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  1. I was a fan on the Monster Trading Cards. Anyone else collect those in the day? TJ
  2. If this means anything @OEB_Pete, your face brings a smile to mine every day! Keep being you. No one better at it! TJ
  3. You know... some Intellivision Cartridges would make an awesome ramp for an Evel Knievel to make a new historic jump over not 1, not 2, but 3 Intellivisions! Or a jump over tons of Carts lined up in a row. I hope to make this happen in 2021... This is just one of the things I noticed while doing a HUGE Unboxing video today, a wonderful gift from Casey Nydahl. He gifted me a huge assortment of Intellivision goodies and I made a 20 minute video unboxing it all. This is when I stumbled across the angle of an Intellivision Cartridge could make a great ramp for Evel. Now.. to buy a new Evel Knievel and stunt cycle so I can make this jump later this year. LOL. Of course I may need to make a real ramp as odds are the cart will just make Evel endo! Until then, come along for a humble and exciting unboxing... one I will remember forever in my Intellivision Life.
  4. Yes.. yes... no servers with bad bad bad pictures.. hehehe. Keep it local.. Keep it home... Keep it on your own hard drives people. hehe TJ
  5. Before that happens I plan to go live with the Amish. Screw big companies having that picture of my nekkid arse in their servers. No one.. I mean no one wants to see that! Well maybe a few bears? Bring me back to the good old days of 8bit Computers and BBS. TJ
  6. I just googled them. $1500 to $10000. Holy Toledo Batman! 😛. Cute though.
  7. Thanks @CurlyQ for referring folks. In fact, you must of been feeling the vibe as I am uploading a new Amico Society Welcome video to my channel now to spread the word plus let folks know what the group is about. Hope folks are finding the group fun! TJ
  8. He actually looks like a few people I know. holy Toledo! haha. tj
  9. Next do the @john alvardo stashe on him... do it... do it! tj
  10. Intellivision Amico Dance Dance Party coming in 2021!!! Being the underdog, btw, is fine by me. Gives us a drive to succeed. The company I work for was in a similar boat, and we had tons of eyes and nay sayers looking at us early on. We are now the market leaders in our product... not too shabby for a small company and we are proud of what we have done, even with it still being a challenge. TJ
  11. I posted this over in the Amico Society group but thought I would post it here too.. as I am a firm believer in what this video shows. Watch it... It WILL move you to help make the Amico the best video game console of 2021. I look at it like this... watch this video if you can. It is fun. Just picture @Tommy Tallarico Tommy Tallarico as that 1st dancer.. pretty sure that is how Tommy dances... then the 2nd guy comes in.. then a chubby 3rd one.. I am that 3rd dude... and I plan on drawing attention to Amico as best as I can.. and help folks see how great it is. Did this with the company I work for now.. we were new to USA and had lots of challenges.. but we kept dancing and now 11 years later stirring the market up like no tomorrow. hehe.
  12. Hell's Yes! Rainbow has been notified and he has some "Allergy Meds" ready for the troops at Intellivision to try. LOL. Great things a coming... Great Things!!! TJ
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