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  1. My wife said I was not allowed to show off my "wood"grain under-shrooms. Too many older cougars may get to hot for me. She is the jealous type! lol
  2. I just want everyone to know that I have been kicking the Shill'Aliens butts playing Moon patrol. They know jack about the Moon... But... for some reason they been kicking Rainbows butt playing Evel Knievel. I am not 100% sure but think good ol'e rainbow was partaking a tad before be played though. tj
  3. Damn Shill'Aliens!! Always Wanting My Amico! Those....... ...... ........ Bastards!!
  4. Where's The Amico!! Where's The Amico!!!! hahaha TJ
  5. Winner Winner Faux Chicken Dinner. Well real chicken once a week on cheat day... but I digress. Thanks @CurlyQ for the fine birthday wishes! TJ
  6. I had thee.... @GrudgeQ, a rather sharp knife.... so thee can stab your inner minds eye out! You.... .... Are.... ................Welcome! hahaha
  7. Holy Sheep Dongles!!!!! Thanks for the warning as my Alien Detection Dongle broke last week and I had no idea the Shill'Aliens were this close! I have some depends packed with some MREs so I can eat and shit in my rather small bunker for a week or more now. Thanks ~Rainbow
  8. Rainbow has asked to buy two of these for his Alien "Bug Out Bag" or BOB for short. He say's they will make great mittens for him on cold days in the bunker. btw, @Tommy Tallarico may want to send two to Bernie Sanders... he may need new mittens soon! TJ
  9. TIP for everyone.... DON'T Eat The Brown Round Jelly Beans Found On The Ground! That is all! ~ Rainbow... <speaking from experience after an all day allergy meds extravaganza!>
  10. Great... Just Great!! Now look what ya did!! Rainbow has scurried to the bunker and may not come out again until Punxsutawney Phil pops out of his hole! TJ
  11. I was a fan on the Monster Trading Cards. Anyone else collect those in the day? TJ
  12. If this means anything @OEB_Pete, your face brings a smile to mine every day! Keep being you. No one better at it! TJ
  13. You know... some Intellivision Cartridges would make an awesome ramp for an Evel Knievel to make a new historic jump over not 1, not 2, but 3 Intellivisions! Or a jump over tons of Carts lined up in a row. I hope to make this happen in 2021... This is just one of the things I noticed while doing a HUGE Unboxing video today, a wonderful gift from Casey Nydahl. He gifted me a huge assortment of Intellivision goodies and I made a 20 minute video unboxing it all. This is when I stumbled across the angle of an Intellivision Cartridge could make a great ramp for Evel. Now.. to buy a new Evel Knievel and stunt cycle so I can make this jump later this year. LOL. Of course I may need to make a real ramp as odds are the cart will just make Evel endo! Until then, come along for a humble and exciting unboxing... one I will remember forever in my Intellivision Life.
  14. Yes.. yes... no servers with bad bad bad pictures.. hehehe. Keep it local.. Keep it home... Keep it on your own hard drives people. hehe TJ
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