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  1. You know that regions is a DVD concept, right? CDs don't have regions. A region-free CD is like gluten-free water.
  2. Unless yamo is an adjective, the title should be "Yamo's Revenge". Or are you going for the intentional Engrish thing?
  3. Wait, so this is a game that's all about collecting keys, but you never actually use them to unlock anything?
  4. Zaxxon itself isn't actually very fun to play due to the awkward perspective, and Desert Falcon is just a worse Zaxxon.
  5. This question is hopelessly vague. It's like asking, "Does higher car speed affect gas mileage? How much?"
  6. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that someone actually attached a QuickTime file instead of posting a YouTube link. /checks calendar to see if it's 20 years ago
  7. I would think that would be the perfect excuse to give it slack.
  8. "Why" are you putting Atari Lynx and Mario Kart "in" scare quotes? Do you not consider those their real names?
  9. Was the "sly" part implying that a millennial can be someone in their 40s?
  10. I wonder if the Micro Arcade version of Space Invaders is identical to the pretty bad Tiny Arcade port, or if they improved it so the invaders at least explode when they're shot. Do you even know what "millennial" means? I ask because your post only makes sense if you don't.
  11. This "new" game is a remake of the first System Shock. There's also a System Shock 3 in the works, but it's being worked on by Otherside, not Night Dive. Completely different teams.
  12. And yet, you aren't disagreeing with me. I guess you just prefer to make high-pitched shrieking noises.
  13. Why bother? Crownland is an impressive technical demo, but as an actual game it's so very dull.
  14. Dude, how old is your webcam? I haven't seen video quality like that since the AOL days.
  15. So this is what having a stroke feels like.
  16. If you watch their Twitch streams there's hours upon hours of what's shown in this video.
  17. Because you clearly need that level of detail for an Atari 2600 port.
  18. Wait... what? I don't remember contributing anything useful to this game.
  19. Looking at the Baby Pac playfield, it seems chunky enough that you could get away with assigning a collision angle to every character cell of the playfield. Assuming you can do per-pixel collision of the ball against the playfield, that would get you playfield physics decently enough. As for the flippers, you could use the same approach for when they're full down and full up, but for the actual flipping, a pre-computed table of angle-velocity modifiers for each horizontal pixel of the flipper might be the way to go.
  20. I have no idea what you're talking about. I had nothing but kind words for him.
  21. Thanks for quoting the entire billion-line post immediately above yours. Really. That was brilliant.
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