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    RetroN 77

    I think by comparing the serial number they have, I read of somebody here that did that.
  2. Mmmm maybe, my partner has a standalone PacMan portable that you can see alright, and yes I saw Pacman circa 1981 in a B&W TV it looked great. I'll give it another look, and I'm not returning the portable.
  3. To the point of being unplayable? it's one of the games that's built-in on the console.
  4. Bought an used Atari portable deluxe and PacMan flickers are ugly I haven't modified the unit in any way. Please help Delmero
  5. Just got mine yesterday 😀 Thanks to @batari and Fred. I saw Fred's name in other posts so thanks to him too.
  6. Ordered my Harmomy cart today 😁 thank you @batari Keep it up we need Harmony carts in our lives. Good morning to all delmero
  7. William Shatner in an episode of the Twilight Zone (ominous music plays)
  8. Thanks for the offer Mr. Bill, I won't trade my Atari Flashback 9 but this would be nice to put on AtGames website if anybody wants to trade 😁😀
  9. I bought an Atari Flashback 9 and well for the paddle games I have an Atari 2600 4 switcher and an Atari 2600 light sixer. I'm not an electronics welder and not likely to go to trade school or college to study that. I spent the majority of my young adult life at college studying natural sciences and programming (no I'm not a game dev) Just my two cents
  10. I mean a troll or hater basement? I tell you this basement belongs to a fan that loves arcades and pinballs machines. I loved those when I was young but I couldn't use my lunch money on them, saw many kids do that in the PacMan behemoth arcade machine.
  11. Any idea over the price? I'm on a tight budget but definitely will buy, I'll begin to put money on my piggy bank. Had to buy a car because my pick up transmission gave up, that eats up a good chunk of my paycheck. Thanks
  12. The Atari cartridges do fit tight on heavy sixers, I recommend you to get the Harmony cart to protect your games, the labels and the cartridge itself can be damaged with the puting and pulling frequently. Enjoy!!!
  13. I would like to know when this game will be in the AA store, thanks. And if not how much for the full game rom, good evening.
  14. Light Sixer Manufactured for Atari by DIMERCO ELECTRONICS IN TAIWAN Model No. CX-2600 S/N : 81669067 Green Label Channel Select hole with a switch inside
  15. Welcome to Atariage: You said you played "all" your Atari games on a 7800, by all you mean the carts meant for the 2600 also? I read that the 7800 carts are different from 2600 carts maybe there is the problem.
  16. Hi I have the game and I also read about what a bad game it was, thank you for the enlightenment. This shows that you have to do your research before giving an opinion or make a statement.
  17. Will do, thanks Shawn I have one or two same as your photo. I'm a newbie in this, always wanted an Atari and computers but I kept getting dolls as toys. I grew up as disconnected as you can be in the 80's. My enthusiasm for video games never waned although I didn't have a console, I first saw an Atari 2600 four-switcher at my neighbor's house and I fell in deep love with the console and PacMan.
  18. Ok I'll sell them afterwards when I receive the package, but the strange thing to me that before they were shells they contained a game.
  19. But will all of you buy it I mean, putting aside on what it is or what is not? I wouldn't buy it, I got the real deal😁
  20. @Albert I bought a lot of 12 empty shells for the games from an Ebay listing: I think there are more lots of 12 available, let me know where to send them
  21. Is it the upper picture or the lower picture?
  22. Hi Al: My humble opinion: since I've seen people get their projects done through crowdfunding maybe you could start something on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to produce the charts. What do you think? Regards delmero
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