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  1. Just tried from 2 different browsers and I get this when I try to send.
  2. I am interested in one CRT8021, tried to PM but the systems says you are not able to receive messages
  3. I have one that appears to be undamaged, but I have never plugged it in to test out.
  4. I did start to create the first 8 Analog disks. I have found some of the programs required and I typed some of them in but have been pretty busy with work. I found quite a few of the Analog disks ATR's had errors. They had several different menu programs too. So, I went through and redid all of my Analog Atr's. They are all, DOS 2.5, Enhanced Density, Ram Disk Enabled, a common menu program used over the entire collection. This is as far as I have gotten. This zip file has an image for the first 8 plus all the other magazine disks redone. Analog_Computing.zip Maybe a few other people can chip in and we can get these completed?
  5. Not sure if this is the correct thread to ask this question or not? Using the Epson 80 printer output function. Is it possible for the user to change the font used by Epson 80 printer emulator? I used one the printshop graphic print utilities, the names are supposed to print under the associated graphic but the spacing or font size must be different since the row of text is wider than it is supposed to be. Thank you. printout (3).pdf
  6. I would like to join the ride! Interested in both xl and xe
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TF-Male-To-MicroSD-Female-Card-Reader-Extension-Adapter-Cable-For-Phone-GPS-TV/254628310532?hash=item3b4907ae04:g:sycAAOSwSdFe6tej I ordered one of these.
  8. I just tried a 4th usb cable and it came up worked. Weird the first 3 usb cables did not work. Thank you for the response. it says it flashed to the latest version. I seen a bunch of stuff flying by the screen, so sure something happened,
  9. Hello, All. I have a free weekend and am looking to finally get in to using my Fujinet device. I wanted to first bring it up to the latest firmware. I downloaded the Fujinet Flasher and USB to UArt driver, installed both. When I plug the micro-usb cable in, nothing on the computer side happens, it doesn't recognize anything has been attached. No, de-dunk sound, Nothing pops up under device manager either. I installed the driver it said it was successful. I ran the flasher as Admin. I tried 3 different usb cables. I tried 1 windows 10 laptop, tried multiple usb ports I tried 1 windows 7 laptop, tried multiple usb ports Both are running 64bit os. On the Fujinet side the 3 LED light up for a couple of seconds then go off. Am I missing a step? Thank You.
  10. The stock cables that were sold for 850 and PRC were DA15 to 36 pin centronics male. Most of the other brand print adpaters also had a 36 pin centronics male connector as their output. I actually made a cable first for my PRC to the printer. I wanted the ability to print from my other adapter which prints out Atascii.
  11. Update to printing with the Brother HL-L5000D. I found a nice Centronics adapter Female CN36 to Female DB25, using this adapter you can use stock ICD P:R: and 850 parallel cables, I have also tested it with the U-Print and apeface print adpaters. I had to make 1 change to epson settings when I stopped using the ICD P:R: connector that was for adding LF.
  12. I was trying the Montezuma Revenge in Altirra using the keyboard mapped as joystick, left and right worked but not down. I tried the classic version and down is working in that version. They look great. Edit: I kept playing with altirra and the down does work but it is very difficult to get just right.
  13. Here are the XL running versions. The Protector file is mislabled, it is actually Protector II, I have attached a running version of Protector. I loaded the Car files into Altirra resaved them as Bin files, then I created a new car file in Cart Studio, with the OS-B option enabled. So now if run on an xl it automatically loads the correct OS before running the bin. XL Conversions.zip
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