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  1. Expanded upon the original Optimus Prime: I bet a strategy game with "cards" aka Slay the Spire or Hearthstone could be made using the original Stats of the Transformers. Just a thought. illya
  2. Nice job! Keep up the good work.
  3. BONUS: Again... Stay Strong 💪 everyone! illya
  4. Still Bored I tells ya! And therefore I have created even more RPG type monster enemy sprites for yall! 😁 : Stay Strong 💪 everyone! illya
  5. Just a bit bored. RPG Enemies Addendum: illya
  6. Hey gang! Here are some RPG type characters and monsters done in 8x16 with basic animations, long-range attack sprite/Drop. The only Drop sprite I have is the Egg, but I imagine that if it's not destroyed, shortly after the Egg is dropped it hatches into another Giant Goose... that's a problem. : illya
  7. Back in 2009, Me and a friend of mine were able to convince our local museum to have a video game exhibit, where we had games and machines on display as well as being setup up for any and all to come in and learn and have some fun. Eventually we had themed days like Mario Day, Pirate Day, Light Gun Day, Space Day where we dressed up as pirates, etc., and setup the machines with the themed games. The schools chimed in and had field trips to the museum where I would sometimes be available to talk to them about video games. The exhibit was the #1 highest in attendance and donations the museum had ever seen. The Atari 2600's strength is definitely in the game play simplicity for young kids. I would recommend trying: Mario Bros PacMan Ms. PacMan DigDug Joust Lock 'n Chase Mr. Do I'd stay with games that stick to a single screen like the ones mentioned by others.
  8. You're very welcome! That foot sweep looks awesome! It actually looks like he's getting down and sweeping the leg... I did it for the Karate Kid memes. I'd love a PM when you make some programming progress on this. Never too late to be a kid again... 👍 Stay Strong 💪, illya... out.
  9. The 3rd frame was the issue. He was moving his back leg further forward, and as a result his leg appears to extend backwards noticeably giving the appearance that he is also moving backwards: Frames: 4X: 1X:
  10. There is artistry in my family, but I had to work at it to develop in the "pixel" realm. Basically the formula goes: observe a subject, and using the imagination, translate it into pixel form. It takes practice and patience, patience and practice. The somewhere is wherever you are with your computer and it's free, and there are already examples of sprites an animation on the internet. Beyond this it would be learning to use specialized software like Photoshop to add effects, etc., and this means you could pay/have someone teach you. My crappy internet connection at times causes the forum to produce broken links and anomalies as I attempt to force uploading to it, hence the double Back Flip image. To get the back flip animation I watched a IK+ International Karate Plus (Amiga) YouTube video at reduced speed and I paused on the animation frames I wanted. Try watching the video where they walk around, and try to remake your walking sprite.
  11. Re-did the Block: Flying Kick: Back Flip: Knock Down: Knock Out: Frames: 4X: 1X:
  12. How's this? Sprites at 4X: Sprites at 1X:
  13. More Godzilla sprites & frames here:
  14. Adding Fuel to the fire! Here are some more sprites I whipped up based on your drawings Magmavision2000. UFO: Helicopter:
  15. by UltimateCartoonFan99 on DeviantArt Just wanted to bring some attention to this idea that Magmavision2000 has for a Godzilla game. If you could give him some encouragement and support I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
  16. I think it would be great idea too. That's the great part about having ideas and presenting them to the community. By explaining the idea, you generate interest and the community will help you(especially if you can show dedication and effort to seeing it through). Even though you're "not a programmer" there's always Batari Basic as a launching point, and plenty of people with knowledge of programming that have made tutorials and sample code available. illya
  17. CGE Adventures Featuring the late, great, Intellivision president Keith Robinson as a boss! A game I contributed some sprite work to back in 2012. It was a year in development and truly a labor of love for an incident that happened at CGE. The game is based on a true story from CGE 2010 when the RetroGaming Roundup crew were interviewing a classic gaming celebrity while a strange fellow made off with not one, but a whole spindle of 100 of the Podcast Promo CDs. Through investigation and deduction the thief was identified and has now come to be famously known as the Deaf CD Thief. The stage is set in Las Vegas at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo for this CD heisting hi-jinx. As the Deaf CD Thief it is your goal to search the Classic Gaming Expo in its glorious entirety from the show floor to the video game museum and ultimately the V.I.P. Lounge, all in hopes of finding and pillaging the CDs from the expo and escaping to freedom on the Las Vegas Strip. Sprites: Some Screens: Thanks to: Byte Knight of AtariAge.com; Lead Programmer Keifer Holcomb (AKA Byte Jr.); Title Screen Music, Viva Las Vegas RetroShaun of RetroGamingRoundup; Title Screen and In-Game Graphic Artist RevEng of AtariAge.com; Graphic Designer Philsan; PAL Converesion Albert Yarusso, Owner of AtariAge.com; Cartridge Hardware UKMike of RetroGamingRoundup; Box and Cartridge design Scott of RetroGamingRoundup; Level designer, Business and Production SoCal Mike of RetroGamingRoundup and GameGavel; Manual Layout & Design Gameplay + Song: Song by: Some nice lads from across the pond http://www.thebritishibm.com/ Purchase: http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/store/
  18. The Lost Sprites & Graphics: Here are some sprites and a titlescreen I did that I can't find on the forums at this time. So I'm posting them here for preservation and for everyone. illya
  19. Just have a compilation of sprites I've had kicking around for awhile that perhaps someone will find useful:
  20. Yes, it's not a problem, as that's all I ask of people. You're doing a good job. Keep up the good work!
  21. I sent a small amount through Paypal, but I hope it finds you well Jose.
  22. Thank you, it's been too long my friend! And I sincerely hope you and everyone out there is doing well.
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