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  1. I think my is outdated, i was able to get 'about to work' and its showing '389' as version. -- I not using TI99 roms, but my SOB ones on bootup, and it says 'READY TO START' very grabled as speech, and then just freezes, and i can't change any settings, but when i was using win 7 it worked perfectly. I guess i will have to delete it, update it to latest, and start fresh with new config stock ti99 and then if it works switch in my SOB roms.
  2. That's a neat idea. -- But what special settings are needed to get classic99 working on windows 10 64bit. -- ever since i upgraded from win7, i not been able to get classic99 running smoothly on win10.
  3. And now for the technical bit… FUZE Technologies Ltd are very pleased to announce the features and technical details for their upcoming release of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch™ With me being an old-school coder that loved the days when home computers shipped with BASIC programming lang. and devices were not locked down by gaming companies, and anyone could write a program or make a game, I been following the team over at FUZE4 since they first announced their amazing project over a year ago, and now they are happy to announce its almost ready for launch day on the Nintendo Switch, and the amazing thing about their system is it basically gives you a legal way to make 'homebrew' on your Switch without any hacking or other devices, and they also have plans in the works to setup a F4NS Community where users can share and work together on their legal homebrew projects. Their official site has been updated to include the latest product description. https://www.fuze.co.uk/about-fuze4-nintendo-switch.html Below is just some of the amazing coding features of their FUZE4 system, and you can see from the list below and more info on their official website, it will make it very easy to generate games to enjoy, and there is alot more to come so stay tuned for more news and updates which I will bring you from the team as they work hard to bring back the fun of do-it-yourself programming from the '80s and '90s that made owning home computers so fun and enjoyable back then. FUZE4 Nintendo Switch Programmer’s Reference --> https://www.fuze.co.uk/about-fuze4-nintendo-switch.html Source: MaxConsole
  4. I been busy cooking up alot of other hardware projects over the decades for various companies and gaming system. and recently worked on two retro projects -- And I have tabled 2020 for some cool retro TI projects, we see how that develops as the rest of the year 2019 unfolds, and i survive my 50th birthday next month!
  5. Take your brand-new V9958 (or a working pulled one) Carefully bent out pins 4, 21, 26, 27 so they don't go into the socket. Solder a wire from pin 58 on the Geneve (38) socket 5V power to one end of a filter cap/inductor setup and the other end goes to your new bent out pin 21 of your 58 to give its internal DAC the 5V supply line it needs. (It should NOT be directly connected, should be filtered between the two see the underside of your TIM for circuit! Original Geneve 0.98 eeprom should boot it up fine, but there was other versions which incorrectly setup R25 register. Registers R25, R26, R27 if totally ZEROed which should be on normal RESET startup, the '58 will function like a '38. The bit that causes problems is b5 on R25 when if 1 instead of 0 causes pin 8 to output VDS instead of CPUCLK For more info, please review pages 5 and 12 of the V9958 technical manual (I attached it and v9938) manauls here to make it easier. Since I am replying here and being a good mood, I decided to attach a 9938.ARK (and attached as .zip for PC emulators/editing) from my collection of private source codes, for your coding pleasure. I hereby with this post on AtariAge on 4/11/2019 1:12pm give full permission for anyone to use the files inside it which are as follows: #1 - ADJUST-S v1.00.10/09/88 GENEVE 9938 SCREEN ADJUSTER #2 - ART-S v1.00.08/01/90 GENEVE/AVPC/TIM 3D STRING ART #3 - FST-S v1.00.08/01/90 9938 FAST GAT! 3D STRING ART #4 - GDEMO-S v1.00.10/11/88 GENEVE VDP 9938 DEMO #5 - MOV-S v1.00.08/03/90 MOVE 9938 GAT! 3D STRING ART #6 - MYSHOW-s v1.20 HFDC/TIM/32K - MY-ART/YAPP SLIDE SHOW (c)1990 OPA #7 - TMP-S v1.00.08/02/90 TEMP 9938 GAT! 3D STRING ART #8 - TST-S v1.00.08/03/90 MOVE 9938 GAT! 3D STRING ART #9 - VDP-LIB v1.00.07/30/90 9938/9958 VDP UTILITIES #10 - VDP-UTIL1 v1.00.11/02/88 GENEVE VDP 9938 UTIL'S #11 - XB-VDP-S 9938 UTILITES FOR EXTENDED BASIC Please at least if you use any of the above source in your creative ideas, apps at least give credit for it. Enjoy! -=(Gary from O.P.A.)=- yamaha_v9958_ocr.pdf Yamaha_V9938_MSX-Video_Technical_Data_Book_Aug85.pdf OPA-2019-04-11-V9938-Source-Examples.zip OPA-2019-04-11-V9938-Source-Examples.ARK
  6. As much as I love to see 'tiny' new boards with FPGA's and SMT and doing amazing new things with the TI99. I also have a retro feeling of making something like pictured below for the TI99: With each function on separate board, using good old-school tech, DIP packages, easy to be assembled by anyone in their home like good old days of Horizon ramdisk, simple kits, simple boards, one for sound, one for vdp, one for disk, etc. This project is for MSX, but it would be great to work on something similar for TI99, a replacement for PEB and everything, imagine the possible ideas, and since each function on different board, users could expand what they want and how they want, super-duper stack of boards, or just 3 or 4 basic boards, and with TI99 and it's DSR setup and CRU bases, it makes for design like this already. Anyhow enough soap box ranting, take a look at blog https://blog.kimoan.com/kimohachi/(translate it with Google) and I bet you will feel similar to me, we could even use possibly the 'same bus interface' so some of its boards like VDP or Sound etc could be swapable, compatible.
  7. If you LOVE Retro Gaming, then you need to check out THE must have accessory for the official SNES Mini consoles Due to my various 'insider' contacts, I was able to recently sit-down and have fun with the C2M device, before it officially launches next month, and its truly does live up to its name, bringing retro gaming 'magic' to your Mini consoles, first off it allows you to play your original SNES cartridges, second it even allows you to 'backup' those cartridges to your choose of USB devices, and it also opens up your closed console to allow playing any SNES game you wish, no longer limited to just what Nintendo wants you to enjoy playing again from your childhood, infact you can even now magically play retro games from various other classic console manufacturers, over 20 different systems are supported, check out the official PR details below and their website and short 'intro video', and stay tuned as I bring you more coverage of this retro magical device soon. You can find out more about all of the amazing features of Classic 2 Magic on its official website: http://classic2magic.com/ https://youtu.be/4EH3kuM7uJ4 NEWS SOURCE: --> Introducing Classic 2 Magic (via) MaxConsole
  8. More than willing to help out with project, DSR and other info.
  9. Just had to promote this amazing project on my gaming website, we have a small retro community, but since I have some experience with TMS99105 back in the hey-day of TI99 development, i just had to write-up about it: http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/ti-99-4a-clone-using-tms99105-cpu.43052/ Hope, you like the article, any updates, corrections, please let me know. Thanks again!
  10. Needing interrupts is very good infact, it allows you to play a long sound sample, without stopping the rest of your assembly code from running!
  11. I hate money orders. -- Is there any service that can issue 'money orders' online? And the pricing, I am confused, what is the CLEAR TOTAL AMOUNT needed WITH SHIPPING to get the complete set for someone that has NEVER owned PC99 or CYC in the past? BTW, Not sure but the SOB ROM's I think are still included, I remember long time ago giving them permission to use, not sure if they are still keeping that up. -- Their site really needs work!
  12. Leave a picture with blank sheet and everyone thinks it contains the hidden message. -- Well sadly, the hidden message was really above the picture, WHITE TEXT on WHITE BACKGROUND. Sometimes the best hidden message, is something right in plain text in front of you. But now I know better, that we have a bunch of 'steganography' experts here, so next time I will really encode my message properly. Should have know better, what with a bunch of old-timers here that understand pure assembly, and can input it direct via its hexcodes without an 'assembler', that something simple as 'white text of white background' would had been too easy, and today's mainstream for today's age of twitter twats.
  13. All Great Ideas, here on AtariAge in the TI99 section, started with BLANK Sheet of Paper, if they didn't we would not have great things like the Flash Rom 99 Cart!
  14. For a while after 1983 TI infact sold the original GROM's you could buy a v1.1 and install it replacing the fucked-up non-ROM searching GROM in the QI's consoles. There is only 3 ways to fix up the QI: 1: Replace GROM 0 with the better earlier GROM that does ROM searching. 2: Use a GRAM-Kracker or P-Gram or Pop-Cart or S.O.B. device to override GROM 0. 3: Try one of third-party tricks that can launch >6000 based ROM's even with the newer GROM instead. Other then that, the QI is infact nice to own, it does not heat up as much, is more stable, and is very nice motherboard inside, the latest and best of TI99 even tho it pushed out the illegal third-party cartridge makers that were not coughing up license fees to TI for their software publishing rights! Yeah, also the CRU Logic to the Cartridge Port is missing, but very few used it, just Databotics and me with Pop-Cart, it was really not in the official published TI docs for Solid-State-Software. BTW, there is later models of the TI99/QI that are even worse with the v2.4 GROM 0 -- But most of the changes in those were for non-english support!
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