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  1. GrandViewCoin read the whole topic before you ask questions like this!

    If you had of done you would have found out that the answer is a big fat NO


    Also bumping old threads without a good purpose is classed as spamming!

    (I know it's happened to me!)


    Spamming will get you disliked very quickly (Just some freindly advice here!) :)


    This is coming from the biggest spammer to hit AtariAge in over a year. :roll:

  2. Just out of curiosity.... whats the most expensive price (and title) for a game that everyone has seen sold on eBay?  


    Thanks in advance!




    I think it was that semi-sealed Malagai that DP sold wasn't it? I remember that thing selling for like $1300.


    That's nothing compared to what some US releases of neo geo games get though. Neo-geo.com states that some have reported to sell for $11,000 and prototypes of unreleased games for more than that.


    Nope, not even close, I have seen a Magicard go way higher than that and the Snow White proto that Marc has was even more.

  3. Then why not clear this mess up then? Quite an uproiar has been happening and people are getting more and more pissed as time goes on. Attendees, or former ones, are feeling like they are being treated like children. Drop this mess.

  4. define "badly".


    Badly is defined as how the phillyclassic organizers are handling this botched promotional idea.


    Badly can also be used as an adjective describing the attendence of next year's phillyclassic, or whatever it is going to be called.

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