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  1. I have a pokey max v3 installed In my remake 130xe board. Do I need to disable the pokey max keyboard function or will simply not connecting the be suffucient? Thank You for the quick response.
  2. There are 2 pin locations near the PS/2 connector. Can these be used with pokeymax v3 clk and data pins? If I have pokey max v3 should I remove tk-II pic or will they not interfere with each other?
  3. I recently purchased a second Avg cart and it arrived with firmware 021. On the AVG webpage I only see ver. 020. How do I get the latest firmware and what are the differences?
  4. Thank You. I was able to skip the encrypt process. I purchased 5 Gal22v10b pre-owned for $10. Of the 5, I could only get one take take the JED file correctly The other 4 pass programming but when I read the file back it's doesnt match the source. The one that did program,is working in my 130xe. Just need to find a expanded memory testor. I am using the G540 Genius programmer with the latest software on windows 10.
  5. Do you recommend any specific programs for testing out functionality of the computer?
  6. I have made it past initial power on stage. Mine powered up with clear video but no color. I resoldered the components in the UAV circuitry and the connections feeding video to the UAV. Now I have color and nice video. My stock Atari video output blurry when checked. I have not tested it again since I did the resolder work. Sophia 2 video is working well too. Having trouble getting my Gal to program. The programmer is id'ing and reading the chip fine but fails every verify. I am running it from my old laptop so it may be a power/current issue from the old usb ports. I will try again on my desktop pc tomorrow.
  7. I have never had a problem. I have been ordering from him all the way back in teens in the 80's and 90's I remember getting my ICD P:R: connector from Best for xmas. Another time I fried my 800xl trying to digitize sound using the joytstick port following a article from Antic or Analog. It actually worked and then the next time I tried my computer went dead. I end up ordering a complete set of chips from best. I am fairly certain some of those spare chips are still in that closet. Just no way to easily get into that closet now, The room still has my old furniture but has become mostly a storage room. I think my old 800xl is still in there too. Closet probably has not been opened since mid 90's. I know I have tons of baseball cards in there from early 80's to early 90's. lol.
  8. That is how I did mine. If you are setting it up for NTSC video you can skip these components.
  9. There are jumpers below the the VBXE pins, from what I have gathered by using them. You jump top row of 3 to middle row of 3 for stock atari video circuit. Bottom row of 3 to middle row of 3 is UAV video circuit. if think if you have no jumpers in place, then you can connect vbxe video output to the dual row of 5 pins, then vbxe signal will go to the atari video port. I think you could leave UAV video but VBXE output would need a separate connector.
  10. Mouser may have both, I ordered them at different times so for me it didnt matter. It is possible to desolder the connectors from the board that comes with sophia2. I did it once, the dvi connector was easy. The red connectors pin legs are not straight and solder likes to stay in place. Plus the contacts can pull out of the connector pretty easily. If they dont get bent up you can put them back in just as easily. But for a few dollars its quicker and easier to buy new connectors. Until this board I had only done soldering on small projects. A few wires here or there as needed. And they looked terrible but now after having lots of practice I feel I have greatly improved my soldering skill. Now I want to tackle my 1088 board I have sitting in a tote with all the parts ready to go. I was too afraid I would mess it up.
  11. It fits the holes on the pcb, but overhangs the oval hole in the board for the keyboard support posts.
  12. Here is the silicone mat. Here are the Cart and ECI connectors. IVOP posted this link earlier in the thread. I purchased and received about 10 days later. They fit perfectly. Atari Joystick Ports. 7 Pin din power socket. Sophia 2 16 pin connector. CRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ for NTSC machines. DVI Connector Coin Cell battery holder. Here are the GALS for the expanded memory. Still waiting for these to arrive. Keyboard connector I got from THEBREWINGACADEMY.COM SIO Socket was new old stock on Ebay here. But, I do not see any more available.
  13. Yes, the minor corrections are only for the first run of boards. The numbers in the word document also correspond to numbers on the .PNG file to show where the correction must be made on the board.
  14. For the Y1 it mounts differently for NTSC and PAL or is that the same hole for both?
  15. I was not sure if it was possible or not. At work I use the search function in our pdf manuals to locate information, it works pretty well most of the time.
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