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  1. Yes, one of the best out there! -- i still use it myself. than and rag linker.
  2. This would be a great help, i need one place i can order all the parts to complete my 4000b
  3. Very nicely done. 3 cheers for details.
  4. that is correct. -- if you want more help in how it works, let me know.
  5. i used to have a 99105 working setup, i plan to assemble one again soon, parts are on order. the 99105 if the A version with TMS in front should be fine, there was some buggy ones but that are labelled normally with TMP or TMX and the 99115 was also buggy, the native p-code addon had errors in it.
  6. please let me know when you ready to sell off the extra boards with parts, after the pre-orders are done, i will for sure take at least one!
  7. When do you think the next round will occur. Sadly I bought two bare ide pcboards back in late march, they shipped early april, but never arrived, i guess with all these lockdowns the plane was grounded and parcel throw away in a corner never to be found again.
  8. today is my birthday... -- tomorrow i going to unwrap some ti99 presents i got, today i am too drunk, may plug the peb cards in backwards
  9. Hey, look its a rambo clone.... And that wiring... giving me nightmares, hope you never have to repair it.
  10. I recently been able to get a couple of p-code cards, and having them shipped down to me next week, and i will for sure take a look at this.
  11. I got all the parcels finally out of customs... -- now i am working on rearranging my office, to setup everything. -- i wanted to build some new desks, but it is tough living in lockdown, with only place open the supermarket and bank, and well they don't sell desks there! I going to post some pics next week.
  12. Yes, hard to repair, unless we can find a pre-prototype, the engineer sample, see those red pin headers on both sides of the custom ic's, they would originally had a pcboard plugged in them, with a normal board make with 74ls chips and the AVDP, and the other one similar a bunch of 74ls chips, and the 9901 or similar chip. If that model shows up, then people can reproduce the custom chips and document them how they work... Hopefully someday it does!
  13. they are basically custom chips, similar to how the 99/4 QI model had everything reduced to one controller chip for all the previous /4A glue logic.
  14. Many thanks for your detailed reply. -- when the time comes i will discuss some things with you. i love the MSX also, and big fan of their improvements and amazing projects they have done, i used to own many msx and msx2 computers, and even bought a few v9990 chips from yamaha but never got around to using them when things crashed down for everyone in late 90s. You are right the v9938 is mess of new modes and such, and most of them were never really used on the ti99 anyway, but it would be nice to see, but you right a original chip with good converter could work too just would never fit within the 40pin dip that is for sure.
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