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  1. So I know whether to keep my name on the list or remove, can someone confirm what this device is... I had thought it was an Atari cartridge that would allow my 8 Bit Ataris to connect to my network/router via standard ethernet connection which in turn allows the Atari to access data on my network and internet too. Is that still the case? TJ
  2. In USA and have always wanted to try some Sinclair computers. Open to any of the models. in USA. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Thomas
  3. It will be new PCB witch W5100 Ethernet chip. https://www.sparkfun...heet_v1_1_6.pdf 1. davidcalgary29 - 1 cart 2. xrbrevin - 1 cart 3. skriegel - 2 carts 4. Marius - 2 carts 5. brenski - 1 cart 6. AtariSociety - 1 cart
  4. I am ok with dead-end... as in the end all are dead-end. Some just sooner than others. and I think 2 dead-ends make a right. hehe I am OK with ARM too, but is my feeling PPC still has some life. TJ
  5. That is a fact... I hate Windows. LOL. I should have added the word Atari TOS Platform or something to my original post. All I want is an Uber Super TT-Falcon running quad PPC at 2GHz TOS system and that there were modern variants to needed apps like full web browser, office type suite, video editing software to keep up with all the video production online, with great gaming, great music apps. That is all. hehe TJ
  6. Reminiscing a bit today and just watched a Atari video on YouTube. Oh I how miss the 80s and early 90s when Atari was still alive. Made me think... if Atari kept alive and was still making computers today, what would our OS look like? Would it carry on the same looks and feels that GEM had or have evolved into what we see today on most all Windows/Mac/Linux OSes. Or maybe something unique that no one has thought of as of yet? I was born and raised an Atarian but really left mid 90s after Atari died. Professionally I needed to get work done and the Mac OS won me over. I hated Windows. Today I use both Mac and Linux at home.... professionally and for home use, but also as a hobby started exploring Amiga OS around 2009/2010. I am an owner and user of the AmigaOne systems (X5000 which is an 2GHz PPC system) that runs Amiga OS 4, and this platform offers me the closest feel of the days of Atari for me. Although I wish that there was a modern equivalent of an Atari that was about the same power as the AmigaOne platform, there is just not. At least with AmigaOne I could probably be about 2/3 there to get all I needed done for work and pleasure, where the most powerful TOS based system has no chance. Just the way these two hobby platforms are today. I mean I can browser fairly modern websites, quickly, not perfect but decent. Can playback decent quality video, store my music collection, use some decent apps that can help me get work done. Would be cool if TOS evolved more like the Amiga OS did and that we could be in the same arena.... as I would buy a unique system like that in a heartbeat... Anyway, just dreaming today is all. I need to find and buy me a Falcon. I owned one once... sold it... kick myself for doing it but job issues and money made me had to sell off some goodies. I will see a Falcon again one day! TJ
  7. Well I was able to get the external Satan SD card drive booting so that is good. Still have issues with the actual hard drives but will leave it alone for now. TJ
  8. I actually do have a small black external Satan device that came with the Mega STe. Has cable to connect internally too, although I am not sure how to mount it inside since it is in a small black case. Guess I could just let it dangle in there or create some internal mount. I tried this device externally and did use HDDriver in it with a 2GB SD card, and did get it to work once mounting on desktop and read and write from it.... but, after reboot, it will not boot from the SD Card. In fact, I could not use HDDriver 8.2 after formatting and partitioning the SD Card to INSTALL HDDriver on it. It hangs when I select Install HDDriver. Maybe 8.2 is my issue and I need to upgrade to version 10? TJ
  9. Some side notes about my Mega STe..... In order to boot the Mega STe (since it has no internal HDD), I have always had to hit the space bar on my keyboard to boot from floppy disk. Unsure if this is an issue but when I turn on the Mega STe, the floppy whirs and stops, screen is blank, and will sit there until I hit space bar. Then it will boot from floppy and if I have an older Supra 20MB drive connected to the ACSI port in back, it will boot to it. But I always have to hit space bar to boot. Wanted to get that out there. Thanks TJ
  10. Hi all, been futzing with getting a hard drive in my Mega STe for the last few hours. No luck. So figured I would ask here for advice. I purchased this Mega STe couple years back and it did not come with a drive BUT it has the metal hdd sled with ACSI to SCSI card inside all connected. So, I tried 2 drives and both HDDriver 7.55 and HDDriver 8.2 will not see to allow me to format and partition and use. They just don't see either drive. The two drives in question are... Apple Quantum 160MB ProDrive LPS and a Seagate 2GB Barracuda ST32550N. Most my tests were on the 160MB as I figured it was more inline getting it to work. But did try both. Now there are jumpers on each drive but neither has jumper block to change them so guessing that means they should be set at SCSI 0? I did try a jumper block on the 160MB but did not help either. On the ACSI pcb I tried the dip switches all to Off, all on, and various combinations. The drives all spin up and do that initialize sound so they should be working, just zilch in terms of HDDriver seeing them. With all them on and using HDDriver 7.55 and using the ID Check, I would see under the ACSI IDs this... ACSI 0.0: Atari SH/Megafile Direct Access. But clicking format or partition no drive appears to do anything. Also with #1 and #3 on I got ACSI 2.0: Atari SH/Megafile Direct Access and with #2 only on I got ACSI 1.0: Atari SH/Megafile Direct Access. But again, no drives appear for me to format. I suppose both drives can be old and bad but they do spin up. Any other tips? Could the ACSI to SCSI PCB be bad? Thanks TJ
  11. He was surely an Atari hero. Saw him at World of Atari show in Glendale in early 90s.... he was a great speaker too. Funny as all get out. I miss those days. Would be uber cool if he ever tweaked Spectre GCR to finally run Mac System 7.... Would be cooler at least. TJ
  12. Purchased a MegaSTe last year and previous owner told me it had a 1.44mb floppy. I have no 1.44mb floppies laying around to try and erase and format, which I am guessing is an easy way to figure out if indeed I have a 1.44mb drive. Any easy way to decipher if I have 1.44? I do know I am running TOS 2.05. I understand using a 1.44mb drive may require TOS 2.06 but looking at past emails from the PO he said he tested and was indeed 1.44. Any advise would be cool. TJ
  13. I am now marking this thread closed for now. Will be keeping the TIMM. One possible buyer stepped up but has not called me back yet so figured I would take the ad down and keep the TIMM for now. Thanks for looking though!. TJ
  14. It is pretty sweet. I was not going to even try to sell it but figured I would give it a short run. If it sold... cool. If not.... no big deal. I used it yesterday on my Atari and after enjoying, figured I would just let it go a short time more and then pull it. Don't really need to sell it so. Anyway, thanks for the words. Have a nice one. TJ
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