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  1. I doubt this would be the problem with multiple games, but, some games don't seem to make good connection when fully inserted, but work if you pull them out slightly. Usually about 1/8" does the trick for me.
  2. In addition to all the reasons EdgeOfPortal mentioned above, I love the industrial design of the system, carts and packages. I bring it to local computer club meetings and it usually gets a good amount of interest as most people have never touched one IRL.
  3. Nice score! And I agree, if you don't want to keep it, get it to Jaybird3rd. When I first got into Aquarius, he very generously helped me get a beautiful system and games for next to nothing and has been a champion for the lovable underdog all along. Can't wait to see the site.
  4. I think about "casual games" from the 2D era that might fit, Lemmings, MULE, Toe Jam & Earl, Klax, etc, whether they were the actual IP or a clone. From the mobile space, I really like tower defense games in theory, but they all lack character and polish. Those could be a winner on a bigger screen with some creativity.
  5. Oh, for sure. And your user experience might change drastically when playing on my couch. But then again I made Surround into a T or M game when I was a kid.
  6. Back on topic, this weekend we were playing some of the Jackbox games on the Switch and I was thinking that something along those lines would be great couch multiplayer or co-op for the Amico. Anything along those lines in the pipeline?
  7. First of all Tommy, I will be a customer; I'm in. I am a big fan of everything you are doing; except your reactions to naysayers here. If I responded to to bad Yelp reviews or Facebook posts like this, I would be yanked up to the Corporate offices in about 2 seconds. I know you are a cool guy, but you aren't coming off that way. I am hoping you can make a shift to use your talents to make lemonade out of their lemons or just let the negativity dissipate like a fart in the wind.
  8. A polarizing title, but to me it was a work of genius. If you were someone who was able to "get good" at the arcade version, I see why you would dislike it. If you were like me, there weren't enough quarters in the budget to overcome the wall of buttons, no matter how much I loved it in theory. I bought the 2600 version immediately after playing the demo and put a zillion hours into it. It's a top ten for me.
  9. I am an N64 fan, but based on the traffic, I think the existing thread is perfect for now.
  10. Holy hell, after almost a month of the tracking saying "out for delivery", my outgoing package shows it was delivered today. Now, just hoping my giftee gets it before the porch pirates.
  11. I remember playing Sprint 2 at a county fair tent arcade and loving it. A few years later I got to stop at Malibu Grand Prix with my wrestling team and they had a Sprint 8, which blew my mind. Such a huge machine and all the cars were in color!
  12. Oh man! Stunt Cycle was the very first video arcade game I ever played. It was at Columbia Skate in Vancouver, Wa. I remember by the next time I went there, it had been replaced by Death Race, and by the next visit, Stunt Cycle was back again.
  13. This may be something I would be willing to help out with. I should be in good standing, but Al may want someone who has been more active than I have over the last year or so.
  14. Thanks so much to my Secret Santa!!!! (not such a secret, either). First off, they did a great job picking candy that is not available here in the states. The Pro(c) Atari magazine is very cool, especially since Atari is kinda the next frontier for me in retro computers. The t-shirt is also an awesome bonus as Bosconian is a favorite of mine. But the pièce de résistance was a boxed homebrew for C64 called L'Abbaye Des Morts. Weird name but very cool looking platformer. This is a boxed cartridge version that comes with a cool ring as a feely. I will be heading up to play this when everyone get the fudge out of my house tonight. Thanks so much!!!!!
  15. Yeah, the tracking on my outgoing package has shown as "out for delivery" for six days now, so that is a little stressful. Realistically, I am sure it probably got delivered. Maybe.
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