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  1. #1 Purple People Eater Purple... the same one that the original Amico purple was. #2 Alien Green (well you know why) #3 Rainbow Multi-Color... Hippy Rainbow... yeh that works. TJ
  2. You are are 4444 posts. nice! haha TJ just looked... I am getting close to 666... doomed!
  3. Being a completionist and being a member in this thread can make your heart stop when you come in the next morning and see pages of new posts to be read! Oh the agony... Now where are my glasses! 🧐 TJ
  4. Dayum... what happened to me! I am all lean N mean... I need to be short and round... hahaha. Have to show this to the wife... Thanks for the laugh! TJ
  5. Dayum!!!! I.... Am..... So..... Good Look'n! and so is Mr Allard... I like the contrast.... one hairy... one not so much. haha either way... like peanut butter and jelly! TJ
  6. I been down in the BUNKER too lawwng I suppose... The Old Lady has not been herself and I have to sleep down here now... No Amicos... No Playstations... No Xboxes... The only box I have is the one I curl up in at night and whimper off to sleep moaning... "Amico.... AmicO.... Ammicccco" TJ
  7. Can anyone tell me if the Amico has shipped yet? I have a craving like a pregnant woman and it ain't pickles with horseradish on them. TJ 🥰
  8. I say go right to senses and pan the scenery slowly of the dumps the carts are buried at, only the stiff breeze of the wind can be heard along with the ruffling of trash in the wind... then dead silence...... BOOM! up from the ground pops through ET's hand! Everyone jumps back in their seats.... then a To Be Continued appears on the screen as the Amico logo pops up. TJ
  9. Dig Dug.. my favorite game! Thinking of Dig Dug... wonder if a 2.5 or even 3d version was ever made for this game? Would be kind cool have a 1st person version of Dig Dug, although I think of Amico they said no 3D stuff... but bet you could still have fun in 2.5d version. TJ
  10. Was a treat to chat with you @Michael Garvey and Rainbow sends his love... lotta love! TJ
  11. lol.... the best part... some of us get senior discounts by looking old. You gnaw on that one while I get an extra Taco for the same price as you! LOL 😋😋🤣 TJ
  12. Holy [email protected]#$% Alien Penis.... They Are Back! Heading back to my.... B U N K E R ! Rainbow
  13. Maybe Tommy meant he was in a video game? My guess is Mr Bean! He will also be used for all the new commercials and marketing. TJ
  14. Congrats! Sounds like a keeper. Wishing him and IE many great years of success and happiness. TJ
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