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  1. Very cool! Wish i could be there! Do robot rubble and league of light start shipping after the show?
  2. Wish i could help! Any chance you have a skykid manual.....its the last piece i need edit: lol just saw you added you need skykid too!!
  3. Protectors for both genesis model 1 and 2 have been available for a long time at retroprotection.com. It would make sense to do ones nobody else has already.
  4. Yeah, just the ones i need might be enough to kickstart a batch lol. Here is a list of all the types i believe are the same box: Ntsc emerson arcadia 2001 (usa) (I have 2, 1 is nos) Pal emerson arcadia (australia) 2001 Liesurevision (canada) (I have 2 boxed, 1 is nos) Schmid tvg 2000 (germany) (2 box versions) Hanimex hmg 2650 (europe, australia) Gig Leonardo (italy) (2 box versions) Ntsc Home Arcade (region?) Pal Home Arcade (region?) Advision *(france) Tunix (new zealand) (2 system versions) Bandia Arcadia (japan) Intercord XL 2000 (germany) Tchibo Tele-fever (germany) There are at least 3 more i know of i am missing that should also use this box: Cosmos tele-computer (germany) (hopefully i am getting 1 soon...fingers crossed) Tedelex (south africa) Educat (israel) There are a couple other big arcadia collectors that also have alot of these that likely would want protectors too. it would be wonderful if you make a batch, and like i said possubly apf is the same too, need to double check.
  5. No, im talking about the console box for arcadia 2001. I recounted and i think i have 18 variant console boxes for the system lol Videogameboxprotectors.com has protectors for the games, but nobody does for the system. So you could put me down for the first 18 of those if you do them.
  6. You can use sears controllers as well on inty 2.
  7. I would definetly pick something else since 2600 protectors are already available from retroprotection.com I think a very good choice would be intellivision next. Probably start with the one for the original release of the intellivision 1. I think its also the same size as the sylvania version box and possibly others. I have i think all the variations besides the digiplay version so i could also confirm what sizes are the exact same, as im sure others could too. Lots of intellivision fans here at Atariage!! You could also do 1 for the Emerson arcadia 2001. I would need about 16 of those just for myself alone Many of the arcadia variants use the same size box exactly. I think it may also be the same size as the apf m1000 box. I could also provide exact measurements of any of these.
  8. They were the same general price as the average game at the time.
  9. stupus


    Another flawless transaction with a top shelf atariage seller! Thanks again Bruce!
  10. I mean all these games old and new are still under copyright and will be for a long time. So if your trying to be 100% legal then you cant port or remake anything hardly. But otherwise its just a matter of what risk you take...if you only try to make money on stuff the owner has abandoned or isnt current then your generally safe. But not always...like you said nintendo has gotten very strict after not seeming to care about their old stuff for many many years. A few years back the biggest classic game torrent site Underground Gamer was shut down for hosting a link that contained 1 EA game rom from 1993....fifa soccer....a game nobody even cared about lol So you never know.... Of course stealing current homebrewers work is an bigger dick move.....but even then, once they are old and no longer made at all....where does one draw the line? Best bet is always create your own new content
  11. Cool system! I believe south american ntsc systems have a different color pallette than usa ntsc. So thats likely the only thing with the color issue.
  12. These are taiwan bootlegs from back in the day, they are known as taiwan cooper games. Since about all the info on them is they are from taiwan and they use the cooper font on the box. There are only i think 5 for the colecovision but there are many, many for the 2600.
  13. Yeah all this guys stuff is going high, and lots of it looks kinda crappy.....he has hyped it all alot.....cant imagine why thats working
  14. Beautiful! Thanks! How long is 1 side of the triangle?
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