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  1. The Atari cartridges do fit tight on heavy sixers, I recommend you to get the Harmony cart to protect your games, the labels and the cartridge itself can be damaged with the puting and pulling frequently. Enjoy!!!
  2. I would like to know when this game will be in the AA store, thanks. And if not how much for the full game rom, good evening.
  3. This is my contribution to Ataribox Tacos Have a good night
  4. @The Historian this question has to do with the social app Reddit Atari VCS Official subreddit, and no it's not off topic as this thread is about that Atari Company console that doesn't exist? Apparently someone in that subreddit was removed as a mod and I thought it was strange.
  5. Please @The Historian explain this to me I'm a peasant and need some learning to do, thanks and good evening.
  6. Light Sixer Manufactured for Atari by DIMERCO ELECTRONICS IN TAIWAN Model No. CX-2600 S/N : 81669067 Green Label Channel Select hole with a switch inside
  7. Welcome to Atariage: You said you played "all" your Atari games on a 7800, by all you mean the carts meant for the 2600 also? I read that the 7800 carts are different from 2600 carts maybe there is the problem.
  8. That money spent on lawyers could be used to make excellent games for the AtacoBox or to make a working machine ready to ship, I mean it's tiring to be pulling the whistle cord continuously.
  9. Hi good evening: I know this is a tired question: why Atari doesn't hire a game developer studio to develop new games for the AtacoBox? I mean they have the money of the crowdfunding campaign or not? 🌮 🌮🌮
  10. Hi I have the game and I also read about what a bad game it was, thank you for the enlightenment. This shows that you have to do your research before giving an opinion or make a statement.
  11. Exciting news from of all places China? After Pres. Trump slapped them with steep tariffs? All other console makers are considering moving their products elsewhere although I don't know for certain if tariffs will impact game consoles. If someone knows more than me please post the info. Thanks
  12. Yes indeed Shawn, that is why I made the comment, also there were many games made by Activision ironically founded by former Atari game developers because at that time Atari didn't pay them royalties on sales and neither gave them credit for their work.
  13. I was sending a message to the seller of the shells and stumbled upon an Atari cart of Mario Bros. on Ebay. The first game I saw in the Atari 2600 was Pac Man but if there was a cart of Donkey Kong (I have one), Mario Bros. wasn't far from the tree.
  14. Will do, thanks Shawn I have one or two same as your photo. I'm a newbie in this, always wanted an Atari and computers but I kept getting dolls as toys. I grew up as disconnected as you can be in the 80's. My enthusiasm for video games never waned although I didn't have a console, I first saw an Atari 2600 four-switcher at my neighbor's house and I fell in deep love with the console and PacMan.
  15. Ok I'll sell them afterwards when I receive the package, but the strange thing to me that before they were shells they contained a game.
  16. But will all of you buy it I mean, putting aside on what it is or what is not? I wouldn't buy it, I got the real deal😁
  17. @Albert I bought a lot of 12 empty shells for the games from an Ebay listing: I think there are more lots of 12 available, let me know where to send them
  18. Is it the upper picture or the lower picture?
  19. Sealed crap? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  20. I read an article at PowerLint an old one, that the Ataribox would retail at least $249 the cheap one and the expensive one for $389, I could buy a Nintendo Switch etc. with that dough. Oh and I have an Atari 4 switcher and carts not the cool ones but...I'm happy.
  21. Mr Tacodon: Could you post a photo of the unconsole when you receive it. Thanks
  22. Hi Al: My humble opinion: since I've seen people get their projects done through crowdfunding maybe you could start something on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to produce the charts. What do you think? Regards delmero
  23. Oh how a nice setup, congrats 😀
  24. I like the blue socks you're wearing 😁
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