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  1. A few thoughts on this: #1 - I'm in for this, put me on the list, even if it costs a little more than the old post said. #2 - I am running even a little more bare bones than most with just the bare console and speech module, but I use cassettes for my C64 and Coco. Having said that, if anyone has a spare TI cassette cable to sell, I would be interested in that. If no, I will hit eBay. #3 - Using a cassette duplicating machine gives pretty crappy results. I used a high speed machine (about 2-3 minutes for a c-60 tape) in the day to try to duplicate Coco and Apple software and the resulting product never worked. My dad told me the machine could have 1-2% speed variance, which was apparently enough to mess things up. If you were to just use an old dual cassette deck, I imagine it would be fine.
  2. Coming from Nintendo, it could mean something else.
  3. Awww, I wanted to be right in the center of action and have my booths back to back. Now god knows if I will be in a good spot to sell popcorn and provide first aid for RFS (Repetitive Facepalm Syndrome).
  4. This was a challenge for me as well, I had the old b/w tv in my room and still managed get pretty good at Pressure Cooker. It very deflating when you managed to do the hard work to put a burger together and then you lost it because you dropped in the wrong colored slot (medium grey vs light medium grey or dark medium grey). By the way, Pressure Cooker would probably qualify as hidden gem. Also much more fun in color!
  5. Well, I have been there, but did not have the movie connection in mind at the time.
  6. I also got my Tax Avoiders in 86' at KayBee, pretty sure it was under $5.
  7. Sigh. While our cynicism serves us well most of the time here, it also makes us look unfriendly at times. If a new member is really a "PR schill" it will become very evident by what they post or their lack of knowledge / enthusiasm over time. I would love to see us AA super sleuths be a little more patient before blasting someone the second there is a slight tick on the BS meter.
  8. Thanks for posting! I would love to do this as well, but don't travel a lot. So far my experience is limited to the Goonies house in Astoria, OR and some downtown Seattle shots from the Elvis film, "It Happened at the World's Fair". Would love to see more of these.
  9. Teaseriest teaser ever. They did sucker me into giving them my email address for updates, which I am sure I will regret.
  10. Good to know! I know from his book what lengths Kevin went to to get his first TI computer and now he won the the F18A raffle completely legit to go with it!!
  11. From one of the reviews; the salesman was "creepy and unprofessional".
  12. Thanks for making that effort Matt. This was the F18A, right?
  13. I don't know anything about this particular story's veracity, but the general idea is true. We had a high end Minolta graphics machine leased through a copier company, back around 2002. Someone copied something innocent, I think it was an internal gift certificate of some kind. The machine locked up and we had to get service. The tech told us that the machine interpreted the size and design as some kind of a bond certificate which locked the machine and they were required to send a report to, I believe, the Treasury Department. Never heard any more about it, but they did include a copy of our copy job in the report.
  14. A few come to mind based on the quality of my scores against high score club competition, but a few of them are based on the fact that most people wouldn't bother with the game: Tax Avoiders - I have played this more than any sane person should. I have broken 900,000, very close to the manual's stated goal of a million. I will say that on that game everything went as perfectly as I thought it could, yet according to Twin Galaxies, Todd Rogers got in excess of 2,000,000. Hmm.... Towering Inferno - again not too popular. I have gotten a few scores from 2,200-2,400 Dodge 'em - I have gotten the max (1080) a few times on this. Yar's Revenge - I can get 200-250K on game 6, but in the day mostly played on game 2 and impressed my friends with 500-700K regularly.
  15. Great job Ω in putting this thing together! Great effort went in to this and I appreciate it! Someone else can draw names next year, though.....
  16. ooh boy, he states; "3,500, you can get more out of it if you sell the games alone". By my reckoning,that is about $50 worth of games and about $25 for the Inty 2. It does have two extra controllers, so there may be one that works in the lot.
  17. Picked up my first double-ender a few days ago, but having a bit of trouble inserting it...

    1. Chuck D. Head

      Chuck D. Head

      To clarify; Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor had trouble going into my 7800. Was able to penetrate Junior just fine, though.

    2. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Glad you're getting it sorted, but be careful. Penetrating Junior with anything may not be advisable depending on your local laws, no matter how gently you do it.

    3. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      To clarify I meant that you should be sure your Atari 2600 Junior's RF shielding conforms to your municipality's RF emission guidelines before attempting to play any game on the system. =)

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  18. The Coco version was an absolute turd; absolutely zero guilt for me in cracking open a minty new Super Pitfall to make into a drivewire cart!
  19. Me either. I really need to slow down when I am looking at carts at the conventions. I guess I just scan end labels and never pull them out, but I have never seen about four of those front labels.
  20. They are both great, but Coco 3 (and carts) prices just seem to keep rising, so that might be a factor in going that way first. Conversely, you can get a lot for your money with TI stuff. As stated above the standard TI just looks better than the Coco 3.
  21. I was trying to avoid rubbing it in, but yes, I can attend on the way to picking up a gallon of milk. Good news is, if anything is needed last minute for the show I could likely just run home and grab it.
  22. Meh, I probably messed up your statistical analysis by clicking on the northbound one, when I am coming east to get there.
  23. My wife just got me New Super Luigi U and enjoying that so far....
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