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  1. Has anyone tried AirConsole lately? Most of the games are receiving a "WebGL" browser error. Several of these are titles we've played before. I'm curious if anyone else is getting the same?
  2. I have 4 Jaguars and 2 CD units. One is hooked up, one is in a hard case and two are packed away. I haven't had any issues yet. I am considering going down to two.
  3. I felt the Luna experience was even better than Stadia. I tested out Panzer Dragoon Remake and a few others and I have to say that I was quite impressed. The game played just as well as my physical PS4 copy (Limited Run) and the load times were shorter. Also, I actually did better with the Modern Controller vs the Dual Shock. I am really digging this crazy pseudo open platform Atari has going on.
  4. I tried the Stadia app last night. I was impressed with the auto-switching of the Modern Controller to XBOX mode when connected via USB. If you just tap on the Atari Fuji it will function as a Stadia button. If you hold it, it will bring up the Exit option to AtariOS. The gaming experience itself was ok. I played a bit of Darksiders II and Watch Dogs Legion with no real issue. I wasn't super impressed with the Stadia library however. I'm going to try Luna later in the weekend and compare Panzer Dragoon Remake on the service to my PS4 copy.
  5. I guess surprise releases are going to be the strategy going forward. I may check this out as I generally enjoyed Aery.
  6. I got stuck at the level with the scientists. They just kinda float around in space and I'm not able to pick them up. Apparently a fix is forthcoming. The game is marked improvement from the earlier version.
  7. I picked it up this afternoon. I really like the implementation of the rotary function. That first boss is hard for the base ship. May have to grind a bit to get there.
  8. Apparently the single and game reveal is going to "drop" August 31.
  9. Just for fun, I looked at the order numbers and dates reported by @Mockduck, @tripled79 and myself for software purchases from the AtariOS store. Using order 623 on 12/20/20 as the first order and order 7979 on 8/20/21 as the last order, we can (reasonably) ascertain the following: - 7,356 sales in 243 days; average of 30.27 sales a day. - from 12/20 to 3/1 there were 3,972 sales in a 71 day period; average of 55.94 sales a day. - from 3/1 to 8/20 there were 3,384 sales in a 172 day period ; average of 19.67 sales a day. This is a 65% decline in daily number of sales compared to the period 12/20/20 to 3/1/21. - from 6/13 to 8/10 there were 1,625 sales over a 58 day period; about 28 sales a day. - from 8/10 to 8/20 there were 182 sales in a 10 day; so 18.2 sales a day. Obviously, this is rough and we may not be accounting for all sales on a particular start and end date. But given the apparently low number of software sales, it gives us a reasonable picture of software activity at the store. My guess is that the backers were the most enthusiastic group and largely bought whatever they were interested in early on. With games trickling out slowly and - perhaps - their waning interest, daily sales tapered off. There is a bit of a jump at retail launch to 28 daily sales but this is back down by August 20 to 18.
  10. I think that the order numbers for software from the AtariOS store are different than the hardware order numbers. Here are my software orders and dates from my email: 3-1 4595 3-2 4608 3-5 4636 3-13 4820 3-25 4948 5-9 5534 5-18 5587 8-10 7797 8-20 7979 The software order numbers appear to simply increment. If that's true, there have been about 8,000 paid software orders since the soft launch late last year. I wonder what the top selling games are? Of the paid games, VCS Vault 2 has the most ratings (101), followed by Danger Scavenger (89) and Guntech (72). Of course, the total number of ratings in no where near 8K.
  11. I've never been into point and click games before but this was a blast. Got back to the final case after a few busy days. First game clear! If you're curious, I highly recommend trying at least the first title in the series.
  12. I agree 💯! I'm on the 9th case of the first game and will definitely get the sequel when I'm done.
  13. This is actually quite fun and I normally don't play point and click. Recommend trying it out if you're curious. Also, since I've already seen the "this game is from 2017..." complaint elsewhere: Yes, the first title is from 2017. The sequel was released in April 2021. It's nice that they brought out both titles in the series for those that have not yet played the first game.
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