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  1. mr_intv


  2. Wow, the Battle Network is going down to the wire. Its wide open, all teams still in the hunt.
  3. Great news. Thanks for the update.
  4. I really like it. Im not sure if it was released with the game or if it was only available with the intellivision II bundle. Likely the latter...
  5. Yes! Thats the one. Id love to get a copy of that poster again. I guess I could probably just print a copy now.
  6. Hi all, BITD when I received my intellivision II at Christmas it was bundled with Lock N Chase that included a poster. Are any of these posters still out there?
  7. Hi Shawn, Ill send you a PM.
  8. Im looking to track down a Atari 7800 power supply. Let me know if you have one.
  9. First attempt-6500.....at least I have a score this time.
  10. 6460At least I get a participation point! Lol
  11. Dang, I forgot all about this round, got too busy with other stuff.
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