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  1. Yes, hard to repair, unless we can find a pre-prototype, the engineer sample, see those red pin headers on both sides of the custom ic's, they would originally had a pcboard plugged in them, with a normal board make with 74ls chips and the AVDP, and the other one similar a bunch of 74ls chips, and the 9901 or similar chip. If that model shows up, then people can reproduce the custom chips and document them how they work... Hopefully someday it does!
  2. they are basically custom chips, similar to how the 99/4 QI model had everything reduced to one controller chip for all the previous /4A glue logic.
  3. Many thanks for your detailed reply. -- when the time comes i will discuss some things with you. i love the MSX also, and big fan of their improvements and amazing projects they have done, i used to own many msx and msx2 computers, and even bought a few v9990 chips from yamaha but never got around to using them when things crashed down for everyone in late 90s. You are right the v9938 is mess of new modes and such, and most of them were never really used on the ti99 anyway, but it would be nice to see, but you right a original chip with good converter could work too just would never fit within the 40pin dip that is for sure.
  4. the pin-out of real v9938 itself is different yes, but a drop-in replacement was already done by us back in the day the TI-Image-Maker fitted a v9958 with 192k ram and RGB output all within a small board that fitted into 9918a socket. having the VHDL code just helps cut down development time for either Matthew if he looks at it, or for others that want to think about making their own version, or for porting the code over to other existing FPGA development boards for their own research or study, or other products, even things like the Geneve 2020 could make use of this code now in its overall design. Just nice to see available to study. i plan myself to start working on few fpga projects once i finish rebuilding my own ti99 real iron equipment, i waiting for couple fully stocked PEB's to clear customs, but now with this covid problems, customs only clearing medical and food supplies, so my first parcel of 41 pounds of ti99 equipment still sitting on the dock since march 9th, sad as i wanted to do some coding, and now we in 25 day lockdown and i am bored to hell, coding would have kept me busy, but no matter i just ranting on now, in the meantime, my brain is thinking and i am researching info on 'net and coming across cool things like this project that got released earlier today!
  5. hdmi output all based on other components on your fpga board. -- depends on what you going to use to place this code inside, if you going to develop your own fpga board, no you will need to buy a license, sadly nothing you can do around that it comes to about $25 per device when you do small production quality. -- if you use an existing fpga development board, which already had hdmi port on it, then that license is already been paid and part of the cost of the board when you buy it, one of reasons things like MistFPGA and other products are costly, that part of cost is buried in price tag. but there is ways around it, using an existing adapter, or something that converts, its not the end of world except for those sadly with newer tv's which no longer have vga or dvi ports. but besides hdmi, its good to have fpga source base that has true 9938 functions allowing all programs to work, and then you can expand from there adding in newer functions and modes.
  6. I know we have F18A and he busy working on MK2, but this has recently been released, it was originally for MSX, its complete reproduction of Yamaha V9938 chip in FPGA (VHDL) logic. But, always nice to have options to use for other projects. Source: --> https://github.com/kunichiko/ese-vdp
  7. you more than welcome to add my O.P.A. website, it has few of our TI downloads on it, and some TI info, at somepoint I hope to add alot more to it: --> https://www.O-P-A.biz
  8. No idea. it comes up always at top of google searches at least for me
  9. on most lists, its listed as 'uncommon' https://ti.mysweetweb.com/index.php?title=Solid_State_Software_Command_Module So not 'rare', or 'very rare' or 'extremely rare', but not 'common' either. -- so i guess on scale of 1 being 'never released' to 6 being 'tons of them', its a 5.
  10. Maybe its v1.0 of the cartridge, then it would be RARE, there is two versions of TI Extended Basic, most of us have v1.1, there was few thousand v1.0 cartridges sold out there, before the rest got pulled from shelfs and replaced with v1.1
  11. mine sitting in dominican customs waiting for clearance, hope to see it in my hands by wednesday, just bare prototype, now i need to get all parts to build it up.
  12. you can also mod it to use the power from the printer itself, some printers will output the 5volts down the cable, see the page 15 in the manual linked above about changes you can do, including changing the CRU and device name so you can use it along with set of two rs232/pio cards in your peb as well.
  13. Some info about it is here on my website: --> https://o-p-a.biz/ramos/ Sadly, my website is years out of date, last time i updated it was in 2016 for our 30th anniversary since OPA started, and then it got forgotten again, its a real shame as we in the web hosting business and handle over 250 custom websites for people, let we can never get around to updating our own, haha!
  14. we had a totally rewritten more graphical menu system for ros9, called RAMOS Directory -- my plan is to dust it off and release it, i wanted to long time ago, and I gave out a test copy to couple of people, but for some reason it does not function anymore on real iron ti99 equipment, all tho it still works perfectly for me on my classic99 and v9t9 setups, which is all i had to use for a while, as my original ti99 real iron equipment is back in storage in canada, and my local equipment got half stolen and half destoried by hurranice matthew, but thanks to few kind souls and some hard earn cash, i been slowly rebuilding equipment off ebay and shipping it down here to DR which is killer, just empty peb is 500 in shipping plus another 200 in taxes, and once its all arrived and hooked up, and my 4000b is propulated with ram, i going to figure out why RAMOS no longer works on real iron and get that out in wild for people to use and suggest improvements on.
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