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  1. I voted for SIO2IO, But I like all 3 projects!
  2. I would like to get on the list to purchase one of these Eclaire boards.
  3. venom4728a


  4. Sleepy, I would also be interested in purchasing one if you have some available? Best Regards Robert
  5. http://www.fanmail.biz/31521.html This website claims to be the address fro Bob Gale. It would be cool to mail him the pic and ask him if he wrote BTTF on an Atari 8bit.
  6. I would also be interested in a USB burner. Thank You!
  7. I would definitely be onboard for one at the $190 price and still probably onboard at $290 price.
  8. If more make more Carts I would like to purchase one please. Best Regards Robert
  9. I still have mine, one of the tan ones pictured, Venom4728a
  10. Donation Made! Thank you! Please keep up the great work and development on new products!
  11. To connect this, or even build the wifi module interface into the new board. http://biosrhythm.com/?page_id=1453
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