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  1. I thought you were him??? :P

  2. The new skin looks fantastic! Nice job : )

  3. is making pizza w/ the (other) man who created Chuck E Cheese

  4. Poor DeLorean with your one lonely little joystick next to your name. You gotta get more posts in! :P

  5. geez Joe do you think you've accumulated enough friends on here?? :P

  6. Hey Buddy!

    You should go a little easier on BiffsGamingVideos.. he puts a lot of effort into his videos and he's not a bad guy. He's just doing his thing.

    Nice job though on "toning it down" around here, I'm proud of you! See ya at breakout.


  7. Yayy for California!! :]

  8. Meow? What did I do?

  9. Man you sure know how to get attention around here.

  10. I'm going with you.

  11. It doesnt matter what anybody else thinks or says. We do great work, & we've had a great time! We create joy, we give birth to new ideas & design beautiful things. The opinions of others mean nothing so long as we keep creating things that we are proud of and make us happy. We don't make these things for the approval of others but for ourselves. That's the whole point. Fuck everyone else. [-_-]/

  12. We have to go back.

  13. I know! I've seen so many videos of North Cali and all their gorgeous hills.

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