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  1. MitchSchaft


  2. Zezba, step away from the keyboard 🤣. That led is only drawing 20mA @ 2v. There definitely is a voltage regulator, resistors and capacitors in the cart. Do you have a schematic? Have you tried using a different sd card in the cart?
  3. Hello, you can't receive PM's. But, I was curious if you got around to playing with the power supply on your JVC TM-A13SU like you mentioned in that older thread. Mine still runs great a couple years later. 

  4. I still can't believe Microsoft bought Github
  5. MitchSchaft


    You have to track him down apparently. Not through his account here and that isn't his name. I don't think he wants the hassle of all the orders. Now that I know who it is and how to get one, I'm going to unsub. I've been getting these notices for 8 months lol.
  6. MitchSchaft


    Actually they're 120 euros shipped. So about $145.
  7. MitchSchaft


    They are $99 shipped in the US.
  8. MitchSchaft


    It has firmware from 1/1/2018 on it. It is no prototype. But my point is, why can't we hear from Tom after all these months?
  9. MitchSchaft


    https://www.facebook.com/groups/104852679725118/permalink/719407568269623/ Why haven't we heard from TomSon, but he has a Vecfever up for auction? It sold for $320.
  10. MitchSchaft


    Add me, please. Clear case and led if available.
  11. I think it's been a year since all of us wanted this. I don't know why it feel through. I had 5 on my list shipped to 38135.
  12. Oops!!! I just opened my kit and the link I gave is definitely the wrong size!!! Sorry!!!
  13. http://www.taydaelectronics.com/mini-jumper-2-54mm-gold-plated-closed-cover.html
  14. Add me to the list, please: * PCB + Case- $15
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