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  1. The stock cables that were sold for 850 and PRC were DA15 to 36 pin centronics male. Most of the other brand print adpaters also had a 36 pin centronics male connector as their output. I actually made a cable first for my PRC to the printer. I wanted the ability to print from my other adapter which prints out Atascii.
  2. Update to printing with the Brother HL-L5000D. I found a nice Centronics adapter Female CN36 to Female DB25, using this adapter you can use stock ICD P:R: and 850 parallel cables, I have also tested it with the U-Print and apeface print adpaters. I had to make 1 change to epson settings when I stopped using the ICD P:R: connector that was for adding LF.
  3. I was trying the Montezuma Revenge in Altirra using the keyboard mapped as joystick, left and right worked but not down. I tried the classic version and down is working in that version. They look great. Edit: I kept playing with altirra and the down does work but it is very difficult to get just right.
  4. Here are the XL running versions. The Protector file is mislabled, it is actually Protector II, I have attached a running version of Protector. I loaded the Car files into Altirra resaved them as Bin files, then I created a new car file in Cart Studio, with the OS-B option enabled. So now if run on an xl it automatically loads the correct OS before running the bin. XL Conversions.zip
  5. I had to redo PicNic Paranoia for some reason it was not working. Picnic Paranoia (XL).zip
  6. Here are the files I just created using Cart studio. They work on Altirra using XL Bios. Probably will work with OS-B too. - Danger Ranger - Gorf - K-Krazy Kritters - K-Star Patrol - Protector II - Seafox - Slime - Picnic Paranoia - Speedway Blast Car Files for XL.zip
  7. If you want I can print them out, scan them and add them to this pdf.
  8. https://ia601507.us.archive.org/25/items/atari-8bit-print-shop-image-index-full-size/Atari 8bit Print Shop Image Index.pdf Link to the Higher Resolution PDF on Archive.org.
  9. I have put together a PDF of all of my Print Shop Graphics Image disks. This is all the disks I have found, not sure if I have missed any. If so let me know and I can add them to the PDF. There are plenty of duplicate across the many collections. Disk name is at the top of the page. If you view it in 2 page format you can view all the images for each disk. Atari 8bit Print Shop Image Index.pdf I have a higher resolution version that is 95mb, much clearer images if anyone is interested.
  10. I can now confirm the HL-L5000D Brother Laser does work very well with Atari ICD P:R: printer Output. Had to make myself the adapter cable I spoke about above and change a few settings. Namely changing Top & Bottom Margins to 0.00, Enabling Auto Masking. There is options available for Auto LF, You can select a number of different fonts & pitches and several different character sets are also available. It has Epson FX-850, IBM Proprinter and HP Laserjet emulation modes. My only real complaint is, if you do not send enough data for an entire page you have to press the "GO" button for the printer to print out what remains in the buffer. A simple timeout after X number of seconds if no printer data is received would be a nice feature.
  11. I am anxiously waiting for the hardware to become available to purchase. It looks like I will be able to remove several peripherals from my desk once these are available. They look like a really cool project!
  12. I ran the eclair for about 5 or 6 hours today. One time I forced to cycle power, it seemed like the RESET wasn't working. I had placed an Boot without Basic atr image in D1: I Pressed Option(F8) and System RESET (F10). The system went to memory test screen. I tried a few more time using (F8)+(F9) or (F10) still went to Memory test screen until I cycled power then everything worked normally again. The other Issue I was seeing before updating to V37 was software wouldn't recognize a disk change, but it did not happen all the time i ran yesterday.
  13. I just updated to v37 Core, from V24 that the Eclaire XL shipped with, should I also update the Firmware? What is the latest Firmware and how do I find out what I have?
  14. I have not used the Eclaire Xl since the update. I will try it out tomorrow.
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