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  1. does anyone know what chips i could use as replacements for a gen 1 ram? the existing chips are labelled 33-9023-00 F 7714. thanks
  2. I have a gen 1 Channel F I'm trying to revive. Most electrolytic have been changed and voltages seem good. I am getting video and the built in games start, but it is DOUBLING the graphics a few rows off vertically. I also have a rolling horizontal bar which may be an RF tuning issue. I've cleaned and reseated all socketed chips including the RAM. Any ideas on this?
  3. old topic, but i am having a similar issue with my Vectrex. the power board has been re-capped last year by me. I opened my Vectrex up this weekend to add a buzz-off audio board, and thought i'd give this issue another look. problem: text shows what looks like an extra line or line offset ONLY near the bottom of the display. the rest of the screen text looks fine. and the rest of the geometry looks ok. i did adjust the DAC offset pot to zero and have adjusted the other two pots as best as i can. any insights as to what may cause this issue? thanks.
  4. I remixed Animan's beautiful 3D case design to a smaller version I can print on my Monoprice Mini 120x120mm print bed. I kept all the main internals, buttons, screw holes. I also enlarged the cable connector hole so my larger DB15 connector will fit the opening. Not nearly as nice as the original, but it does allow for quicker prints with smaller printers.
  5. my first printer (used for this controller) was an FLSUN kit (prusa i3 clone) that a friend recommended. i had no idea what i was doing, it took about 10 hours to assemble, and i melted the pfte tube in my experimentation. i have since re-assembled it with some enhanced parts i printed and it does pretty well. i also have a monoprice mini v2 which was about $180 and i was printing PERFECT prints in 10 minutes. the cura profiles are simple and perfect. but the mini's bed is too small for this controller. so even though i've been printing junk for about 6 months now, i still feel like a newb. thanks for your advice and suggestions. i did increase the support z distance, and it makes removing supports much easier. I'm currently printing another top and we'll see how it turns out. the top takes about 7.5 hours with top up and all the supports. i think the bottom (printed same way) was slightly longer.
  6. i finished my first controller. not totally happy with the case print, but the thing works perfectly. Thanks to Scott for the design and animan for the stl case files.
  7. @Amiman99, would you share your tinkercad files?
  8. i built one of these this morning. works perfectly. amazing job with the boards and micro code. I've got three 5200s and about a dozen controllers, but only a few controllers work properly. And I've been hesitant to use the working ones.
  9. i came here to search for the laseractive. I picked up one with the sega pack at the goodwill outlet for $5. The laserdisc/CD part worked fine after i replaced the belts. but the sega would not work. it actually powered up the first time i turned it on and i got the menu, but only a black screen every time after that. about half of the caps on the top board were visibly leaking. i had a bunch of 10mf so i (somewhat sloppily) tacked in replacements for the visually leaking ones. plugged the pack back in and it works! i need to clean up my work, but i assume i should go ahead and replace the rest of the caps, at least on the daughter board? everything on the main board looked ok. and i probably need to address the battery. a very neat but strange unit.
  10. old thread, but i picked up one of these at goodwill recently. the video was very helpful in disassembly. reassembly may be another issue, not to that step yet. the motor was frozen, but i got it apart, oiled, greased gears, and it is working (the motor is). i'll get it back together this weekend. the video mentions the decal set being sold on ebay. i cannot find any entries for them. anyone have any info on this? alternatively, i'd probably be best to set up and try to make my own. i've seen 8 bit guy do it on some minis and carts.
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