also tested the image on my XEL (which has the XEL-CF3 adapter) now, but it just stays on the first blue screen, doesn't even get to the XB4.3 thing.
  5. Haven't gotten to my XEL yet, but on my PAL XEGS with U1MB and AVG cart I get a brief (normal) blue screen followed by this: ...that's the DD image from pop_fastdancer_210617.zip, loaded from the U1MB SIDE loader with the AVG cart in SIDE emulation mode. I've tried disabling HSIO, but get the same result.
  6. Sorry, I should have been clearer: I haven't tested PoP on my XEL yet (it's hooked up to the home cinema so I have to get in line behind the kids...), only in Altirra.
  7. Well, I haven’t been complaining about the loading speed, but my XEL doesn’t have an accessible cartridge slot (because I don’t want to cut a hole in the case I’m using), so it relies on the SIDE loader to run everything. Hasn’t been a problem until now. In terms of your analogy, it’s not that I can’t be bothered, I’m just allergic to aspartame 😛
  8. So... you're protesting idiotic discussions by perpetuating idiotic discussions? Insert quote about repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different result. For the record: I'm on your side. Hoarding source code as if its only value is in its secrecy is Smaugian. But if the people who have the source code don't want to release it, there's nothing we can do about it. Better to put your efforts into disassembling and understanding the binary artefacts, or into something else entirely (which, granted, you are doing with Fujinet). I took a quick peek at the schedule. We're due for a comment about how the C64 community always releases their source code (including links to ancient products' GitHub projects), then a round of Commodore bashing, leading to the locked thread. 🍿
  9. Memlo is back to $1FFF with this version and I've verified that files are created with the correct time stamp (I don't have TDLINE at all). Thanks! It's a bit odd that the difference is only 8 bytes, but perhaps that's a BW-DOS oddity.
  10. Digging through my boxes I found both the programmer and Dropcheck's MMU adapter (needed to safely use the old U1MB in a real Atari), but reprogramming the CPLD didn't help and I get the same memory errors when I put that U1MB in the XEGS, so I've probably given one of the DRAM chips the old electric finger. Surprisingly the 576KB mode does seem to work reliably, so I'll stick with that until the postal service has recovered enough from COVID that it's safe to order a new U1MB. Thanks for the help, guys
  11. Well, it breaks the one thing I use BW-DOS for (a .hex converter for joy2pic that refuses to work in SpartaDOS X and loads at $2000), but I'll just use the older driver. I only need it to get the timestamp on the generated executable right
  12. I'm not Nezgar, but thanks! Fair warning, though: the version on the toolkit disk yields a higher memlo than the older build ($1FFF vs $2007 for me).
  13. Well, obviously there will also have to be a “START to lose” version to satisfy the hardcore gamers.
  14. A lot of the early STs had single-sided disk drives, so it would make sense to put all the ST files on that side. Amigas always had DS drives.
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