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  1. I hear what you're saying and I understand how you feel so burned. The honest truth is the original Hyperdimension Neptuina is all style over substance and it's not a good game. No amount of DLC could fix that. All I can say is that as someone who owns all of them, the Re;Birth games are significantly better to a degree that is similar to the difference between the original Metroid on NES and Metroid Zero Mission on GBA. yeah, they're the same basic game, but one is such a massive improvement that it's hard to even call it a "remake". It's more like the title suggests, and is a rebirth. Rewinds the clock and makes huge leaps forward. You're right to say that Idea Factory should have got it right the first time, but the point of the matter is that they did eventually get it right, period. I never even looked at the DLC for the first game, but I do know MKII and Victory had a ton of frivolous DLC and weapons. The Re;Birth series way tones that down. There's DLC that is useful but not essential. It can be ignored and not ever worried about. Re;Birth 1 has three DLC characters that are 99 cents each. For that, I don't have a problem.
  2. Why not......check local ads like kijiji or whatever you have and get a used WiiU? For usually around $250 or less, you can get a system with a bunch of games and perhaps even a pro controller. The WiiU is worth getting, especially if you have kids.
  3. Wait.....since when does unnecessary DLC ruin a game? I would argue it's the opposite - it's DLC that is REQUIRED that ruins a game. DLC should augment and enhance a game experience if the player chooses to buy it - it should not ever be required. Also, the original Hyperdimenion Neptunia is not a good game. No no not at all. It's Where MkII and especially Victory and then the Re;Birth series that the series really started to become great. As I say in my video review, if you got burned by the original game, seriously give this one a chance. It fixes just about everything that the original game got wrong.
  4. I have no idea what the prices are like on PC, but the DLC is very reasonable on the Vita, and although much of it can be completely ignored, some things are very very useful. In the first Re;Birth, there are 3 DLC characters (cameos from Victory) that make the game considerably less grindy. For Re;Birth 2, there's an ultimate sword for NepGear. 99 cents isn't too much to ask for these little benefits. If they were like $5.99 then I'd have a problem.
  5. I ran a search but couldn't find a thread for it, so here's one. Hyperdimension Neptunia - that self aware parody series of RPGs tha has exploded on the Vita recently. One of the only moe games around where the whole point of it does not begin and stop with the concept of cute girls doing cute things. Despite what you might initially think, this isn't a game for girls - it's a game for gamers and anime fans. It's chock full of jokes and references to just about everything significant in the game industry since the early 80s and it's something where quality is not lost in translation. Idea Factory and Compile Heart deliver some of the best localizations ever with this series. For anyone wanting to learn more, I created a video review of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 for PS Vita and Steam - the best jumping off point to get into the series at large, since it's an extensive remake of the first game that had a cool idea, but terrible execution. I love this series. Any series that bases its main character on the cancelled Sega Neptune is a-okay with me.
  6. Get them on PSN. The physicals are very expensive, and the PSN version entitles you to them on PS3, PSP and Vita and Vita TV. plus, they run in 720p on the PS3/Vita TV and look damnnn good.
  7. As I said in the comments section of the video, it's very likely that the reason there's not going to be a WiiU version is the same reason there aren't WiiU versions of a great deal of games - the install base is too small to justify the development costs. I own a WiiU myself, so I share your frustrations that there are so few worthwhile games for it. I like the WiiU, but all it really gets are Nintendo first party games and ports of Ouya games like Elliot Quest, the Cave, the bridge, and so on. Aside from Mario Maker, there's very very little on the horizon that interests me at all on WiiU. Do you have a PS3? Because PSN's Rockman Complete Works > Megaman Legacy Collection. Although the legacy collection will eventually be coming to 3DS as well.
  8. No it doesn't. You just need to clear your settings and resign in each time. I have a Vita, and I have two cards. One is for Japanese stuff and the other is for North American stuff. It's a pain to have to switch back and forth, but it is doable.
  9. I received quite a number of people telling me the issue with the sound didn't occur with the Xbone version. so I hedged my bets and said it "especially" happens on PS4. That way is vague enough to maybe not apply to the Xbone version or not. Don't know. it's not a deal breaker, but it is something to point out. It is true what you said about the Vita though. One PSN account per memory card. That's why everyone should have at least two, or a Vita TV as well as a Vita. It is a pain in the ass that Sony did it that way...but I think most people will want to play these on PS3 anyway, so I didn't elaborate for that reason. It is a shame that the Rockman Complete Works still outclasses yet another western Megaman collection, but at least this time the results aren't as bad as they were with Anniversary Collection.
  10. I've finally finished my exhaustive review of Mega Man Legacy Collection. I put a huge amount of effort into this, as....I'm kinda sorta passionate about Megaman.
  11. GameBoy Advance Classics 002 - Megaman Battle Network GameBoy Classics 001 - Super Mario Land Xbox Classics 020 - BurnOut Neo-Geo Classics 003 - Art of Fighting PlayStation 2 Classics 005 - Maximo Ouya Classics 005 - Cars & Guns Arcade Classics 008 - Puck-Man Ouya Classics 006 - Stolen Presents
  12. 720p 60fps sixaxis Boob movement nonsense with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate GameBoy Advance 001 - F-Zero Maximum Velocity Ouya Classics 004 - Deep Dungeons of Doom Arcade Classics 007 - OutRun Super Nintendo Classics 002 - Super Castlevania IV PSP Classics 003 - Brave Story: New Traveler
  13. Neo-Geo Classics 002 - Baseball Stars Professional Xbox 360 Classics 001 - Pac-Man Championship Edition PlayStation 2 Classics 004 - Disaster Report
  14. NES Classics 002 - Popeye Xbox Classics 003 - Black Stone ROM Hack Showcase 003 - Anime X [Rockman 2] Arcade Classics 006 - Mario Bros. [1983] Sega SG-1000 Classics revamped 01 - Bomb Jack
  15. Whoops, forgot to post for the past few days. Here's whats new. Arcade Classics 005 - City Connection SNES Classics 001 - F-Zero PSP Classics 002 - Final Fantasy 1 20th Anniversary Ouya Classics 003 - Bit Dungeon PC Engine Classics 003 - Blazing Lasers PlayStation 3 Classics 003 - The Darkness
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