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  1. Not selling any backgammon currently. Its definitely the hardest.
  2. My understanding was these were never originally shrinked. But sean has had a few like that. Wish i had bought 1 a few years back when he was selling them for $300 and i thought that was too much lol This might be his last one. Looks really nice. If it wasnt him i would be worried it was a repro box somebody shrinked.
  3. I agree the plain white box cant add alot of value to it. There is what 5 or less copies though? So with what more common titles have been selling for the price they set doesnt surprise me at all. When i found mine i was most happy that it maybe confirmed that there was some box on the demo 2. I cant imagine it coming loose. It seems neither demo must have had any manual/paperwork.
  4. You should be able to play an original intellivision on most any modern tv with coax input.
  5. You could try message him on youtube. I couldnt find other contact info handy as the vcfmw page seems to have almost all its info currently down. But i know people i could message that would have his info if he doesnt reply.
  6. Although oak would have almost no give to plastic so you might put the risk higher of cracking the box?
  7. Except every white box that didnt come with the demo 2 has the adhesive residue from the end label for what other game was previously in it. Mine and this one are completely clean....i guess at least this helps verify the demo 2 did come in this very exciting completely blank box lol although i guess he doesnt show both ends well in the pics
  8. I found kevin on youtube. He actually made videos of his secret methods so anybody can do his rebricking now.
  9. I think he will take them in exchange toward a restored one. He didnt really seem to want to redo my childhood 1 and then sell it to me. I imagine doing that stuff would get it more confused. I can try and hunt down his details if you want.
  10. Thats true! Or keep it and become the only person with 2 lol hmmm i think i will hold onto my $1800 instead and just deal with my loss I can always hope the postal system loses it!
  11. Aw man! Now i guess i wont have the only known boxed demo 2 copy anymore! But im also glad i paid no where near that price! It doesnt surprise me though with what much more common stuff has sold for!
  12. Yeah i have a few trackings that say that. Ive noticed stuff that only moves 1-4 states tends to arrive on time. Stuff that comes from a coast or close to it makes an estimated delivery day and then never gets there by it. And then sits in limbo from about 1 day to over a week...close to 2 weeks a couple times.
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