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  1. First one I remember getting was "Stupid is as stupid does:, which was perfect for the situation. I like the secret achievements more, because I never really try for them if they are revealed anyway.
  2. Got 'em all played and rated. My personal awards: Most replay value - Asteroid Chasers Most creative - Timeloop Graphical appeal - Titan Not a stinker in the bunch; I appreciate everyone's efforts to entertain us Lynx fans!
  3. I'm glad I stuck with it. Once I understood I was limited to working with the 3x3 grid centered on the last move, things got more fun. This will definitely go on the GD and be one I continue to go back to.
  4. Whoooo! Asteroid Chasers is not a simple pick up and play. And, once I figured it out, it is very tough. But the infrequent wins are very satisfying.
  5. Haha! Thanks, I missed the play links, thought it was just the roms. Love Titan, interesting phallic enemies. Ill dig in more later and vote.
  6. Awesome! I will check them out when my GameDrive shows up (this week I hope). Any video available for these?
  7. Looks like the funeral home handling Feretti's services had to delete his memorial page.
  8. Haha! I got the same from my sweetie wife - she saw Farkle and immediately said "ooh, they need to do Yahtzee!"
  9. Order in for the woodgrain! Shopping cart process was super smooth!
  10. Tommy, I apologize if this was answered somewhere (I got way behind and had to speed-read the last ten pages), but....you mentioned awhile back that the system would come with five (or maybe six) games. Will these be pre-loaded or need to be downloaded? If they are pre-loaded, have you considered making one a download that people could pick to get them into the shop right away and also add some excitement of picking something that catches your eye in the shop.
  11. A good point. In my case, it looks like good timing. Taxpayers wont have to pay owed federal taxes until July 15 and mine is a good chunk. If those $1,000 stimulus checks come out as expected, $100 to the Amico is a no-brainer. The point of stimulus money is to spend it at retail, right?
  12. To truly appreciate the dumpster fire, you need to try the game I got with mine, Mortal Kombat! Mine is the handheld like yours, but they also made a version you strap on your head with a corded controller.
  13. I doubt this would be the problem with multiple games, but, some games don't seem to make good connection when fully inserted, but work if you pull them out slightly. Usually about 1/8" does the trick for me.
  14. In addition to all the reasons EdgeOfPortal mentioned above, I love the industrial design of the system, carts and packages. I bring it to local computer club meetings and it usually gets a good amount of interest as most people have never touched one IRL.
  15. Nice score! And I agree, if you don't want to keep it, get it to Jaybird3rd. When I first got into Aquarius, he very generously helped me get a beautiful system and games for next to nothing and has been a champion for the lovable underdog all along. Can't wait to see the site.
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