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  1. Wow, a truck literally ran over it!!! Holy shit usps!
  2. Thats too bad. I assume you tried a few different carts all cleaned good? They definitely dont seem like the most hefty machines. The main problem i see go on them is they lose color output. Sometimes completely and sometimes the colors get very faint. Not sure if anybody works on them at all?
  3. A lot of times a white screen or screen with bars is a dirty cart or slot. But of course it could be more. I would check psu output too.
  4. Thanks so much, added you guys to the backup list! Thank you! And your set is in the 2 sets we are currently processing! #Vcfmw14- custom auction set - (won by rietveld sept. 14 2019) #1 *reserved* #2 *reserved* #3 ianoid (project backer) PAID & SHIPPED #4 wolfy62 (project backer) PAID & SHIPPED #5 wolfy62 (project backer) PAID & SHIPPED #6 intellivotion PAID & SHIPPED #7 cmart PAID & SHIPPED #8 waverider1970 PAID & SHIPPED #9 thunderdunks PAID & SHIPPED #10 bbww PAID & SHIPPED #11 Steve Jones PAID & SHIPPED #12 intvsteve PAID & SHIPPED #13 Humblejack PAID & SHIPPED #14 spadefermo51 PAID & SHIPPED #15 monstersky *PROCESSING**** #16 trekmd PAID & SHIPPED #17 retroAl PAID & SHIPPED #18 ajchandler PAID & SHIPPED #19 *reserved* #20 Tommy Tallarico PAID & SHIPPED #21 Red: Crazy Climber PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: siberianspforces PAID & SHIPPED #22 joem_Intellivision PAID & SHIPPED #23 alex pace *PROCESSING**** #24 MauAnouk2012* #25 ghsqb PAID & SHIPPED #26 gunoz PAID & SHIPPED #27 Retrok7 #28 Warren Wuschenny #29 ArcadeJunkie #30 Red: alevin16/Brown: steve pendleton* #31 mattyv316 #32 veritas #33 rev #34 Red: abeckett*/Brown: Rick Reynolds #35 Red: 128kgames PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: silicone toad PAID & SHIPPED #36 Red: swami PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: IMberzerk PAID & SHIPPED #37 Red: grey defender PAID & SHIPPED/Brown:*reserved* #38 Red: retrogmr PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: lucifershalo* #39 Red: peterpepper PAID & SHIPPED/Brown: Special Teams PAID & SHIPPED #40 *reserved* Backup list for any cancelled orders: #1 Kraut #2 jmprice_314159 #3 Morpheus #4 MIK710_0 #5 #6 #7
  5. Yes, most pal games look a bit different than the ntsc versions. And of coure pal games played on a ntsc tv look completely different
  6. Just wanted to update! We are back at these! Finally had time, equipment fixed and materials back in stock from the pandemic shortages. We are starting with the international orders lowest on the list who have waited the longest. Thanks so much and appreciate everyones patience! Never imagined this would drag on so long but we really want to push to complete all the preordered sets.
  7. 1 for me, i sent an email asking for 1 this morning. Thanks!
  8. Yes bad games and they seemed to get worse as they went.....squooosh lol
  9. Shoot, i have 1 missing keyboard! Oh well!!
  10. So its in fact now another variant....the schrodingers backgammon intellivision inc variant. Rapidly flashing between the 2 colors where no one can view it.
  11. Not interested to know that guy in any circle.
  12. Ah yep i sure am, thats the douche canoe right there.....where does albert hide the vomit emoji? Guess these will have to work 💩🤢
  13. Awesome collection! Whats the intellivisionaries box? I dont have that....well or the deadly dogs box.
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