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  1. Yes, we have printed nice quality reproduction shells. We can do colors and translucents or a shell with 2 colors too. Was hoping to get specs from 511 for the cutout for the dip switches, etc. Thanks
  2. Both would fit in it, but its about the exact thickness and height as logo and about an inch and a half wider than it should be. Im probably going to cut mine to fit exactly. Then for finform and fileform it would also be a little too thick. But its best i have found so far for any of these. I need to verify exactly which protector it is too. Also i can now confirm basic is the same size box as logo.
  3. Its not the ds lite protector that works for the bigger aquarius games.....might be regular ds.....i need to figure out which one it is i used.
  4. On the flip flop i played alot with my kids to make up for never playing with my parents intellivision, nes, colecovision, atari, arcades, c64.....great times
  5. My dad never once played a videogame. Or has ever owned a computer or cell phone. We did get him to play our flintstones go fish card game a few times lol
  6. He told me a couple weeks ago they were in transit....so im hopong pretty soon! I know he said they take some time to arrive. Have all my games pulled out and looking forward to putting them in protectors Also i found a ds protector....i think the lite works not too bad for the bigger box programs.
  7. When you get a chance please respond to my pm about the arcadia cart shells we are making, thanks!
  8. Complete cib 20th century fox collection with all known unreleased games also included.
  9. We just need to find a box protector for these nice kote boxes
  10. 1 name behind a number mean both versions were requested of that number. #Vcfmw14- custom auction set - (won by rietveld sept. 14 2019) #1 *reserved* #2 *reserved* #3 ianoid (project backer) PAID & SHIPPED #4 wolfy62 (project backer) PAID & SHIPPED #5 wolfy62 (project backer) PAID & SHIPPED #6 intellivotion PAID & SHIPPED #7 cmart PAID & SHIPPED #8 waverider1970 PAID & SHIPPED #9 thunderdunks PAID & SHIPPED #10 bbww PAID & SHIPPED #11 Steve Jones PAID & SHIPPED #12 intvsteve PAID & SHIPPED #13 Humblejack PAID & SHIPPED #14 spadefermo51 PAID & PROCESSING #15 monstersky #16 trekmd #17 retroAl #18 ajchandler #19 *reserved* #20 Tommy Tallarico PAID & SHIPPED #21 Red: *UNCLAIMED*/Brown: siberianspforces #22 joem_Intellivision #23 alex pace #24 MauAnouk2012 #25 ghsqb #26 *UNCLAIMED* #27 Red: *UNCLAIMED*/Brown: Edge of Portal #28 *UNCLAIMED* #29 *UNCLAIMED* #30 Red: *UNCLAIMED*/Brown: steve pendleton #31 *UNCLAIMED* #32 *UNCLAIMED* #33 *UNCLAIMED* #34 *UNCLAIMED* #35 Red: 128kgames PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: silicone toad #36 Red: swami PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: IMberzerk #37 Red: grey defender PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: gunoz #38 Red: *UNCLAIMED*/Brown: lucifershalo #39 Red: peterpepper/Brown: Special Teams #40 *reserved* Updated with new requests, let me know if i missed you and you want 1. Currently 7 brown and brass sets left and 11 red and silvers sets left. Thanks!
  11. So thats 3 still. What was the condition of the 3rd unit? Wasnt it missing tutor style parts? The guy with the scratched one didnt have other games either, right?
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