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  1. Looks like Sean Kelly still has at least 1 copy left
  2. Thanks for being a bucks member but uh we are gonna keep those bucks now. Oh and please give us your personal bank info if you still want to sell on ebay. Oh and it will take 2 plus days to get paid now too. Much love, Ebay
  3. Now if they were the colecovision version....maybe.
  4. Believe i sent him a check. He can definitely be trusted. If you are worried about it getting lost or damaged i would just work that out with him how it would be handled in the chance that would happen.
  5. Any update when these 3 titles might start shipping to us? Thanks again!
  6. So just checked them on the colecovision 2 piece epyx boxes. While they do go in, they bulge a bit as they are really slightly too big. Probably because they are 2 piece boxes. I am guessing the 1 piece epyx coleco boxes would fit in them correct. But i dont have those out handy right now to check. I also just found the vic 20 game box protectors by buzzandbingo on ebay fit the coleco fisher price and small cardboard spinnaker boxes pretty nicely. Exact height and thickness and about a half inch wider than they need to be. This isnt noticable then on the shelf though....and only thing so far i have found close on those sizes.
  7. Thats always been my understanding if the seller wants the item back they have to send you a shipping label. But i believe you have to file a dispute to allow them to do so. Unless they offer to somehow send you funds directly.
  8. I havent checked them on the coleco epyx titles yet. But i want to say the coleco ones are a bigger box. They did fit a epyx atari 400 game. I have a few more things to check them on. I will do so and report back.
  9. Newer seller on ebay with id rugu_8163 Located out of the Netherlands. Not sure if they are a member here too. I bought some intetesting pal items from them, after i paid they stopped all communication. After 2 weeks still no shipping information or communications. I filed dispute with paypal, that took 10 more days and they ignored it completely. Finally got my money back but watch out wasting your time with this seller.
  10. We loved all ours for the various epyx Olympic games and defender of the crown on the c64. We did break some but we used the hell out of them
  11. If it was stated working and arrived not working then normal ebay coverage should give you a full refund including the shipping. And then the seller can choose to send you a return label if they want it back. If you already agreed to a different refund process then i wouldnt leave him bad feedback at this point.
  12. So glad it worked out for you to get this and be 1 of the handfull that own this unique and interesting game! I have a friend who works for the magazine this was advertised in the 1 time. Sadly they no longer had any copy left of that issue or any details on it....it was a long time ago now!
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