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  1. 10 points Paranoid impressive lol. Thats right and none of the labels are damaged its all in good condition but one of the controllers has a replacement keypad froma calculator works good though. If i remember correctly i replacede some of the flex circuits inside the controllers and did the foil for better button continuity "mod". Paddles were made from old 2600 paddles potentiometers and washers , made them wayyyyy backin the day like 2002
  2. Thats not just dust thats rhode island dust.. circa 2001 its just about hit its prime. Thanks for the compliment and bump
  3. fourAlright there seems to be intrest so i grabbed some pics.. i didnt dust it or anything cause im lazy as hell lol one two three four number that comes after four last one
  4. Hey guys i have a 5200 system 2 port two power supplies two or three controllers 2 homemade paddle controllers.. and a lot of about 20 or so games All in the origianal 5200 box i can get a list and pictures for anyone interested and we can work a price out .. i have manuals or some of the games also.
  5. Hey guys i got a Sega genesis w/ the 32x attachment all in working order with a lot of games all with boxes (except game genie and sonic/knuckles) and all with manuals (except the two sports games). Three controllers and all the hookups for it. Best Offer plus shipping The box of games pictures below .. just best offer on any of the games .. want enough and ill send the rest free if you'd like I also have a MINT MINT MINT gameboy. Its the origional .. only played one to make sure it still worked the thing works great and theres not a spec of dirt or any marks whatsoever on her. Im not sure what to ask for it so shoot me offers. Either PM me, Email me at [email protected] or AIM me at Jami3 Th0mas [/img]
  6. figgler .. ill throw him in with the other stuff you wanted. Kaine , yeah ill split it up, just pm me with an offer.
  7. ill take $10 shipped .. just dont wanna chuck em in the trash
  8. Out of the box but have the little guns and ect. that come with them. Best offer EDIT: one random dude for Street fighter in there .. forgot his name. the emails [email protected] and the AIM is Jami3 Th0mas
  9. Hey guys just a bunch of extras im clearing out here.. best offer on all of the carts 2600 Enduro Berzerk x2 Asteroids x3 Star voyager E.t Defender Yars revenge x2 Realsports Football frogger cosmic ark warlords (and of course heh) combat 5200 centipede 7800 Asteroids Galaga INTV Lasvegas poker/blackjack space armada SNES Super mario world Tandy CoCo Trs 80 Chess NES vintage cart carry case 2 blue plastic cart cases Lynx One lynx system , doesnt power up And one Vtech prestige laptop .. still works if anyones interested in it My email is [email protected] My AIM is Jami3 Th0mas And the pics...
  10. Hey guys heres some carts ive been lookin to get rid of. PM me with any offers on trades or sales. Lynx System .. looks good dont power up Lynx Ninja Gaiden Chess for Tandy CoCo Centipede for 5200 2600 combat x2 frogger cosmic ark star voyager yars revenge x2 asteriods x3 berzerk x2 Realsports football Enduro E.T. Defender Warlords INTV space armada Las vegas poker and blackjack SNES Super mario world
  11. I got one boxed working with the pegs and all .. that i need out of here if your interested email me and we'll work out a deal
  12. Dude that is wicked sweet... 1000% better then the original .. good work
  13. Took bout a half hour for each paddle, i was gonna make instructions on how to do your own paddles and send it to Al or Alex but i got lazy They look and work great i made a few sets for people on here and on DP but im just gonna write some instructions on how to do it yourself cause its easy.
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