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  1. Is the F-S Macro Assembler mentioned in the interview available anywhere? Ive run a few searches, but couldnt find anything other than the references to it in the game design book and a brief mention in the manual to the Apple ][ assembler it was ported from.
  2. There was an OS bug with this symptom. I remember reading about it in a magazine (probably Compute!) back in the day; it didn't affect my 800XL, but I'm pretty sure some XL machines had the problem. It could be the bug mentioned in the last paragraph of this post: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/239011-atari-xl-and-xe-kernel-os-roms/?do=findComment&comment=3249901
  3. I have a PAL 800XL that's probably an XLF: it came with rev. C BASIC in ROM and whichever revision of the XL OS that doesn't have the 4 minute CIO timeout bug. I'm not sure I want to sell it, though: it has some display/sound/RAM problems that I've been meaning to turn into a repair project. How can I tell if it actually has a Freddie chip?
  4. Yes, I have an Ultimate 1MB upgraded XEGS. As I said, the .atr works, it just boots more slowly than the .xex would have Does the game really require Antic access? I'm pretty sure my U1MB is in 1088kB RAMBO mode, but I can play the game just fine. Or did you mean that the .xex requires Antic access? I haven't tested that, I stopped fiddling around when I got the .atr working. Excellent game, by the way. The only thing I miss from the Amiga version is the music. Edit: wordsing am hard.
  5. Ah, that makes sense. It's a bit unexpected that it needs to do I/O at that point, though; doesn't it have the entire list of files in RAM for the search? I'm sure I'll get used to it
  6. The new search feature in the loader is great, but it acts weirdly when I backspace out of a search: removing the last character results in an empty list ("no match"), and an extra backspace is needed to get back to the full list.
  7. Well said. If anybody wants and can afford to offer a more tangible reward, I would also remind people that he accepts donations
  8. I couldn't get the .xex to load from the SIDE loader on my U1MB XEGS (it just gives a yellow screen with random garbage players), but the .atr works. I had to rename pang.com to pang.ar0 to make it autoload, otherwise it just dumped me in the MyDOS menu. Posting in case somebody else has the same problem.
  9. I've tested a few of the EA cracks using U1MB's SIDE loader on my PAL XEGS. Realm of Impossibility and Super Boulder Dash work fine, One on One gets into what looks like a reboot loop on the loading screen (EOA logo comes up, a few seconds of loading, screen goes blank, then back to the logo), while Racing Destruction Set just stops on a red/brown screen after the logo. I'm not sure if you want to put any work into making these cracks work on my admittedly far from stock machine, but I thought I'd report my findings for posterity
  10. Wait, so the Lucasfilm logo is yellow on NTSC? Now it feels like my entire childhood was just one big lie.
  11. It's a bit scary, but it's not that bad. The chips aren't surface mounted, they're standard DIP packages (28 pins for the ROM, 20 for the MMU). If you're lucky one or both might already be in sockets; I had to desolder both in my XEGS, but POKEY and the CPU were socketed from the factory.
  12. I really want one of these, but they're pretty expensive (and shipping to Norway almost doubles the price): http://edladdin.com/Atari-2600-7800-Controllers_c2.htm
  13. I'm thinking the non-repeated keys might be related to keyboard debounce, which runs off POKEY's 15kHz clock. I haven't been able to find a reference for the exact values of PAL vs NTSC for that clock, only that they are different. I do, and I'll try the new firmware straight away. I have also tested with a normal, wired PS/2 keyboard now, but I see the same behaviour.
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