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  1. if there is a list - i want on it...
  2. Wow, he is selling a multicart that you still can by from "retrokidz" for 80$ and he had "retrokidz" put titles from Songbird on it? And he`s asking 380$? That`s shameful and stupid
  3. please add me to the list for one more cart: this time a cased one so i would like to order one with and one without a case Thanks!
  4. Please add me to the list for one cart without case. Thank you!
  5. well, if the Jaguar-tooling ends up in Alberts house, i would regard that as a good ending to a terrible story
  6. get Protector SE - fantastic game!
  7. I also would like to be on the preorder list for Xevious. Thanks!
  8. I simply can`t believe it is a video cart shoved into a clear Jaguar shell - this is completely insane... and also pretty funny
  9. Now MK deleted the photo of the back of the system from his Facebook account... way to convince people that everything is legit...
  10. Yes, let`s wait and see... maybe they actually have something. I´m doubtful, but who knows...
  11. well, the Super EverDrive v2 is just 79$ and it comes with a tape-free-shell http://shop.krikzz.com/Super-EverDrive-v2-SPEDV2.htm
  12. What i really do not understand is why they not even tried at least a bit to hide the fact that this ist a SNES in a Jag-shell... how hard can it be to use a different controller, to make that damn light work, to use a different TV-cable und to stuff the back of the Jag-shell with something nicer than tape... I really don`t get this... is this supposed to be some kind of weird joke?
  13. i actually can`t believe that anybody would be so stupid to cram a SNES into a Jaguar-shell and call it a prototype for a soon-to-be-released new console... but this is pretty much what this looks like. i still can´t believe this...
  14. Atari Jaguar Hip Bag: http://www.ebay.de/itm/161829471504?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 will ship internationally!
  15. would`t this thing be very much like Lotharek`s MIST FPGA? http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=96
  16. That`s just great: one of my favourite games finally on my favourite console! Thanks!
  17. - Tempest 2000 - Protector - Defender 2000 - Missile Command 3D - Doom - Iron Soldier - Battlemorph - Battlesphere - Rayman - I-War
  18. no tracking number, no emails from Mike. Guess i will have to try to get my money back - i´m pretty pissed...
  19. he finally contacted me, but now there's silence again. not very professionell...
  20. OK, you have (again) mail... let`s see what happens
  21. no answer to my mails - should i try to get my money back via paypal?
  22. still nothing here - will have to contact him and see if my goodies are lost...
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