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  1. Merci Monsieur Quimby ! C'est digne d'un stradivarius !
  2. abaudrand


  3. not abandonned, but delayed... Have moved home thrice last year and got a fourth one to do.
  4. found back my ticket number. Glad it is still happening.
  5. no update for the moment. sorry.
  6. Yes you told me that once. We will make our decision about the cartridge once the game will be completed. I'd rather come with something working instead of wasting other's people time. Anyway thanks for the offer
  7. We haven't succeed to make a cartridge using old chip from Atari game like Desert Falcon. My friend Yann who was trying to make it left the project as his new job is too demanding. No further update to come for the moment. I'm currently changing job and back at school till end of year.
  8. ok thanks. just think its just not a matter of solder and play...
  9. hi there, What kind of programmable chip is good to make a SARA game for the 2600. the rom is 64Ko. any advice ?
  10. A detail from the magnificient artwork painted by my friend YDL. Happy new year to everyone.
  11. my first cartoon with my daughter

    1. DaveD


      Very cool! Did she do the painting?

    2. GoldLeader
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