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  1. Karma is afraid of me..

  2. "Hey kids, since we're going to die a few days before Christmas, Mom and I are going to spend the gift money on a family trip to Disney World that we can all enjoy right now before the cold hand of death takes us."

  3. Why does this forum have moderators if they never answer your PM's?

  4. I'm just trying to go with the flow. Not be a troll. Accept the fact I'm 10 and live on. I just want PEACE, and when I start trouble, it is not intentional. Learn to forgive please!

  5. I'm trying to sell a Jaguar in the Marketplace among other things. See my thread! But I can't figure it out....is the Jaguar 32 bit or 64 bit?

    1. 2600 Forever

      2600 Forever

      What I want to know is, can you copy the discs and carts?

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  6. I need older people on this server. I feel like I'm babysitting. Only I can shoot the children.

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