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  1. That’s a nice looking box! I ordered the game and totally got sidetracked and missed out on the box. If more ever get made I’ll take one.
  2. Where Im from summer is usually July, and a couple days in August.
  3. I was able to order Zombie Madness. Were the other Halloween games released on carts or just roms?
  4. Is this game still available? Wasn’t there another Halloween themed game as well?
  5. Has it arrived yet? Same day delivery an option? 😜 LOL
  6. I’m definitely interested in a game board.
  7. It is bilingual. The other side is French. Says it was printed in Malaysia. My box says made in Hong Kong,Korea,Singapore, or USA as designated thereon. I purchased it a number of years ago from a game store in Edmonton. Did the Heman action figures and play sets also come with comics?
  8. This is the comic inside my box. Were there different comics included? Now I’m very curious.
  9. This is fantastic. Any chance of a cart or even a board release? Is it possible to have a runner fumble from time to time?
  10. Sounds good, it should be here soon. I’ve actually received parcels from France quicker then I have from packages sent from within Canada or from the US.
  11. It’s needs the same treatment as Fight For The Cup Super pro Hockey, that’s a fantastic version.
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