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  1. Microcenter added the VCS and controllers to their page overnight. Currently "sold out."
  2. The Best Buy link appears to be live. I added it to my cart and was given an in-store pickup date of 6/19. No change on the Microcenter or GameStop pages. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/atari-vcs-800-black-walnut-all-in-bundle/6459020.p?skuId=6459020
  3. Does anyone know if this is the same game that was released in 2016? Or is this the update to that version that the dev has been teasing? Pixel Cup Soccer 17 on Steam June 9 Update
  4. I show a TBD for Gamestop. Best Buy still has a release date 6/15/2021 and have added the "free item" for the Speaker Hat. This wasn't currently listed. I guess that we'll see on Tuesday.
  5. Wow, I really snoozed on this. Hoping for a third U.S. run
  6. Does anyone know if games are locked to the console or the account? For example, if someone has two VCS consoles would they be able to access their game library from each by signing in?
  7. Same. There is a lot to criticize about the implementation of the VCS but it exists and isn't a scam. The folks named above largely went quiet on VCS once it was delivered to backers. The people who actually have one are - in general - enjoying it. That's what matters.
  8. Thrustlander is probably my favorite VCS game. I've easily spent the most time with it, slowly working my way through each variation of each level. It's got a ton of variety and is the best implementation of the Classic Joystick so far. Its a great example of a retro-inspired modern game. Well worth a look if you have a VCS.
  9. I'd like to see a Jaguar or Lynx edition of the Vault.
  10. - Major Havoc - Dude from Secret Quest - Elf Archer from Millepede - Berthilda, the Gem Eater, Nasty Tree and Skeleton from Crystal Castles - Skylar from Cybermorph I think that one of the challenges with this exercise is that many Atari games just didn't have a well defined character that players could identify with. I mean, do we really want to be the Pong Paddle? This is probably one reason Atari Karts only had Bentley Bear with a host of generic characters. I've always felt a good approach for Atari would be to use their IP for the environments. Imagine how much cooler Atari Karts would have been with asteroids raining from the sky... A similar approach could be used with a fighter.
  11. I'd love to see it on the VCS but Primal Rage was an Atari Games arcade property. Unless Atari Inc. worked out a licensing deal with Warner Interactive Entertainment (the current license holder of Atari Games' properties, including Primal Rage) it is unlikely. Dare to dream though!
  12. It's an M 3 x 4mm screw. I used the following:
  13. I'm definitely picking this one up tomorrow. It looks right up my alley!
  14. I got it on Monday along with reBOOTed but work has been a bear so just about two hours of play time so far this work. Hoping to get some real time with both titles tonight and tomorrow.
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