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  1. Chuck D. Head

    Chuck D. Head

  2. A few immediately came to mind (the first two have been mentioned above): Rescue Bagman and Armored Car - it's a bit archaic, but I keep going back to it.
  3. OMG, thank you so much for sharing. As much of a gummiholic as I am, I was destined to run across a bag of these and quickly eat more than anyone ever should in a month.
  4. Haha sorry to tease you then; it seemed to be the only clear flat space in the house.
  5. OMG! My secret santa really outdid themselves!!! I had Dig Dug and VB loose, but it is very cool to have some more sealed games, I only had one until now. I dont have motorodeo, so that one is getting opened. Also the Lynx game is one I have never played, so I am stoked for that! And of course gummies for the win!!! Thanks so much Santa!!!!!!! My wife also did well on the retro game gifting: I think she followed me around PRGE and talked the vendors down on everything I put pack down with a longing look on my face.
  6. I see your Lego Christmas trains (which are awesome!) and raise you a Micronauts Christmas Micropolis......
  7. Great thread for planning what to play when I am off work next week! Just a few that come to mind: 2600 - Dodge 'em, Fathom Inty - Utopia, Beauty and the Beast Genesis - Wiz n' Liz; Star Control, DeCapattack N64 - Diddy Kong Racing GameCube - Metroid Prime, Simpsons Hit and Run Xbox - Burnout Revenge Wii - Excite Truck, Excite bots Xbox 360 - Borderlands 2
  8. I would love these if still available, we are just getting into this now.
  9. I would love to try the 5200 version someday. I played the hell out of RS Baseball on the 2600, loved it back then, not so much today. I loved that screaming line drive home run sound. Of all the primitive baseball games, I think Tandy Color Computer Baseball is my favorite, it was surprisingly easy to control, even with the poopy standard non-centering joystick.
  10. Woohoo! My package showed up today. Its a big big box, but it's fairly light and marked "FRAGILE" all over; could be a major award! Gonna be hard to wait. According to tracking my outgoing box made it to its destination today also, so all is good. Update - Doh! it's not my SS package, just a present for my wife. Humbug.
  11. My bundle of fun has been sent out as well! Grig I will PM you the tracking when I get home.
  12. I finally got the last item for the box. I hadn't noticed the seller had "4-day handling"; I didn't think eBay even allowed that. Anyhoo, I am shipping tomorrow!!
  13. One incoming package is "out for delivery" today; another is estimated for Monday and once that arrives I will be shipping ASAP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wct_qwlq2QI
  14. Ground Kontrol is spectacular; I have not been to Quarterworld, but have heard it is very good. Both have similar mix of arcade / pins and have plenty of 80's machines and nothing from 70's.If you can only do one, I can't see how you could go wrong with GK as their games are usually in good repair.
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