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  1. What exactly should a "mainstream country" be? Poland has a strong Atari scene and i for example have sold my Jaguar cart of Orions demos for quite a decent amount to - wait for it - Poland....
  2. I soldered two floppy cables together, fitted a male floppy plug on the end and plugged that into the internal floppy cable of the Mega ST. So i have the Ultrasatan and the internal diskdrive together on the MegaSTs floppy cable. I did it that way because i wanted something that can be removed again without any hassle, traces etc. Works great!
  3. Got my boxes today - they look great! Thanks a lot!
  4. I was refering to the Atarimania database by Romhunter - what you are refering to is the Atariprotos database by Tempest. Either way i can correct none of them, sorry!
  5. aaaand here is the infomercial: https://m.youtube.com/watch?lc=z12vilt5ttftxvnia04cixiy0xb4x3oze5o&v=YoQIEEoKgFM
  6. what do you guys think about this: https://www.ebay.de/itm/192190035715
  7. Oh, look! It`s the Atari Switch!
  8. I am also interested in a copy! Thanks!
  9. got mine today - it's a fantastic game!
  10. now "only" 800... in 5-6 years he will have a reasonable price
  11. Love it how the auction text says "last price!" and two month later he lowers it from 1300€ to "only" 1000€. Guy clearly has no clue or wants to fool people...
  12. This might be the dumbest auction for this year (the repro boxes are nice though...) http://www.ebay.de/itm/2-Sehr-Sehr-Seltene-Und-Wertvolle-Atari-2600-Spiele-/182351786617?hash=item2a75037279:g:Gs8AAOSwzaJX~6lG
  13. this is brash: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Atari-Jaguar-Catbox-Aircars-Battlesphere-Gold-ICD-Cat-Box-Sehr-selten-/401184547331?hash=item5d68766203:g:o5YAAOSwMgdX0HBT
  14. wow! Great selection of games! This is a must-buy, i guess!
  15. any news on how far down the list we are now?
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