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  1. There is an XB program to create "pastel" colors by alternating pixels of different colors. I have it in my library somewhere - I just have to find it. I couldn't find the program in my library. However, I did find the original article and listing. It appears in the January 1997 issue of MICROpendium on page 38. It purports to create 120 shades of color. Enjoyi
  2. Do I understand correctly that FORCE COMMAND is only of use with an FG99?
  3. I've got mine on my Horizon boot menu.
  4. The version on the ERRORFREE site is 3.2.5
  5. Which floppy drive controller?
  6. Here is the complete set of source code and program files from the very beginning (AMSTEST1) from Shawn Baron's initial release through the revisions and updates that myself and Bruce Harrison did over the years. The current version is AMSTEST4. Enjoy! AMSTEST.dsk
  7. The old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind. Some folks will rush to buy the "newest, shiniest bauble in the basket" regardless of whether it fulfills the purpose they had in mind for their TI system. Those are the folks who buy something just to have it. They will tire of the new accessory and move on to the next "exciting" one as soon as it appears on the market. On the other hand, there are bona fide collectors who endeavor to have an exemplar of each new piece of hardware that is produced to add to their chronological collection of produced TI gear. They typically retain and keep these items whether or not they install it in their system (or actually use it). Then, there are those who wish to have a true legacy system and only keep those accessories that were around when TI was active in the computer market and the concurrently-produced accessories were around. The bottom line is that, if your system does what you need it to do, there is little advantage to replace old TI-compatible gear with something newer, just to say that you have it. Nothing really ever becomes redundant except in the mind of the user.
  8. OK - I found someone who remembers. Thanks Jon Guidry. TI99-4A is Ton Wills' OLUG TI994A is Tony's OLUG
  9. There were two TI99-4/A groups. I think(?) Tom's was "TI99/4A" and Tony's was "TI99/4-a" but I'm not sure which was which.
  10. Can anyone remember the exact names of the two 99/4A groups on Yahoo besides Geneve and SWPB? There was the original, moderated by Tom Wills and a second, later one, moderated by Tony Knerr which in the end became the dominant group. Both were spelling variants of TI-99/4A. Beery Miller says he thinks he only has one of them in the dump.
  11. FWIW, I was finally able to download the file. Now, how to extract the contents.
  12. After 90 megs, the download failed due to "network error". Not worth the effort to try again.
  13. It might be the brightest, most shiny "car in the garage" but it is not necessarily the best if you are interested in a traditional TI system. Caveat emptor!
  14. I just started a download - it looks like it is going to take a couple of hours.
  15. The latest versions of TIDir automatically add a TIFILES header when you extract files from a .dsk file. It seems that TIPI has a string of incompatibilities with legacy TI hardware. It was not designed, apparently, to be 100% compatible with existing TI gear. That being said, it does have a place in the "scheme of things" for the TI.
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