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  1. If they really ship it for 13.50 its coming smashed!
  2. Oops! Sorry I have a terrible time keeping it cleaned out. I sent you a message here now. Thanks!!
  3. Missed you and all the other northern brothers at vcfmw16 last weekend!
  4. Gamegear box protectors i have found fit game.com box games perfect. They also fit some of the pc50x pong system game boxes.
  5. That video sounds like it would have a very desert bus vibe.
  6. Any chance you have a set of the foams that hold the console you would sell? Also interested in the christmas gift guide. Thanks Mark
  7. Well the colorful 1 with people was the original release. I would think its also a bit more desired. I know i like it best by far.
  8. Those were empty store displays before the movie name change. Pretty neat they are.
  9. So if i understand correct 2 badges is $12 total shipped to usa and paid with gift? Thanks so much!
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