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  1. Switch downloadable game recommendation: Wulverblade.  It's on sale today for $4, and it's a really good, surprisingly serious brawler.  The music, art, and controls are all great, in my short bit of play.  

    1. Machine


      It says $20. WHere is it $4?


    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      My bad, sale ended, super sorry.  It was $3.99 when I snagged it a day or two ago, I thought it was through 4/2. :(

  2. I do hear you, and your logic is sound. I agree about a lot of great games being less, and I get you on the price. But, PD has a wonder and majesty, and to lots it's worth the $25. As well, keep in mind they just released Stranger's Wrath HD for $29.99. Great, great game...but just saying, they price them up there sometimes nowadays. But just in case you're honestly confused about the hubbub... watch the YT review of this by Sega Lord X. He goes into more detail about the history of the game and what it meant at the time. If it didn't sell well at the start, well, neither did the Saturn Another decent review I saw was from, surprisingly enough, Maximillian Dood (he's nearly 100% fighting game guru, but occasionally does other content, and is a very smart guy). Both basically said it's really good, but not perfect. For my personal part, Panzer Dragoon was an insane and majestic game to have. And yes, I'm one of the six crazy people to have bought a Saturn at Launch for $399. I got Virtua Fighter packed in, and I had Panzer Dragoon, and it blew people away. I was never great at it, but loved it anyway, mostly for the special world they created in it - really took you into its fantasy in a way 16-bit games couldn't manage. One of my favorite days in video game history was the day I happened into my local game store (RIP actual non-chain game stores, and for that matter, physical media lol), and they had just received Panzer Dragoon II and Nightwarriors. It's a wonder I ever left the house again.
  3. In my "defense" (really more of self-indictment)... I have, among other things, a nearly NIB Saturn apart from my "Play" Saturn, a NiGHTs pillowcase, a copy of Dragon Force with the Dragon CD art, and a Virtua Stick and Stunner NIB. But I don't have Panzer Saga or Shining Force III anymore, sadly. But definitely a severe case of SEGA! So they had my number when they made the classic edition with the agreed horribly breaky Saturn longbox. But even so, might cancel, because $, and the fact that they're not even going to have this stuff out until what, June? July? Redonk.
  4. lol And... Same. Bought the $60 version with the Saturn Longbox, and feel like a dirty, dirty whore. As Flojomojo said...wait for months? I am thinking about canceling, very seriously... But...but...Saturn Longbox....
  5. Panzer Dragoon Remake showed up by surprise today: https://www.engadget.com/2020-03-26-panzer-dragoon-remake-bravely-default-demo.html Not an M2 but thought this was the best thread for it...
  6. WFH has advantages... Coworker asks via IM about something I know the answer to.  "Let me look into this..."  Fire up the ol' SNES Classic, go a round or two or Contra III.  "I found the answer for you..."  :)

  7. Can confirm. I signed up for their whatever rewards thing awhile back to get a discount on my FB9, and I still get issues delivered. I will say - it's actually not half bad as mags go. There was a SUPER funny article spoofing a new MK game, saying that they really wanted to spook gamers and had run out of ideas with ways to mutilate bodies, so instead of doing a fatality, Kano would reach up and bend a pipe in Scorpion's house, costing him thousands in repairs. Other fatalities included dead spots on the lawn and things of this nature, so they could really get to the fears of their client base.
  8. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pkew4g/gamestop-instructs-employees-ignore-law-enforcement-not-shut-down-coronavirus A memo sent to workers says GameStop views themselves as "essential retail." Unbelievable GameStop issued the following statement in response to our story, defending their decision to stay open: While GameStop is best known as a provider of gaming and home entertainment systems, we also offer a wide array of products and devices that are important to facilitate remote work, distance learning, and virtual connectivity. As millions of Americans face unprecedented challenges adapting to virtual learning, working and interaction, there is significant need for technology solutions and we are one of many providers of these products that are remaining open at this time. Schools, businesses and families are now suddenly dependent on being able to connect through technology. While there are many businesses and organizations far more critical than ours, we believe we can have a positive impact during this very challenging time. The health and safety of our employees and customers is of utmost importance and we have and will continue to take extensive precautions consistent with CDC guidelines. We are complying with all state, county, city and local ordinances and we will continue to adjust to any future developments. “Due to the products we carry that enable and enhance our customers’ experience in working from home,” reads the memo, “we believe GameStop is classified as essential retail and therefore is able to remain open during this time. We have received reports of local authorities visiting stores in an attempt to enforce closure despite our classification. Store managers are approved to provide the document linked below to law enforcement as needed.”
  9. Streets of Rage 4 with Genesis Clamshell Classic Edition from Limited Run...successfully Preordered!  Now for the long, long wait until this is actually released. :P

    1. dj_convoy


      Got the bare bones, m'self. I have my fingers crossed that the game turns out well. No reason it shouldn't... just always a bit wary of classic remakes / sequels. 

    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      I understand the wariness, it makes sense.

      For my part, as frightfully wrong as this is and I know it, my hopes are sky high since I just LOVED Streets of Fury on the Xbox 360 (an indie game by this developer).  I know from watching tons of videos that they have a STELLAR team for the soundtrack, including not only people from the original SoR series but IIRC the woman who did the SFII soundtrack and some people from the Jet Set Radio series (!).  

      But yeah, lower expectations are better - if they get exceeded, great, if not, you're ok.  :P  I just can't help it, I'm way too stoked for this.

  10. New to the Rasp Pi scene, so apologies if I don't know what I am talking about or am not explaining things right. I just got a Retro Pi (Rasp Pi 3B+), and I am having trouble getting some arcade games to let me configure the buttons. Specifically Xmen V SF; ). I can't get my keyboard Tab key to pull up the Mame menu, but tbh I'm not sure it's running mame. I have tried the trick of deleting the default config file from RetroPie/roms/arcade/mame2000/cfg/ and the related ones (mame 2003, mame 2010, mame 2014), but it hasn't worked. It may be running the game in FB alpha... Is there an easy answer to how I map the buttons differently in that? Second issue... I got this as part of a cheap but neat Arcade setup with a 32" LCD monitor. Most of the 7800 games and 2600 games look not great, given the size of the screen & the fact that you're standing right there in front of it. Are there video settings that I can change such that the screen image size will be smaller? It's not stretched, it's the proper ratio it's just not sharp or clean. Any help greatly appreciated - loving what this little powerhouse can do.
  11. New Character is Floyd, a Maori warrior with cybernetic arms. Pretty cool, but I still wanted a full cyber version of Dr Zan Music is awesome, I am super excited for this.
  12. I really hope it's Dr. Zan the man. He is actually my favorite character from the series to play, love both the reach and the dash attack, as well as the style. Maybe he bulked up like Axel did

    1. GoldLeader


      THX for Posting!...Almost forgot about them!  I used to have some of their stuff in my iTunes, but it was some of the stuff that disappeared a while back because... iTunes is kind of Awful, truth be known...

    2. joeatari1


      Dude, that was awesome!  Thanks for that, it made my morning!  I didn't know these guys existed, but now I have a new album to buy.

  14. I hear you and do understand, there's an awful lot of great retro stuff out for all of the modern consoles. But full overview, if you look at the library of games coming out on Switch it really outpaces what's out for the others (arcade classics types). And though I don't have a comprehensive list to compare, it just seems like the Arcade Archives series does more Switch than any of other others. Not even just talking about the Donkey Kong series/ Mario Bros (which of course are great) for the AA series... But stuff like Skyforce Reloaded and the Psikyo shooters, I don't believe those are available on the other systems. And a lot more of the indie stuff on Switch feels and looks retro based, styled, targeted. And I didn't think I would, I tend to hate portable game consoles as well... But I have found myself using the Switch on a stand along with a pro controller from time to time, and/or when I'm on trips. It's super handy, and a nice escape to be able to go a few rounds of Front Line, Crazy Climber, Moon Patrol, Mat Mania, Elevator Action, USFII, whatever, nearly instant boot up and play, easy and quick shut down and stow away.
  15. GD you Flojo. Now I'm out $130 to $190 (at some point down the road)
  16. I didn't think I would want one, but I freaking LOVE the Switch. The Pro Controller is one of my favorite controllers of all time, and the fact that this little guy boots up lightning quick is just great for a quick round of an old arcade game or two (the Switch is a retro gamer's dream, with its selection of not just old games but remakes). It doesn't need to update every week for like 20 plus minutes unlike the Ps4 and Xb1. In addition to being portable. It's a simple, great design and I applaud them for basically getting the Wii U corrected.
  17. Or I would just LOVE a Crazy Otto game, but...same problem And back to @Vrock's mention, I have a soft spot for Galaxian that Galaga doesn't completely fill. Would have been nice of them to include Galaxian here as well. And all that said, I LOVE the cab design, and this one is in serious consideration for me. But I am basically out of disposable income and space, so....ugh, going to be a toughie
  18. 100% agree, same logic for me. Such that I ended up getting the SW machine...and after decades of debating what precisely to get, finally got a multicade cabinet (currently running Rasp Pi, will upgrade to a fast PC later once the Sinden Lightgun comes out etc) to play basically everything else, set up a little mini-arcade room. I can't rationalize buying and/or having a room full of "joystick and button" games that can all be done on one machine. But the Flight yoke (not to mention the art) is really special, and I love having this one.
  19. Nice! I am not the player I once was and though I love it, I have yet to crack 500k. I am enjoying ROTJ more than I thought I would. Slowly getting better. The AT-ST stage is definitely more than enough challenge, the game is definitely more than I thought it was before I got this cabinet (had just died too quick in the past and wrote it off as too hard to be worthwhile). Love the scanlines too.
  20. Just found out about Zero Team, an Brawler that wasn't on Mame until 2016.  Made by the team who made the Raiden shooters, it's very fun.  Strongly recommend!  Hope it gets a Switch release sometime. :)

  21. I like but don't love Burgertime; I do love the cabinet design, and am a big Karate Champ fan...but this one I will be passing on. The Frogger cab is a temptation, mostly since it has Time Pilot and Time Pilot 84. And I do enjoy Frogger too. Good set of games, this is a solid entry IMO.
  22. I do agree to an extent. In the case of GA: TRODA, it's a bit of the worst of all worlds for me personally. I won't be playing 4 players (2 probably, but don't need all four), so the panel takes up additional space...but the monitor is still 3/4 size so it's smaller than I would like. On the other hand... The artistic choices and colors they've got here are super duper nice, both for NBA Jam and for GA. If only they'd included Streets of Rage 2 instead of Wrestle War on the Sega cab... I think I'm still in for GA, though, unless I lose my mind and finally go for a full size cabinet from someplace. But the A1up Showing at CES with Golden Axe / Altered Beast, Frogger / Time Pilot, and the Pac-Man 40th w/ Galaga? And NBA Jam? I'm starting to think about getting a 3/4 size arcade together in my basement instead.
  23. I think I got the angle just about right... Come on everyone, get the t-shirt to go with the game, and post a pic!
  24. WUT???!??!!??!!!!! Do they know how long I have waited for a Revenge of Death=Adder home game???????????????????? TAKE. MY. MONEY.
  25. Most insane home game room conceivable?


    1. joeatari1


      Holy Moses!  Game room?  More like game mansion!  I didn't see a Polybius machine though... so he doesn't have it all.

    2. thanatos


      Simple to do if you have unlimited money!

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