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  1. Well now you're just using Occam's Razor to cut a Gordian Knot.
  2. Unless Fred has made a statement to the contrary, he'll open up reservations again when he gets caught up. When reservations were opened last week, they remained available for several days. Just keep checking the website linked in the first post, and the next time they open up you'll be likely to get on the list.
  3. Updates: 2-6-21: Zeviouz won Best 2600 Work-in-Progress (Port) in the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards. 2-12-21: Lady Bug Arcade debuted on ZeroPage Homebrew. 2-15-21: Added "Not a SuperCharger Game" (code name) to works-in-progress.
  4. Update: 2-6-21: Zoo Keeper won Best 2600 Homebrew (Port), Best graphics (Port), and Best Music + Sound (Port) in the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards.
  5. AtariAge is run by one person. He handles the store, cartridge production, packaging, shipping, and keeps the forums running. He will get to your order. He always does. But it make require a little patience.
  6. R.I.P. Chick Corea... 😪 🎹

    1. doctorclu


      While I can't remember a specific song he did, his name came up a lot on the jazz station I listened to growing up.   Sorry to hear this.

  7. (In case anyone is wondering... yes, the reservation list is open at the moment.)
  8. No pressure. It won't be the arcade cabinet artwork. When I was creating the Collector's Edition artwork, I got pretty familiar with the cabinet artwork, and do have an admiration of sorts for it. But this will be original art, as all Champ Games use. That said, I've never been all that happy with the artwork I originally created for John's version, so I want to do something different than that. How different... well, I won't know until I actually start working on it.
  9. Actually, I bought one of those little 3D printed dumpster fires off Etsy, and it's pretty cool. Lights up and everything. Just like a logo.
  10. Wait... it's carpal "tunnel"? I thought it was carpal "FUNnel". No wonder I'm not enjoying repetitive data entry as much as I thought I would.

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    2. GoldLeader


      I remember a repetitive Data entry job...Vacuuming floors on the Enterprise and spraying Static Guard every time Data entered the room. 




      Hell if it wasn't for possible electrostatic brain damage,  He could just enter through the carpet tunnel like everyone else  :lol:

    3. Rogerpoco


      Hmm. It's devolved to Carpal PUNnal, now, huh.


    4. carlsson


      Now I wonder if the C64 budget game Tunnel Vision is likely to cause you carpal tunnel, or if it even was named as a play on that.

  11. BattleBots is what DVRs were made for: fast-forwarding through a 2 hour show for 5 minutes of actual robot combat.

  12. All done! I'm really impressed with the quality of the games. Some nice surprises in there - especially in the 7800 and 8-bit scenes, which I don't really follow (although I buy pretty-much every 7800 homebrew that gets released).
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