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  1. It's not just iOS. Safari (Mac OSX) doesn't like them either. I had to switch to Chrome to view them.
  2. I see your Zardoz reference, and raise you Logan's Run:
  3. I'm running into this too (per-game prefs not sticking). I kept trying to change the default controllers to Joystick for Scramble, SuperCobra and Stay Frosty 2. It would work, until I power-cycled the RetroN 77, and it would revert them to Genesis controllers. Weird thing though, in the stella.pro file on the SD card, there are entries for each game that say "Controller.Left" "JOYSTICK". So the data was written - just not read.
  4. I'm sure "Atari" thinks of us too whenever they see tacos now. With hatred and loathing, but hey... baby steps.
  5. If you don't mind waiting awhile, I can do the McWill mod. I'm really happy with how mine turned out. You should also get one of SainT's upcoming redesigned SD cards. I have the first-gen one, but if the new one's faster, I might pick up one of those.
  6. There's always Best. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/power guide.htm I have a couple of old Radio Shack universal AC adpaters that work just fine for my Lynx, if you have one of those.
  7. The manuals for the RetroN77 item just arrived – all we need now is a winner.
  8. People can also immediately re-watch the ZeroPage streams on Twitch, without waiting for YouTube. Bonus: you can read the chat in a sidebar. https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/videos
  9. I worked at KFC too, during high school. Maybe we should form a support group. I will never get smells or sounds of the "maggot barrel" out of my head (where we dumped all the chicken fat and scraps). On the plus side, that job is how I was able to afford my 2600. There was another 2600 owner there and we'd talk about the latest games. He even tried to warn me off Laser Blast, but I was mesmerized by the cool laser effect and zapping sounds. I did Toys 'R" Us too. During the Christmas rush in '83. I worked in the "Security Booth" where we handed video games to people who had paid for them with a ticket. We had two display boxes there for the "Revenge of the Jedi" games. I hid them away with the intent of coming back for them, but was laid off after the holidays and never got them. It was better than KFC, for whatever that's worth.
  10. Homebrews! Books! Autographs! USB cables! All to support the Stella emulator. Bid now, won't you?


  11. And relevant to this thread, one of the items is a RetroN 77, updated to Stella 6.1 and pre-loaded with homebrews, plus a few extra goodies.
  12. You can do this now - with a little extra hardware: One OTG USB cable Two 2600-daptors, each with an A-B USB cable One USB hub (bus-powered works fine) I just tested this (I happened to have an extra 2600-daptor at the moment), and it works great! Connect as follows: Plug the RetroN 77's power cord into the OTG cable. Plug the OTG cable into the RetroN 77. Plug the USB hub into the other connector on the OTG cable. Plug the two 2600-daptors into their USB cables, and plug those into the USB hub. Plug your driving controllers into the 2600-daptors. Fire it up, and play! I didn't need to configure anything. I just had to start a game and move each controller to figure out which was which. I kept a joystick plugged into the front of the console to navigate the menus.
  13. How about "Coming This Fall" instead?
  14. Yet more mini-arcade action! This time, it's all about racing games: Pole Position actually has a tiny little steering wheel... but it's actually just a steering wheel shaped joystick. No analog controls. Although for this version, analog isn't really needed. You also don't need to shift, the buttons just accelerate and brake, but really, adding shifting to something this small would be a little ridiculous. (Get it? A little ridiculous? ) It's hard to justify being picky on something so small and so cheap, but Pole Position is one of the less-successful Tiny Arcade games. The game plays okay, but there are a few issues such as enemy cars disappearing, spotty collision detection, and the fact that you really can't lose. Even if you run off the track or crash, you get so much bonus time per lap, you'll likely still win every race. Plus, the cars kind-of look like bathtubs. New Rally-X (not to be confused with Ye Olde Rally-X, I suppose) translates much better, and plays very well. The animation is surprisingly smooth, given the choppiness of some of the other titles. The one downside is that the dots on the radar screen are single pixels, and they're so tiny, it's nearly impossible to see where your car is. There just isn't enough contrast (at least for my tired, olde eyes). Still, you can't have an arcade without some racing games! And my arcade is getting so big, I may have start up a second shelf! It's also getting a lot harder (and noisier) to get a decent photograph of everything. So I just decided to be "artistic" and leave the ones in the distance out-of-focus. I'm tempted to make a little arcade diorama out of these, but that requires more creativity than I have the energy for at the moment. But maybe later... I'm thinking it would be fun to re-create arcades from some classic '80's movies: WarGames, Joysticks, Tron... I might need some more games though. Get to it, Super Impulse! Bosconian, Scramble, Joust, Berzerk... they're calling you!
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