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  1. Free bump. Do you have any pre-modded controller sets? My stock CX-24 controllers seem shot functionally and cosmetically.
  2. I am very stoked on my new Harmony Cartridge! I ordered late last week and it arrived today. Within minutes of loading my SD card I was up and running my childhood favorites. Everything looks great on my modded 7800. Thanks to Fred Quimby and anyone else involved in bringing this to market! \m/
  3. The seller goes by eBay Seller: autoholic_808 and is based out of HI. I asked for a return address on Saturday and haven't recieved a reply. Hopefully I won't have to go through the hassle of a dispute.
  4. I am putting Xenophobe and Fatal Run back on the list. I got them in a lot buy on eBay and the seller used a cereal box for shipping with no bubble wrap, peanuts or even paper. The boxes are crushed and Fatal Run is split a it's seam with a loose PCB. I'll have to post photos when I'm at my computer.
  5. I'm interested in Space Invaders. Does your copy have the color manual? If so, PM me with condition details and asking price. Thanks!
  6. Earler this week I got my 7800 S-video/Composite Stereo A/V mod back from Joe - AKA "Electronic Sentimentalities"- and I could not be happier with the result. I know that a lot of people on AA already speak highly of his work with the 2600 but I wanted to share my experience with the 7800 mod. - The fit and finish of the jacks is great. If you didn't know better, you would think it was stock. - The console was modded and shipped out within a few days of reciept. Packing was just as it should have been and the console was returned in the same cosmetic condition in which it was shipped. - The channel selector is now the "TIA" switch. This eliminates interference from TIA. You'll need to flip the switch to play 2600 games. - Most importantly, the clarity of the picture is fantastic! No more TIA inference! No more diagnol lines! The colors also seem more vibrant. This is the only way to play the 7800! If you're like me and have no soldering skills but want to upgrade your 7800, I highly recommend Joe's service! http://electronicsentimentalities.com/ eBay Seller: electronicsentimentalities
  7. Bump. Two more off the list!
  8. You're welcome. Try Video 61 for MC3D. http://members.tcq.net/video61/jagnew.html
  9. The GOAT Store has new copies for $75. That's where I got mine. It's well worth the price of admission. http://www.goatstore.com/Products/Atari/Jaguar/154076/Zero_5/
  10. I just started collecting the 7800 a few months ago. I sold mine about 15 years ago and I'm glad to have it again. The arcade ports are great fun and the homebrews are just terrific. So far my time is being spent on b*nQ, Moon Cresta, Jr. Pac-Man, DK, DK Jr., Joust, Mario Bros. and Galaga.
  11. I'd like to be added to the list, if possible. Thank you.
  12. Picked up a CIB 7800 and several games last month. Overall it was a positive transaction. I'm loving the 7800. Thanks!
  13. Purchased a few 7800 home brew titles late last month. Fair prices and quick shipping. I would buy from again. Thanks!
  14. Bump! I'd like to add the homebrew releases of Sirius and Plutos to the list. I'm loving the 7800. It takes me back to 10 years old, a time when I was given a choice between Nintendo and Atari and I chose the Atari. Most of the time spent so far has been with Joust, DK, DK Jr., Mrs. PAC-Man, Jr. Pac and B*nQ!
  15. I got two of the commons - Jinx & Kangaroo. I tried for Fatal Run but got beat out int the last few seconds. Hope that your auction went well!
  16. Looking for CIB, VG, NM or M. PM with asking price, including shipping to CA. 7800: Alien Brigade Mean 18 Planet Smashers Tank Command Title Match Pro Wrestling Water Ski 2600: Coleco Gemini CIB Jaguar: Braindead 13 in Long Box Lynx: Lynx I CIB 5200: CIB Atari published commons
  17. It looks like its still available. I want a copy but for $500 the box can't be crushed.
  18. Final submission: 167,572. These old button mashers really do a number on the hands and thumb.
  19. 133,013. That was the score for my second game. The first was 132,253. I'm going to try one more but I think I may have plateaued. Also, I hate Pulsars!
  20. Votes cast. Thanks for dusting off ye olde Jaguar HSC. It really gives me a reason to power up the cat.
  21. No contradiction. I did throw an "Or..." In there! To my mind these two scenarios make the most sense with the first being my preference - mainly because I don't have BS/BSG. Self-serving? You bet! Also, I like your T2K bar for entry. I wager that 95% of Jaguar owners are already in the club!
  22. It's difficult to draw the line. I would say that if it wasn't available for sale at retail, it's not official. This means that Telegames releases would count toward completeness but Air Cars, Songbird releases, Battlesphere and homebrew titles would not. Or you could just exclude homebrew and unfinished games (Arena Football, Phase Zero, Space War 2000, etc.). Games that are complete, appropriately licensed and were started during the Jaguar's prime would count. These would include Air Cars, Songbird releases, and Battlesphere.
  23. Have you powered it on? For a price reference, take a look at Best Electronics and B&C Computervisions.
  24. I put in for the Jag. It's unlikely but it can't hurt.
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