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  1. I am using PokeyMax v3 with the latest firmware of TK-II no issues. I did have to follow the suggestions from Mytek pasted below, because with the PIC chip in the socket my Atari keyboard did not work initially. After the CTRL+ALT+X on the ps/2 keyboard then I was able to use both my Atari and the PS/2 at the same time. On the PS/2 keyboard press CTRL+ALT+X (Alt+X will show present setting - you want it to be OFF). This is a toggle function, so each time you press that 3 key combination you will toggle to the opposite setting (either ON or OFF). Whatever your last setting was, that will be restored upon power-up the next time around. This will float the KR lines going to Pokey and allow both keyboards to work. Hope that helps BTW, the latest firmware (V2.7J) is the one to use, since it corrects a problem associated with the stock keyboard's CRTL, SHIFT, and BREAK keys.
  2. I like the adapter too. Can I readjust my pcb request? I would like 4 adapters, 4 alignment plates and 4 keyboard pcbs. The FFC plug will be too small for me to solder but IDC connector and ribbon cable are easy to do. I finished printing 72 stems, and have swapped the stems in 36 of the kailh keyswitches. so far 6 of the printed stems have very slight defects that cause them to stick. I printed an additional 18 stems last night to make up for with defects. visually they look ok, but there must be a slight imperfection that is causing them to not work correctly. I like how they keyswitches feel, this will be a nice keyboard.!! Thank You for making this happen!!!
  3. I would be interested in one possibly two kits. Instead of the keycap adapters maybe a replacement stem could be made to replace the stem in the key switch like was done here in the 130xe keyboard rebuild tread. This might possibly reduce the key wobble?
  4. I have heard about these shows, I want to make a trip next year an go see everything. It would be a great opportunity participate with a display too, show off some of the cool hardware I have collected and also I could setup hardware I want to sell. The best part is the customer can power up/ check out the equipment right there at the time of purchase. They don't have to worry that what they are buying isn't as advertised and you don't have to worry the item will get destroyed during shipping, the customer wont like it, or it just plain disappearing into the shipping system. Plus no ebay fees or shipping & handing fees.
  5. You can count me in for 3 of the finalized keyboard PCBs and 4 of the alignment plates.
  6. I just ordered a Mars 2 pro, due to arrive Thursday.. I have ordered and received the elegoo resin. Hopefully printing the stems will not be too difficult. My 130xeMX board arrived today too. My Kailh switches arrived yesterday. I have take one switch apart, it is pretty easy just release the latch on each side then open slowly so the spring and stem do not go flying around. I was looking at going with an aluminum plate but ScreamingAtTheRadio mentioned possibly doing his next version with a PCB alignment plate. I am hoping the PCB alignment plate is more affordable than the metal options. Maybe we could do a bulk order on the alignment plates?
  7. I have compiled as many all I could Find. The attached PDF shows what the clipart is for each of the clipart disks. Print Shop.7z Atari 8bit Print Shop Image Index.pdf
  8. Do you think having the metal plate portion created by a pcb manufacturer or 3d printed, could be a cheaper alternative? Wondering also about the plate rusting over time.
  9. I have a few of the new 130xe updated motherboards that SantosP produced. I put them in new old stock cases. These mechanical keyboards would make them the ultimate 130xe machines. I would be I interested in purchasing a couple kits if they are offered for sale!
  10. Awesome!! Very nice work. What is the estimated cost to have these made?
  11. Thank you, I followed your suggestion and have the latest Altirra Basic version now.
  12. I gave up on the Am27c64 chips after several hours of trying. I then found some Intel G2764A chips and they burned successfully on the 1st attempt. I think, I will try to find 4 different versions of BASIC to burn. 1)Atari Basic Rev C, 2) Altirra Basic 3) Basic ++ 4) Some other 8k BASIC still looking.
  13. Thank you for the response. I cannot find Altirra basic 1.57. On the website the latest version available 1.56. There was a link to a Beta version of Altirra 4.00 but the link no longer works. I found a HxD software, it has an concatenate function that seems to have joined them successfully. I burned the combined bin file to the 27c256 . now to setup some switches to be able to switch between the banks. Thank You.
  14. Ok, Thank you for the reply's. I tried the suggestion given above but each time the burn failed. I think the AM27C64 are either bad or just not compatible with this programmer. Unfortunately, its not the first time this year for me, I received a batch of either fake or bad 41464 memory chips too. I dug through my boxes of stuff and found a tube of Intel G2764A chips that I purchased years ago and I was able to burn a Atari BASIC Rev c and and Altirra BASIC Rev 1.56. I also found a tube of 27C128 and was able to burn 3 ROMS for OS: 1)Atari XL OS with Hias high speed patch 2)Atari XE OS with Hias high speed patch and reverse option for BASIC 3)Atari XEGS OS with Hias high speed patch, Fast math patch and reverse option for BASIC Now On to my next adventure. I would like to burn a 27C256 with 4 different 8k ROMS, Example: 1)Atari Basic Rev C, 2) Altirra Basic 1.56, 3)Assembler Editor, 4)130XE Diagnostics Rom. How do I go about putting the 4 @ 8k ROMS into 1 file. Do I just open each of them in something like notepad+ and cut and paste them all into one long file? Thank You in advance. best regards. Venom4728a
  15. Can more modern EEPROM be substituted in place of the UV Erase EPROM? Like these ST27C64?
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